Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So Hot! So Hot!

KNN…its getting hotter and hotter nowadays with temp averaging in the 36-37 Degree bracket….signs of global warming? I remember not long ago that the average temp in BolehLand was in the 31-32 bracket only.

Its no wonder that the durians have lost its unique taste, not to mention the petai as well.

Will the living organisms on Mother Earth adapt and adjust to the ever changing climate?

I remember last year when I was in Sudan the rainy season only lasted 1 month but this year it lasted two whole months with floods everywhere….bugger! The average temp during my 2 1/2 month stay there was about 52 degrees but this year it was in the 55 degree bracket…na beh, no joke I tell you…wa kah lu kong ar, lim pek nearly died of over cooking!!!!

With changes there will no doubt be adaptations right? be it from Mother Nature or Humankind.

I think the first thing that we should change apart from increasing public awareness on the consequences of Global Warming is the way we dress. I received the below picture via email which undoubtedly stress the importance to cub G.W. albeit in a jokingly way

I personally feel that the future for our coming generations will be a very bleak one because developments are at present taking precedence over conservation of greenery.

No forest to go camping papa
No playground to play papa
No river to catch fish papa
What is an ocean papa?
What sound does the sea make papa?


Knowing that it will not happen in this or the next generation might be considered as a consolation by many but what about the next and next and next? Inward, I am truly glad that I will not be around to answer those questions or see the consequences…BUT that is no excuse for one not to start “conservating” now huh?

I acknowledge the irony of my blog title as compared to this post but I hope that for this instance it won’t be 2 every1 his/her OWN…………….

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Where Are All The Idiots?

This post is dedicated to the accident victims of negligence involving tour buses and enforcement bodies.

I couldn’t help but put in a few words regarding the recent spate of accidents involving heavy vehicles…..tour buses in particular.

I sometimes wonder what the hell is going on with the regulatory bodies that are involved in overseeing the inspection of roadworthiness and issuance of permits to operators.

How many lives must be lost before they buck up and get their blooming act together?

Many a times while driving, I had the misfortune of meeting tour buses that are driven in extreme and dangerous manner. There was also an instance where the tyre of the bus that I was following blew out resulting in debris being strewn all over the road. Just imagine what will happen if a motorcyclist were to hit some of the said debris? Guarantee you that the bugger will be sent flying to God knows where….what then…another casualty addition to the statistics list?

Its always like this, shit happens, media covers, hype goes into overdrive….and only then will the enforcement arseholes come out in droves with their stupid road blocks la, this la, that la.

What happened to the stupid “Black Box” thingy that were supposed to be installed in all of the tour buses? It was supposedly to be used for tracking over speeding offenders. How? Why was the thing swept under the carpet?

Please do something right for once in your worthless lives la. We are not asking for the sky right? We just require that you guys do what you are paid to do….nothing more nor nothing less.

Why subject the general public to some shit inspection thingy when we want to buy or sell our cars, when the time and money can be used in a more productive way?

As far as I am concerned, random checks are just a useless excuse that is used to slack off. Why random checks? Why can’t they make the checks a must? A life is a life no matter what…..when will regulations be standardized and enforced properly?

Here we see the adverts on Safe Driving Tips being aired daily on the telly however as ironic as it seems, one will notice that the frequency of tour bus accidents (fatal/non fatal) are covered more by the media every freaking day!!! How is this so? I don’t really question the effectiveness of the adverts but I am in turn questioning the effectiveness of our so called enforcement buggers.

Maybe the wait for proper enforcement of regulations will end when someone dear and close to these bastards is involved in acci…….Please don’t get me wrong, I am not asking that someone be hurt. As I have said earlier, a life is a life, no matter what or who. If the need requires that something to happen before they open their freaking eyes and start doing their job then so be it. I implore that you (the vistors to my blog), take a moment to imagine the pain and suffering that the victims family has to go through just because some arsehole is lazy or on the take before lamblasting my above comments.

May The Innocent Victims Rest In Peace and May The Good Lord Watch Over Their Souls.

2 every1 his/her OWN……………..

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Food For Thought

Some programs on the Discovery Channel about survival in the wild and the exotic foods of Asia got me thinking about things that I have actually managed to put in my mouth and swallow thus far in my life.

Apart from the everyday food, I have eaten/drank:

- Cobra blood and galls ( Thailand )
- Ox genital soup ( Thailand )
- Alaskan King Crab ( USA )
- Fried Scorpion ( China )
- Fried Grasshoppers ( China and Thailand )
- Ant’s thorax ( Thailand )
- Dog meat ( China )
- Rabbit meat ( Malaysia )
- Monkey meat ( Malaysia )
- Squirrel meat ( Malaysia )
- Lizard meat ( Malaysia )
- Fox meat ( Malaysia )
- Elephant meat ( Thailand )
- Crocodile meat ( Thailand )
- Fried maggots ( Thailand )
- Live Sea Urchin ( Japan )
- Live Lobster ( Japan )

I think that’s the complete list as of todate….my God! To think I even contemplated to put those things in my mouth. By saying that I must admit that the best tasting of the lot are the Alaskan King Crab and the Lizard.

I apprehensively ordered half a crab but was shocked and relieved at the same time when my order came. Shocked to see the size of each “leg” and relieved that I had the sense to only order half a portion. Each of the “legs” were like 1 inch in diameter and about 2 feet long and there were 4 “legs” in that particular serving. Managed to finish the meal amidst the bemused looks from surrounding tables and ended with a super burp which I am sure was heard halfway across the restaurant...hehehehe.

The lizard…it tasted a lot like chicken but better tasting and juicer in a lot of ways. It was my sixth day camping in the jungle ( King Scout exam ) and my partner suddenly came up with the idea of snagging a lizard to supplement our meals. So we spent 1 hour to build the trap and 4 hours to wait for the lizard. Catching was the easy part, killing the bugger was not as easy as it sounds. The trick was to strike it at just the right spot behind the head so that it ( the head ) can be separated cleanly in one blow. Sad to say that we made a mess out of it because the bugger was so full of hiss and snarl…..took about 6 blows to end his misery and start our happiness. The following night’s dinner was the best that I have had in a while. The balance of the bugger was bagged and buried in the river sand simply because the temperature of the river gets quite cold at night and it sort of acted like a natural refrigerator in some ways ( the gutted lizard was enough to last for 6 meals ).

For now, the eating experience that is topping my “future” list would be to try the “food on the maiden” set meal thingy. Must make it a point to have it on my next trip to Japan..kekekekeke

So, what’s your taste buds like?

2 every1 his/her OWN………….

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Time After Time

After all the grumblings and uncountable scoldings that was unleash onto me for not taking them anywhere this school holiday, I finally found some time today ( Saturday ) to bring my family to 1 Utama ( I have my bloody company to thank so much…THANK YOU, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH ).

