Monday, August 28, 2006

Of Respect and Prerogative(s)........

Sometimes I wonder how much does it cost someone to SMILE and say GOOD MORNING to his fellow human beings? what does it cost? respect, humility, money? Very sad to say that such persons do exists and sometimes....just sometimes they do become a bane to a conductive enviroment ( be it at home or in the office ).

Hey,I know that it is each and every individuals' prerogative to greet or not to greet but what the hell! doesn't do anyone good if he/she comes into the office looking like a sex deprived maniac or looking like someone who has a leech up their arse to bloody open up their cavity medically termed as "mouth". Anyway, as my blog says....2 every1 his/her own! Just go be stupid elsewhere!

Some people might purposely look that way to earn the RESPECT of his/her peers but do they ever stop to think that people might just hate to see their faces looking like shit every morning? For me respect is EARNED and not otherwise. I have seen a lot of pansies sucking up to their superiors just to get certain benefits but it is of course again their prerogative. Even family members have been seen sucking up to richer counterparts just to get some handouts but hey, it is again their prerogative. I am very glad that my parents brought me up the way I am, I don't beg, borrow and do any sucking up. I might not be the guy that everyone likes but what the hell, there is only one me...I just have to accept the fact that some people might like me and some people might dislike me....but hey, to every1 his/her own right?

Anyway, as I have said, RESPECT HAVE TO BE EARNED and it does not come automatically with any position ( BULLSHIT!!!! ). Superiors might be superiors, people might just tolerate them NOT respect...those are 2 different things. Out of respect, individuals will die for any registered body that they are attached to but toleration gets the coporation nowhere.

Seriously hoping that individuals who thinks they can get respect just by looking stern or looking like somebody close has just passed away, will take 1 minute off their worthless time every morning to look in the mirror and ponder if their papas/mamas would like them looking like donkey crap.

By the way dudes and dudettes, let me end this with a SMILE and a shout of GOOOOOOOOD MORNING VIETNAAAAAAAM!!!!!!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

On Medication and Medical Benefits....thank God that most of the companies nowadays provide medical benefits for their employees ( albeit the rising cost of medication ).

Remember I said that I was down in the dumps for about a week before this? Well, in that week alone, I frequented my company's appointed medical practitioner about 4 times with the same complaint each and everytime....."I am getting worse Doc", " Could you give me something stronger Doc", "Doc this la", "Doc that la", "Wassup Doc la", etc.....but it was to no avail. So, I ended up on the company's downtime list because I had to take 2 days off. Finally had the strength to report for work after 2 days konking in bed ( without sex mind you ). All that was after visiting another GP ( not appointed panel ), to get a super dose of 80mg of penicillin jab and some super strong antibiotics ( By the way, my arse is still aching from the jab ).

Its very good that companies are looking after the welfare of their staffs nowadays but my question to the above ( after a week of suffering ) is:

-Could all of this be avoided in the first place if the appointed panel had given me appropriate meds for my condition rather than their allowed budgetary condition ( set by the company )?
-Wouldn't it be more prudent if the downtime for employees be reduced rather then to waste numerous trips to the clinic?

Thar She Blooooooows!!!!! The Doc for our appointed panel actually told me that they will be queried if the bill is too high. hit me like a sock full of tuna, here I am getting myself listed under losstime because the appointed GP is scared to prescribe me proper medications? Here I was suffering for 5 days, walking around like a bloody zombilized Power Puff Girl just because some twerp GP is scared to issue me proper Meds? What the hell...I really rest my case...ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong dudes and dudettes, my company is quite ok in terms of benefits. I just feel that the selection process of appointed medical panels be more stringent and specific.

HEY! less downtime = more productivity = more profits right?

Comments anyone?

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