We left the house at 10.15 am and reached the dang place by 10.30 am and was caught dead smack in the chaos caused by vehicles trying to enter 1 Utama’s carpark. There were arseholes that were trying to cut the queue, morons who don’t know how to drive, bumbling buggers struggling with their shift sticks and the typical Sunday freaking drivers. All in all I managed to bloody crawl into the car park about 30 minutes later.

Thank God because I was bursting inside to scream obscenities not so much at the bumbling idiots but mostly at the queue jumpers for their assistance in elevating the chaos ( they were lucky not to kena kaukau for my kids were in the car ). Upon entering the car park, I drove straight to my favourite parking area and found me a sweet and safe spot for my baby.

The crowd was building up by the time I got in to the concourse area. There were some mini exhibitions held around the complex that were specially setup for the holidays. People were jostling and pushing to see what was on offer ( OFFER? Offer my arse! ), babies were crying, promoters shouting at the top of their voice, DIGIMAN was trying to cope with the amount of people trying to take photos with him ( and to fondle his arse as well )…in short, total pandemonium…..woooohoooo!!!

Made a beeline to Kidzsport at the old wing, registered my kids ( RM23 buckos each ) and let them loose. Wifey, my mum and me went jalan-jalan for some look see. Came back after 2 hours to pick the kids up and took them for lunch at TGIF. Ordered the special set meal they had on offer ( 1 entrée, 1 main course and 1 dessert for RM 39.90 ) and was happy to see that the kids wolfed down the lot ( total RM155 )..kekekekke

Ended up at the ground floor pet shop cause my youngest kid was making hell of a fuss for a pet. Bought him two Syrian Hamsters ( RM18 bucks each with 50% discount on the 2nd hammy ) and a hamster “house” that cost me RM120 buckos ( with it came some hammy food and bedding ). During the whole time my eldest kid was engaged in catching some fish ( 3 minutes for RM 3 buckos ). The staffs told me that he could take home whatever fish he caught. He ended up netting about 100 plus fish in 9 minutes…shit!!!

Luckily my kids wanted to go home immediately after satisfying their wants. Reached home about 30 minutes later, set up the hammy house and poured the fishes in 2 fish bowls and 2 aquariums. Kids were poofed out and were dreamland not before long.

All in all my damage for the day was:

RM 1 – parking
RM 46 – Kidsport
RM 155 – lunch
RM 147 – Hamsters and hammy “house”
RM 9 – fish
Total damage = RM 358.00

Uncountable – time, frustration and happiness

Verdict = should find/make time to do this more with my family…worth every single blooming cent to see the happiness that was on their face.

2 every1 his/her OWN…………..

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Back To The Future

Have there been instances when you feel the need to go "Back To The Future"?

What will you do IF given a chance to rewind time?

As for me, I will:

1)take with me all the draw results for Magnum 4D, Sports Toto and Pan Malaysian Pool and bang kaukau. Will then bank in the winnings to my Dad’s, Mum’s and family’s account so that they won’t have to work a single day of their life

2)buy the correct shares at the correct time for reasons as in item 1

3)continue my football playing career

4)get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

5)get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

6)get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

7)get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

8)continue teaching taekwondo

9)inform the world about the consequences of World War ( they won’t believe me but no harm trying )

10)be the person to negotiate Independence

11)try to save my uncle’s life

12)take more pictures with my grandpa for remembrance

13)get a Honda CBR 900RR instead of a Kawasaki 636

14)arrange a grand”er” marriage proposal

15) have a grand”er” wedding

16) procure worldwide beachfront land at dirt cheap prices and build me some waterfront retreats

17) dig up buried treasure immediately after it was buried

18) warn the Titanic of the fatal iceberg

19) inform Chernobyl of the impending disaster

20) warn Wacko Jacko that he is going to be a freak

21) shake hands with Elvis Presley

22) start telling my parents that ‘I love them’ earlier in life

23) prepare the answers to all my exams beforehand

24) get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

25) tell my friend not to borrow from Big Ears

26) inform the victims of all known serial killers that they are going to be killed

27) tell Altuntaya not to come to BolehLand

28) lots and lots more.

What would you do?

2 every1 his/her OWN…………

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How ar? Where ar? Can ar?

Been talking with a few of my colleagues about a trip that we are proposing to take but the question on everyone mind is…WHERE TO GO?

We cannot go to places where there is no “halal” food
We cannot go to places where things are too expensive
We cannot go to places where there is no shopping
We cannot go to places where site seeing is the only agenda
We cannot go to places where there is racial discrimination
We cannot go to places where we will be treated like terrorist
We cannot go to places where the price exceed RM2500 per pax

With the above restrictions, we can only aim for places in Asia or South East Asia only. Transatlantic tours are out of the question liao….sheeeesh! AIIIIYOOOOOOO....manyak susah woooh!!!!

So the question of WHERE CAN WE GO remains………

JAPAN – I have been there and its just too bloody expensive but the chicks are damn nice!

AUSTRALIA – Bloody nice country, not much problem with “halal” food. Exchange rate is ok. Shopping aplenty, sightseeing and attractions aplenty. Most of us have been to Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast.

CHINA – Been to Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Haerbin. Exchange rate quite good but “halal” food not easily available. Shopping activities are a plus factor. Sightseeing is mainly on historical sites and artifacts only

KOREA – Been to Jeju, Mount Sorak and Seoul. Exchange rate not that favourable especially when one tries to shop. Attractions are ok only lah. Difficulty in locating “halal” food. “Soju” daaaamn cheap and always in high mode most of the time…hehehehehe

INDONESIA – Been to Bali, Jakarta and Medan ( does Tanjung Balai Karimun count? ). Exchange rate ok. Price of shopping goods quite favourable. Attractions aplenty. “Halal” food no problem.

THAILAND – Been to Pattaya, Phuket, Chiangmai, Bangkok, Hadyai and Patyau. Shopping haven for most, exchange rate still considered ok. “Halal” food easily available. Attraction value ( apart from the sexy shows and whatever that got to do with sex ) ok only lah.

VIETNAM - Nice place. Exchange rate ok but they prefer USD. Shopping haven. Chu Chi Tunnels tour a MUST. Attractions so and so.

MYANMAR - Have never been there. Any comments on this country?

PHILLIPINES – Have never been there. How is the place? Ok ar?

HONG KONG– Never been there and don’t particularly fancy the place.

For me, anywhere is ok as long as I don’t have to pay a single cent for the dang Sports Club trip because I am planning to take my family as well....4 for the price of 3 ok loh..hehehehehe

My immediate headache is Christmas 2007. Talked to wifey and came to the conclusion of spending Christmas somewhere where there is lotsa, I have to start cracking my noggin' from today onwards...kekeke

Neways, a trip to Pulau Lang Tengah ( next May ) is already on the cards for me and my family…..WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

2 every1 his/her OWN…………..

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What A Feeeling

For me, nothing beats the taste of cold beer flowing down ones throat towards the end of a long and tiring day…….aaaahhhh!

My favourite watering hole is a place in D.U. where I normally meet up with my bros to have a few rounds of beers and play some pool ( twice weekly ). Nice music, great hostesses ( no hanky panky mind you ) and fairly priced drinks are the reason why we hang out there. I would really like to post the name of the place but I can’t…not because I am afraid that you guys will find me there ( come by all means ) but its for a greater reason ( call me and I will tell you ). I sometimes take my clients there for a few rounds and I am happy to say that they like the place very much. Its one of the very few places that people of “the cannot drink” races are free to drink freely and safely…get what I mean?....hehehehehe.

Wifey doesn’t follow me to my watering hole. She will instead drop me off and scoot home to be with the kids. I will then hitch a ride back after when I am done…..done as in finished for the night and not done as in mabuk. Apart from beer, we enjoy drinking mix as well ( beer and stout ) but only if the particular day has been extra screwed up.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not using “drink” as an excuse to face work pressure. I am just saying that it’s a good way to hang out, talk c*ck, joke and rib each other after a shitty day facing your boss, client or work. With that said, I would like to further add that I am by far not an alcoholic but I can hold my own quite well…kekeke

I hope come end of this project, me and my colleagues can have chance to have to get together for a couple of cold ones before we demobilize and part ways.

Again let me say that nothing…I mean nothing, beats the feeling of pouring down the first glass ala bottoms up…all the more reason to do so after a crappy work day facing the SHIT dished out by your clients/boss/superiors.

2 every1 his/her OWN………………..

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Poetry In Motion

Went for a look see and test drove the new Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT ( CBU )last Saturday. I must say that the performance of the car was good for its class. What more can one complain about a 2 liter MIVEC 4B11 series engine coupled to a INVECS III CVT tranny capable of delivering 155PS at 6,000 rpm. Mated to the tranny and powerplant are 18 inch rims and MacPherson struts for improved road handling capabilities.

Selling at the sub RM120k bracket ( RM115,980 OTR to be exact ), the new Lancer 2.0 GT will definitely put extra pressure on its competitors of the same segment….kudos to Mitsubishi Malaysia for showing the way and understanding the needs as well as the demands of local drivers. It is relatively cheaper as compared with other C Segment cars ( i.e. Mazda 3 ).

Nappa leather seats comes as standard in the Lancer, which makes the other cheap wannabes look…DAMN CHEAP! Nappa leather is used to make high quality leather goods such as wallets, handbags, shoes, etc and you can be assured that your arse will be pampered. The only setback for me is the seat….I feel that it’s a bit on the hard side despite the usage of high quality leather. Anyway, one cannot complain too much as the seats have in built sensors to work in tandem with the deployment of the airbags.

Stick shifties will be banging their heads because only the CVT ( 6 speed ) model is sold in Malaysia. Gear shifts can be executed via 2 pieces of titanium paddle shifters located at the steering wheel in the form of "+" for up shifting and "–" for downshifting.

With the need for speed comes the need to stop. Mitsubishi has incorporated ABS ( Anti Lock Braking System ) and EBD ( Electronic Brake Distribution ) into the new Lancer, therefore stopping under any driving conditions should not be a problem as it is well assisted by the 16 inch disc brakes.

The dash design in itself is quite simple and practical. In between the Speedo and Tacho there’s a red coloured LCD display which gives the driver information about the usage of fuel ( average ), outside/inside temperature, etc. The cabin temperature is controlled via a push button climate control unit.

The rear spoiler and Aerokit that supplies as standard has all together made the new Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT a guaranteed head turner in any of the available colours ( Cool Silver Metallic, Medium Purplish Grey Mica, Red Metallic and Black Mira ). The Lancer also comes with a 5 year or 100,000 km warranty, with free maintenance for the first 3 years or 50,000 km. A standard supply HID set would be a welcomed addition though.

Luckily for me wifey absolutely loves the car so I will presumably be making a beeline to join the ever extending queue soon ( I hope ). For those who are interested, the present lead time for the Lancer is now at 4 months tops simply because all the first batch units has been sold ( some even before the launch )….

Anybody want to join me in the queue?

2 every1 his/her OWN………………..

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Golf versus Sex

Couldn't resist posting this screamer which I received via email from a good friend of mine ( thanks Jenny ). A lot of friends have always commented that Golf is a game for old folks...on the contrary, I beg to differ for reasons as stated below:

Why Golf Is Better Than Sex.....

#10...A below par performance is considered damn good.

#9...You can stop in the middle and have a cheeseburger and a couple of beers.

#8....It's much easier to find the sweet spot.

#7...Foursomes are encouraged.

#6...You can still make money doing it as a senior.

#5...Three times a day is possible.

#4...Your partner doesn't hire a lawyer if you play with someone else.

#3...If you are able, you can do it almost everyday.

#2...You don't have to cuddle with your partner when you're finished.

And the NUMBER ONE reason why golf is better than sex.....

#1...If your equipment gets old and rusty, you can replace it!

So now you know why Golf is such an "enjoyable" game huh? Golf anyone?

Note: That doesn't mean I don't like sex...I always mix pleasure with pleasure..kekeke

2 every1 his/her OWN..............

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Heaven On Earth

Lazing about in the sun with the breeze softly tugging at my hair, hammock gently swinging to the rhythm of the waves….without a care to the world..

How I wish that I could spend endless days on the beach which to me is the best”est” place in the world….

A life of a beachcomber is for me. Nothing like waking up to the sound of braying seagulls and cries of the ocean….eternal bliss…

Mornings would be spent greeting the big blue provider, diving and looking at what it has in store for me…a fish or two would make a splendid meal, so would an occasional crab or lobster. Nothing like the smell and taste of freshly cooked seafood….burp!!

The rest of the morning would be spent lying in my faithful hammock with a good book in my hand. The next order for the day would be walking though the foliage looking for firewood. Enough must be gathered to last the day and night.

Another round of diving cum harvesting activity for lunch and dinner should leave me exhausted till sunset. Building a fire for dinner and to keep me warm should be a cinch with the leftover cinders.

Sounds of crackling firewood and rushing waves accompany me as I unconsciously slip into dreamland….the last image etched on my mind would be the millions of sparkling diamonds in the sky, dancing to the tunes of “Starry, Starry Night”……

To me, that is Heaven On Earth……

2 every1 his/her OWN…………………

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grease Is The Word

“Dance as you Walk” and “Walk as you Dance”….

The above strut thingy was made popular by non other than John Travolta, who coincidently is my all time fav “actor bugger”.

I especially liked his role as Danny Zuko in “Grease” with Olivia Newton John ( Sandy ).

I would also like to shout out loud that GREASE is in the list of my super duper fav show…

I remember the days of VCR…I would watch and watch the show again and again until the bloody video tape konk! I could practically memorise all the lines of Danny, Sandy, The Pink Ladies and T-Birds including singing their songs in my funny and out of tune voice.

My parents would go bonkers over my affliction and addiction with Grease as would they laugh off their rockers at my antics when I mimicked the actors and actresses complete with detailed sound effects.

I completely fell in love with the songs which were sung, some which are listed below:
Grease ( reprised )
Sandy ( John Travolta )
Blue Moon ( Sha Na Na )
Hound Dog ( Sha Na Na )
Beauty School Drop Out ( Frankie Avalon )
Tears On My Pillow ( Olivia Newton John )
Greased Lightning
We Go Together
There Are Worst Things I Could Do
Sandy ( Drive In )
You’re The One That I Want

Apart from the songs, there were also some scenes in the movie that will forever be etched in my memory:

The first is when Danny ( T-Birds ) raced “Poker Face” ( The Scorpions ) for Pinks ( ownership of the Pink Ladies ) at Thunder Alley. The run up to the race where the T-Birds were trying their best to build Greased Lightning was superb….hahahaha. Putsie was asking the T-Birds exactly from which car they stole the bumper from and immediately got the shouted answer of “From Your Mother’s” made me laugh till tears ran down my face ( I was about 7-8 years old then ).

The other great scene was at the end where the song “We Go Together” was sung by all the graduates at Rydale High. The dance choreography that followed was top notch!!!
I especially liked the moment where Danny surprised the T-Birds by turning up fully decked in “jock” style. He told them that he was going straight in order to get Sandy when suddenly there were wolf whistles and cat calls all around. Danny turned to see Sandy in a super sexy black outfit which completely outlined her “cun” body. It was there that the song “You’re The One That I Want” was sung…

How I wish they would produce some shows like this nowadays….by saying that, the closest that I have seen thus far is “High School Musical” which by the way is one hell of a production….kudos to the producers and bugger who had the brains to think of such a storyline.

Till today, I have an original VCD and DVD of GREASE in my collection, I even saved a copy in my external hard drive just in case something happens to any one of my treasures…hehehehe.

Long Live Grease and sentimental fools like me………..

2 every1 his/her OWN…………

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Art Of Tai Chi

Everyday on my way to work, I see a group of aunties and uncles practicing the ancient art of Tai Chi in a small field near my humble adobe. I would always slow down my car to take a closer look and sometimes flash a smile at them. Nowadays, there are quite a number of Tai Chi appearing in different forms around…..some are for health and some wayward forms are for obtaining fame. Health and Fame? Two different subject matters right? I will try my level best to further elaborate on this:

Tai Chi as defined in wikipedia:
Tai chi chuan (Traditional Chinese: 太極拳; Simplified Chinese: 太极拳; Hanyu Pinyin: tàijíquán; Wade-Giles: t'ai4 chi2 ch'üan2) is an internal Chinese martial art often practiced with the aim of promoting health and longevity. The Mandarin term "tai chi chuan" literally translates as "supreme ultimate boxing" or "boundless fist", but may better translate to "great extremes boxing", with an emphasis on finding balance between two great extremes.

Tai Chi as defined in the working life:
The art of evading problems/mistakes/responsibilities AND beautifully pushing it to a suspecting OR non-suspecting victim. Sometimes the art is used by super Tai Chi Masters to gain a name for himself/herself at another’s expense. It can be said that Tai Chi for work can be also classified as a sinister syndrome, aptly termed as “Attention Seeking Syndrome ( short )”.

The art of Tai Chi for work cannot be easily learnt as it is taught from generation to generation and it is death to those who betray the family’s secret.

The most super duper dangerous style of Tai Chi known to man in this modern era is a form called I.H. ( named after the person ) Tai Chi also known to everyone as THE MAIN carrier of A.S.S.

It is very sad to see Tai Chi being rampantly used but that’s the way the ball rolls. The victims of Tai Chi have no given choice except to:
1) roll with the ball
2) learn how to Tai Chi the Tai Chi Master ( fight fire with fire )
3) die standing ala mati katak style

What’s worse is the related management is totally oblivious to the Tai Chi tactics around them. This can only happen if:
1) the said management buggers are blind as a bat
2) the said management buggers are also super duper secret Tai Chi Masters themselves
3) the said management buggers don’t know what to do ( blur sotong )

Maybe the victims could live and let die by the tagline of X Files…"The Truth Is Out There" and "Deny Everything".

Are you a victim of work place Tai Chi?

2 every1 his/her OWN…………

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Monday, August 13, 2007

True Colours

Below are words that we always take for granted without knowing their true hidden meanings. Read, learn and apply accordingly...........

Nurse: A person who wakes you up to give you sleeping pills.

Doctor : A person who kills your ills by pills, and kills you by bills.

School: A place where papa, mama pays and son plays.

Life Insurance: A contract that keeps you poor all your life so that you can die Rich.

Marriage: It's an agreement in which a man loses his Bachelor degree and a woman gains her Masters.

Lecture: An art of transferring information from the notes of the lecturer to the notes of the students without passing through "the minds of either"

Conference: The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present.

Compromise : The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece.

Conference Room : A place where everybody talks, nobody listens and everybody disagrees later on with nothing being done.

Father : A Banker provided by nature.

Criminal: A guy no different from the rest....except that he got caught.

Boss : Someone who is early when you are late, and late when you are early.

Politician : One who shakes your hand before elections and your
confidence after.

Classic : Books, which people praise, but do not read.

Smile : A curve that can set a lot of things straight.

Office : A place where you can relax after your strenuous home life.

Yawn: The only time some married men ever get to open their mouth.

Etc. : A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do.

Committee : Individuals who can do nothing individually and sit to decide that nothing can be done together.

Experience : The name men give to their mistakes.

Atom Bomb : An invention to end all inventions.

Philosopher : A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when dead.

2 every1 his/her OWN.................

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Before anything, let me say that the below post is about a imaginary country called OkayLand…why OkayLand one might ask? Simply because every damn freaking thing also okay. Let it be said that the residents there are quite happy in general ( some maybe acting, some maybe no choice ) except for some very, very, very, very minor issues….so the story starts…

Once upon a time in OkayLand, there was this sudden and super rush for Aspirins which caused the price of the product to go limit up three times in a day ( higher than the volatile stock market woooh ). At the end, a tablet costs more than a gram of gold….such was the demand…FUUUUYOOOOH! The ones that were not smitten by the onset of headache were asking around….WHY AR? WHY LIKE THIS AR? In the end, they happen to stumble across some documents that were left lying around after the owner’s head blew up from acute headache. Below is the excerpt that was extracted and emailed a godzillion times around the world:

**** Start of document ****

What can we write? What can we blog about? What is freedom of speech?

Lately this has been a super big issue to the blogging community, to the "G" men, to the ones that know nuts, to the ones that think they know nuts, to the ones that are trying to show they exist, etc….On going threats of revoking ones "C" are still flying around like superflys….but what sort of proof are they based on?

Proof that the blog/domain is registered in a person’s name?
Waalooooooo, can someone have used a person’s name to register a certain domain or whatever that is out there? If so then how?

Based on the IP address?
Waalooo again! anybody home? IP address? So what if the IP is traced back to someone? Got video recording that he/she is the culprit ar? Got ar? Got ar? Can some Tom, Dick or Harry be using your laptop OR desktop when you were not around? Can ar? Can or not? Can ar? Finger prints? CSI meh…check where? AFIS ( Automated Fingerprint Identification System ) ar?

Based on mac address?
How many million times must it be said that mac address can be changed? Go buy a "Computer For Idiots" book and learn loh. Can even change it to your vital statistics maaaa….niamah!

What then? What? Where? How? Why?

What principle are there arresting people on?

"Aiyooo….want to write also so difficult…got splitting headache everyday…aspirin price going up…no money to eat but need money to buy aspirin…how? how?" the blown headed author wrote.

Why there so like this one ar? Write cannot, publish cannot, sing also cannot ( after people misunderstand lyrics veli susah wooooh ).


**** End of document ****

And they all live, happily freaking after because nothing can be done and nothing can be said. They are at present living with this principle in mind "SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL and SPEAK NO EVIL" for fear of EVIL…muahahahahaha

I dunno who is the writer, I just post only maaaaaa…..

2 every1 his/her OWN….....

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Here We Go Again

Here we go again!! The footy season has started at last…wooohooooo!!!

English Premier League and the German Bundesliga have both completed their first round of matches with some startling results posted ( Spanish Primera La Liga will start in a month ).

Luckily for me, wifey is quite understanding towards my obsession with the game ( on and off the field )….a game which she terms as “funny” because it entails twenty two grown men running around a field, chasing each other while trying their best to poke a ball into a net…hehehehe.

Her understanding and appreciation of the game changed when she followed me to one of my weekly futsal ( indoor footy ) games. She was quite taken aback by the speed, skill and teamwork required to “poke” a goal out of nothing ( skill and teamwork I have, speed? Old liao loh ) not to mention the sweat that was dripping from the players after a game.

Come footy season, I will normally be parked in front of my “lappy” ( Saturdays and Sundays after completing my chores ), happily scrutinizing the live results. I am a healthy footy punter you see…healthy here means I bet small ( RM50-100 ) and bang BIG if only I am winning. Wifey knows about this and she is ok as long as I am in control…..

I have seen too many punters getting in trouble by betting out of their means and I DO NOT any plan to follow their footsteps, be it present or future. By saying that, I have to give my online bookie a ring to reduce my allowable betting limit, the bugger gave me a credit limit of RM100k to play with….shit! I personally think that an amount of RM10k should be more than enough for me to indulge and maintain a healthy pastime as I normally don’t collect my winnings until the end of the season or vice versa. So far the football gods have been kind to me and I hope that it remains that way simply because I am of the believe that no one will win if they gamble continuously.

With the saying of “THOU SHALL NOT WONDER FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, FOR THEY TOLL FOR THEE” ringing in my head…..I raise my imaginary glass to the new 2007 footy season….may everyone win/beat the pants off the Bookies and may all the wifeys in the world be of super duper understanding of this “funny” phenomenon….

Hmmmm, should 4D be counted as a “funny” game, I wonder?

2 every1 his/her OWN…………………

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Concert 2007

Today was quite a special day for me because at last I get to attend my younger son’s ( Ivan ) concert at Tadika Caritas.

I missed my elder son’s concert because I was posted to Sudan at that time…, was I down in the dumps then. Even the efforts of my workers could not bring a smile to my face because it really felt as though as I have let him down big time! Wifey told me over the satellite phone that Isaac was asking why I pulled a no show on him…aaarrg! the pain, the pain. Luckily Isaac has since forgiven me for not showing up at his concert ( it wasn’t easy to get him to forgive me ).

The day started at 4.30pm for Ivan simply because that’s the time wifey started to bathe him. Suddenly there were sounds of screaming and I immediately rushed out to see what the commotion was about.

Sheeeeeesh! It was wifey applying make up for Ivan…..our friend was screaming and laughing his head off, so was his Isaac. My remark of him looking like achicken backside did not help the situation at all. The “HAHAHA and HEHEHEHE” continued until we were in the car.

Arrive at Ivan’s kindergarden at 5.30pm because that’s the time stipulated to parents to bring their kids. There was chaos everywhere I turned and looked….kids were running here and there, everywhere you turned, there were little ones…some laughing, some crying. The teachers were having hell of a time controlling the situation because it seems that this year’s concert is a joint one between morning session and afternoon. My mum ( she is a teacher in the kindergarden ) was busy preparing her class for the long night ahead.

Like clockwork, the concert started sharp at 7.00pm. Got me a concert schedule from one of the volunteers and my first reaction was to slap myself in the head because there were like about 30 acts in all…..and Ivan dance was slotted 3rd from last.

On the whole, it was a nice concert…there were lively dances and acts and singing. I saw a few cute kids who really stood out from the rest because of their natural ability to dance. There was this little girl dancing to the tune of “Dancing Queen”…she was twisting and jiving and smiling all at the same time….she was that cute.

Then came Ivan’s turn…our friend walk on stage with his group and started to wave to the crowd!!! To my surprise the crowd clapped and cheered him…hahahahaha. I was thinking to myself “this is one natural bugger”. Ivan ended by blowing kisses to the crowd and took his place waiting for the cue to start. Chicken Little’s theme song was played and they started to do the chicken little dance….boy, was I laughing like mad! Managed to get some pictures before I switch to video mode because I plan to show him what we were looking and seeing. The dance ended to applause from the crowd and as if on cue, all of them took a bow….it was very nice choreographing by his class teacher ( I told her that afterwards ).

The night ended soon afterwards and I was caught by the Principal ( Mrs. Singh ) to help dismantle the stage. Couldn’t say no because:
1) She was my mum’s boss.
2) She was my teacher when I attended the kindergarden…yes, it was that long.

Mrs. Singh told my wifey to help herself to the dinner that was prepared for the teachers and helpers while I was put through the grinder. Boy, I must say that Mrs. Singh is still the same slave driver she was before! Jokes aside, she is a nice woman and I respect her a lot.

Reached home at about 10.00 p.m and immediately help bathe the kids. They were in dreamland by the time I finished my bath. Talked and laughed with wifey about the night’s events before she called it a day.

Me? Post in blog la…apa lagi? Need to knock off asap because tomorrow is Sunday School day for Ivan and Isaac and I am the official driver….

2 every1 his/her OWN……………….

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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Migration Path

A reply posted by Judy got me thinking wheels spinning about a subject called “migration”….

What does one have to do in order to plan for migration?
What are the consequences before and after?
Will there be any negative forced feedback on my kids?
Will wifey be able to handle it? What are the processes involved, will the processes be one off thingy or will it be constantly variable?
Which country is best for my family?

I have if fact spoken to wifey on this matter quite a number of times but her response was lukewarm…..not positive not negative..

The course of my work has taken me to many countries. I am glad to say that my experience with diverse cultures has given me some inkling as to which type of living conditions to aim for.

Apart from the red tape, the ideal country should :
- not have any race discrimination
- treat all their citizens equally
- have enough opportunity for one to eke out a living
- have four seasons
- have a good education system

Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying that BolehLand is no good, its just that if I can provide a better life for my family then I see no reason for the move. Hey, I don’t mind driving a cab if it’s the only means to support my family so what the heck?

I told wifey that my dream is to enroll my kids in an International Golf Institution where they can have alternatives of learning the art of golfing and have a good education at the same time.

By saying that, I don’t mean to say that my kids are pro material but if they can make it then so be it…at least there are alternatives looking what the professional golfers in Europe and US are getting in terms of sponsorships, royalties and prize money. Take that and compare that with what the athletes are getting here in BolehLand…ptuuui, we don’t even have a practical and stable platform to groom young and aspiring athletes. It was one of the major factor which prompt my to retire from playing football for our National Team ( stopped at under 21 bracket )….no bloody future…aaahhh feels so good to let it out after keeping it in for so many years.

Have already started to take my kids to the driving range…hopefully they will get hooked and one day tell their Dad that they want to pursue a career in golf. I don’t mind sending them even if me and wifey can’t afford to go…..I just hope that they can make something out of it. They are always welcomed home after completing their studies if the sport of golf is not to their liking…no problemo. Will send them even if it means I have to slog day and night like a dog….just to give them a chance for a better life.

No plans for migrating now but in the future if I can afford it or by forced situation…who knows? All I can say that it is definitely on the cards……

2 every1 his/her OWN……………..

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

1 + 1 = ??

I sometimes wonder what “They” ( cannot mention or citizenship kena revoke ) is trying to accomplish with the education system here…bunch of bumbling clods!

During my time there was SRP, SPM, STPM ( I forgot what the Standard Five was named ), now there’s PKSR, UPSR, etc….

The present system has BM maintained as a compulsory passing subject but Maths and Science’s syllabus has been changed to Eng….bugger! I would have scored like hell if they changed it during my time. For your info, all of the schools now are employing something they call “Kelas Permulihan” BUT it only applies for Standard One students.

The said class is supposedly used to assist students weak in BM to improve on their command of the BM language. The way “they” segregate students is to have them take a test and isolate the “weak” ones. The “weak” ones will then be taught super simple BM…eg. A for Api, B for Bola. How do “they” expect the students to improve with such elementary teachings? Are “they” not supposed to teach them more than what the normal syllabus require? What kind of moronic idiots are we dealing with here?

Don’t “they” know that it is very demoralizing for a child to be segregated between “good” and “no good”? Wonder how will “they” feel if we segregate and call them stupid bastards ( they are that stupid anyway ).

The students will then have to sit for a Government Exam after a few months!! Is a few months enough for the students to make the required transition from Kindergarden? How fair is that for the students in question?

Why have BM as the medium for segregation? Why not use two of the most commonly spoken language ( BM and Eng ) here in BolehLand as the parameter for selection? The best joke is that most children nowadays can speak better Eng than the bunch of morons we call teachers. I heard that they are trying to change back the teaching medium for Maths and Science to BMWHAT THE HVUCK is wrong with these people?

As for me, I feel that the root cause of the change has nothing to do with the syllabus but its with the freaking problematic primary school teachers ( note the word primary )….maybe they should go for “KELAS PERMULIHAN” taught by the supposedly “weak” students in order to improve their Eng.

It is very sad to see that the teaching syllabus has “de”progressed to such a sorry state. What can one do? Nothing!!! Except to do the teachers’ job of educating our own children at home…..bunch of bloody gaji buta buggers!

How I wish that I could meet the stupid moron(s) who set and approved this guideline for segregation…it would really make my day to bitchslap them senseless ( too much to ask huh? ).

The below stated explanation for the acronyms used above is for safeguarding my citizenship:

BM = Big Mother / Big Mama / Bull Mastiff / Blue Magpie
Eng = England
Morons = morons
Bitchslap = bitchslap
Primary School Teachers = They who know everything except anything
Gaji Buta = Getting paid while shitting
Stupid = el stooopido
BolehLand = A place where it rains money and everything is made of gold.
Idiots = individuals who know every damn thing
Clods = close relations of cod fish
Bumbling = a movement with ballet like grace
Bastards = Of nobel blood / Blue Blood
What The Hvuck = an expression used when one is happy and on cloud nine
“They” = God like creatures

So there…….

2 every1 his/her OWN……………

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Women, God's Wonderful Creation

Have you ever been in an argument with women and try as hard as you might, you find that you cannot end it?

Have you ever slept on the couch when you already have permission from GF or Wifey to go out drinking with the boys?

Well, I have some interpretations of what women say and what it actually means. Please DO NOT take the explanations as true and correct as it is only based on my “survey” and marriage experience….

Just remember that women are beautiful creations of God BUT difficult creatures to comprehend…here goes my life…hehehehe

When a WOMAN says :

FINE : This is just a word women use to end an argument or need you to shut up.

FIVE MINUTES : If she is getting dressed, this normally means half and hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have been given five minutes to watch the game BEFORE helping out around the house.

NOTHING : This usually is the calm before the storm. This should mean “something” and you should be on your guard. Arguments that begin with “Nothing” usually ends with “Fine”.

GO AHEAD : This is a dare, NOT PERMISSION. DON’T DO IT for Christ’s sake.

LOUD SIGH : This is NOT a word but a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A “Loud Sigh” means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over “Nothing”

THAT’S OKAY : This is one of the most DANGEROUS statement that a woman can make to a man. “That’s Okay” generally means that she wants to think hard and long before deciding HOW and WHEN you are going to PAY for your mistake.

THANKS : A woman is just thanking you. DO NOT QUESTION HER. Just say you’re welcome and shut up.

WHATEVER : It is a woman’s way of saying FUCK YOU!!!

Please be again warned that the above are by no means accurate for all women. Use it at your own risk…just remember thatyou have been FOREWARNED!

2 every1 his/her OWN………………………

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Vrooom Vrrrrooooom

Woke up today feeling a tad under the weather….dunno why…

Maybe its because of the Project Coordination Meeting every Wednesday…

Maybe its because my arse is getting itchy….starting to miss riding bikes. Planning to have a talk with wifey to get me another bike but I seriously doubt if she would let me.

One thing about me is I am a bit of a speed freak…

People who don’t know me find it very difficult to be a passenger of mine…kekekeke. My record up Genting Highlands was 45 minutes flat where I smoked the notorious taxi drivers during the process. Hey, I don’t deny that I drive fast but I drive safe as well.

Wifey was initially complaining like hell but has since gotten used to it because she knows that I incorporate a lot of defensive driving tactics in my driving style…..and I DO NOT drive fast whenever my kids are in the car.

I used to waste a lot of money on car and engine modifications when I was young but not now. Nowadays I prefer the smooth and comfortable ride that my Chevvy junk provides….no more bolt ons, no more lowering, no nothing…standard is the word of the day here…heck, even my audio set is the original one.

Back to bikes…

How I miss going on convoy with friends…missed the caressing feelings of air on my face….missed the screaming sound of the Yoshimura exhausts.

The list of bikes which I previously owned are as such:
1) Honda C70 ( given to me by my late Uncle )
2) Suzuki Panther
3) Kawasaki ZXR 750 ( H model )
4) Suzuki SRAD 1100
5) Honda Shadow 600
6) Naza Blade 260 ( this one was a stoooopid buy )

Boy, did I have fun on my babies…..

As mentioned, I seriously doubt that wifey will let me buy another superbike….not since I accidentally smoked her "kau kau" on the highway…hehehehehe.

The incident happened one day while wifey was on her way to work. She was happily driving on the fast lane but well within the speed limit of 110 km/h when I suddenly overtook her and was gone from her line of sight within a few seconds. I think I was doing easily about 220 km/h at that time. Reached my project site in no time and saw a few missed calls from wifey on my mobile….called her back and my ears never felt the same since then…hehehehe.

Maybe will start my plan rolling by slowly bringing up the subject on superbikes with wifey and play by ear from there…..wish me luck!!

2 every1 his/her OWN…………..

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There’s a thing in my pocket, its not one thing but many,
It has no voice but can speak a thousand words,
If you feed it, it will grow,
…..that’s some of the catchy lines from Nokia’s N95 advert..

Another one of my favourite advert is Wah Lai Toi’s "The Magnificent Shiny Disc Hero"..
"Aloo Auntie, thai chor mei?" ( auntie, oledi seen this show ar? )
"thai chor laaar" ( seen already laaaar )
"Yau mow? Cing wah chut, yit lat lat woh…auntie, 9 chai lei keh…nine you know, nine..lei chi tou meh hai nine mow?" ( True or nooot? New show woh, hot from the oven woh....its a DVD 9 auntie, u know what is a DVD 9? )
"THAI CHOR LAAAAR!!!" ( Seen already laaaar…blardy hell!! )

The above two adverts are at present my fav….for your info, there is a few versions of “The Magnificent Shiny Disc Hero” and I will always try to keep a lookout for them whenever I am watching telly….the guy chosen for the Hero role is great! Really looks the part of a Jinjang Joe DVD seller… hats off to Wah Lai Toi..

Now comes the one that I dislike the most…its from Intel..

Starts by showing a Chinese girl with a afro hairdo dancing some weird looking steps to the tunes of one of the most irritating music I have ever heard….DUMBO!
The freakin ad then ends with the catch phrase of “Intel Core Two Duo, Multiply your Life” ( multiply my arse is more like it!! )…aarrrrrggg! Wonder which moron in this universe approved the advert? Can it be Bill? Has Bill finally gone bonkers?

But come August, my eyes will always be wide open to catch any new adverts on telly which will generally be geared towards our Independence Day. I somehow find the adverts ( by Petronas, TNB, to name a few ) to be very meaningful and carefully thought out….kudos to the advert house behind the production.

Till then and don’t tell me that you have "THAI CHOR LAAAAR!!!"

2 every1 his/her OWN………………..

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Fix It Again Tony ( F.I.A.T. )

Booked a holiday package with Air Asia in March for Langkawi. Had to call them for reconfirmation on the package due to the long lead time involved. I ended up calling 3 different numbers before getting the correct one because of super tai chi tactics...

I thought to myself...pheeew...finally got the correct one. Sad to say that my joy was short lived.....can you imagine that the freaking line was engaged for more that half an hour before I got my call thru…bugger!

They even went so far as to insulted my intelligence by telling me that the lines were engaged due to over whelming response towards their promotion…FULAT! What over whelming response? To where? Shenzen? Pity the guy on the other end, his ears must be damn hot after listening to the crap which I unleashed on him…hehehehehe

Come on la Air Asia….cheap fares might be appealing to the general crowd BUT lousy after sales service will put people off as well…..reinvest some of the profit intelligently la Mr. Tony Fernandez. You are too bloody rich to be a stooopid lousy bum la bro.

Can you imagine the way(s) that Air Asia comes up with making moolah? The latest con job that they have in their repertoire is called "Express Boarding"

"Express Boarding" simply means paying RM20 per person for the privilege to board 5 minutes earlier so that one can chose seats to their liking, i.e. extra leg room, first in-first out ( for kiasu ), etc. The Express Boarders will take precedence over the elderly and disabled OR people traveling with kids….MA FULAT! For me, nothing is as important as the elderly and kids la. Wonder how old is Mr. Tony Fernandez’s parents? Nothing beats the business acumen of a moolah making moron huh?

Keep up the shitty support la Air Asia, so we can see what might OR can happen to organizations that treat their customers like dirt after concluding a sale. Maybe some bitch slappin’ for the morons at AA is the order for the day here….woooohoooooo.

By the way, are we looking at another Proton here? Fleece and con so that right and left pocket can eat?

Fleecing the public on flights by selling shitty snacks at super exorbitant price is already bad enough…sure hope they don’t bloody skimp on the aircraft maintenance as well.

"Pay Peanuts Get Monkeys" applies here huh……bloody hell..

I sincerely doubt if another GoHoliday package will be on the cards for me. Will be willing to reconsider if the buggers at AA improve on their after sales support/service but for the time being its…ptuuuui!!!

2 every1 his/her OWN……………

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Radiation Anyone?

Was watching the Discovery Channel yesterday…a 2 hour program simply titled “Hiroshima”

We, the viewers were taken on a step by step account of the devastation caused by the bomb. What really moved me was seeing the horror and pain etched on Enola Gay’s crew ( the plane which delivered the package ) after witnessing the detonation….

"We couldn’t see the exact damage because clouds of dust and debris was everywhere"
"The flash itself was just for a brief moment…how could it cause such devastation?"
" 45 seconds, all it took was 45 seconds for the bomb to reach Ground Zero"

The scene of destruction in Hiroshima which was taken by amateur cameramen immediately after the detonation left me speechless. Especially moving was the accounts of two Japanese bank clerks….they were shielded from the blast by the earthquake proof structure of the bank that they were in. Bruised, battered and injured by flying shrapnel, they emerged after the blast to see bodies everywhere…naked burning bodies on top of one another. It seems that the rush hour in Hiroshima contributed to the heavy death toll. The exact figure could not even be estimated….such was the devastation of the bomb.

I remember reading somewhere that the Enola Gay’s pilot went loony after the destruction with the knowledge that he was partly to blame ( this was not mentioned nor confirmed during the show ).

The questions that keep popping up in my mind are:
1) Is it necessary to deliver such devastation?
2) Are the results well worth it?
3) The decision to deliver…human or inhuman?

It is a known fact that WW2 was tearing up the world....resources and finances were being stretched thin...BUT does it give any nation the power to play GOD? Still cannot blooming comprehend the factor behind the decision as of this post.

The passed event got my rusty brain clanking, thinking about what would be the consequences if they chose to "let go" during present times?

Firepower of major countries are at max with the technology and know how available today. Let’s face it, Mother Earth will not survived another World War. Let’s hope that the powers that be exercise patience, tolerance and common sense before they decide to play GOD again…..

How well prepared are we to survive another nuclear fallout? Just take the Chernobyl episode as an example…
- Deformed babies
- Infertility
- Cancer
- Etc
Someone, somewhere is always right….let’s hope and pray hard that they are wrong this time around.

2 every1 his/her OWN…………

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Another year passed….another year older, hopefully wiser….

Just came back from yumcha with the gang and waiting to greet me was wifey….she gave me a BIG kiss and a hug coupled with the wishes of “Happy Birthday”…yup, today is my birthday..

I like to spend low keyed birthdays..nothing fancy...dinner with the family will do. The difference about my birthday year is I get to blog about it and my parents.

Parents who sent me to La Salle primary and parents who said nothing when they knew I was playing truant during Form 6 at Maxwell Secondary. Parents who bust their butts off trying to give me a good education for a good head start in life…parents who were kept apart because of our financial situation due to the economic downturn in the 80s.

We were staying in KL but my Dad had to be in Penang because his Salesman position ( he was 3M Malaysia’s GM before he got retrenced ) entails that he be in charge of the Northern Area. He rented a RM200 per month room in Ayer Itam and sent back RM500 for our expenses here. Till today I still don’t know how in the world he could survive with Rm100 left in his pocket….thanks Dad.

Mom would be slogging like mad giving daily tuition lessons. She would be rushing home from Jesus Caritas Kindergarden like a mad woman where she was teaching pre school ( still is ) to prepare our lunch. We would come back, gobbled lunch and hit the sack without even a simple thank you. The tuition crowd will start coming in about 3.30 pm everyday and would last till about 8.30 pm. In between the chaos, Mom would find time to prepare our dinner and check on our school work.

Both Mom’s and Dad’s income would then go towards sustaining the monthly household expenses. I remembered a year where Mom cried because she did not have any extra money to buy new clothes for us for CNY…she didn’t even have any money for Ang Pows…..I secretly cried in my room for 2 nights.

I am glad that my siblings and I have been through the hard times as it has taught us to “Hang Tough” and "Dig In" but how I wished that my parents didn’t go through it because of us. I have made a vow that I will NEVER, EVER let my parents OR my family go thru the shit again….no matter what.

Today being my birthday is nothing great…without my parents there is no Jamie or my brothers. My birthday wishes every year is automatically dedicated to my parents and siblings albeit an extra addition for my family this past few years.

Thank you for being great parents, thank you for giving me the chance to be in this world, thank you for all the sufferings that you guys had to endure and thank you for giving me the chance to be your son.

The most importantly is…..a million sorries if I have hurt you guys at any point in time……

You guys are the greatest…I dedicate this and all future birthdays that I may have to my parents....THANK YOU…

2 every1 his/her OWN…………………..

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Extra Curricular Activities

Had a conversation with one of my colleague the other day...on “flings/extra marital relationship”….

Dunno how the subject cropped up…hehehehe

Told the colleague that I have seen countless married friends/colleagues ( sorry, I can’t blog if it’s the present or past ) jumping into these type of thingy…..some of them come out ok, some got it trouble and some are still enjoying the fling.

Layman’s definition of fling:
An extra curricular activity without the knowledge of ones hubby or wifey…or something along that particular line

It is a known fact that feelings will start to develop when one meets quite regularly…hey, its human nature ma. The next thing that pops to mind is to bow down to the feeling is question or not.

Flings normally happen because of a few reasons and a few relayed to me from the participants are as of below:
- Sian with the one at home
- Looking to go “Back To The Future” and catch up on lost time
- Keep ones marriage intact ( like this oso can ar? )
- He/She gives me the one thing that is missing in my life
- She is so hot/horny and so full of zest
- He is so hot/horny and so full of zest
- Hubby is a deadwood
- Wifey is a deadwood
- Marriage is an arrange one, so need to experienced what I didn’t

The bloody list is endless……endless I tell you…some are downright funny and some can be downright stooopid…kekekeke

It is difficult to predict if I will ever “walk this way” but I sincerely hope not…the consequences are too much for one to bear, not forgetting the innocent lives that might be screwed up because of ones selfishness.

Anyway its 2 every1 his/her OWN....... and I am not telling the gender of my colleague which I had the conversation with ( btw, I am not gay, so go figure )………………

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Friday, August 03, 2007

The Beginning Of Time

Sometimes I sit and start to daydream about events since the beginning of time…. for me it was 36 years ago….

I miss the live with no commitments ( except exam time )
I miss going out with my parents
I miss collecting rubber seeds with my brothers
I miss spider fighting
I miss flying a kite
I miss playing with my cousins
I miss the neighborhood kids
I miss playing football everyday
I miss Penang
I miss walking to the market with my Grandma
I miss my Uncle( he is the youngest in the family on my mum’s side )….I miss him a lot…

When I was a kid ( long time ago woooh ), I always make it a point to go back to Penang during the holidays. How I wish that my uncle is alive today…..can imagine the fun of having a few mugs and goofing off with him….

He has always treated me good…..I will generally get what I want…all I need to do is ask and he will surely have it in his hands when he comes back from work. He even left me his motorbike and riding jacket after he passed away….

It was who that taught me to be myself, to be independent and to speak my mind….a million thanks will not suffice…sigh!

My parents liked him a lot as well. It was he that helped us most during the economic downturn in the 80s. Don’t know where we will be without his assistance. I am not shy to say that I have been poor before…heck, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I am proud to admit the fact that my family has been through some hard times.

I remember following my dad to a secluded spot in the forest for the purpose of shoveling and bagging compost. We would then sell the bagged compost to the nurseries in Sungai Buloh for RM1 per bag and they in turn will sell to the consumers for RM2 per bag.

There was a time where I followed my dad to sell pre packed biscuits. He would drive to an office building where we would walk floor by floor and knock on every door just to sell biscuits costing RM2 per pack. Thankfully there were a lot of leng lui che che and aunties who would always help us out….my sincerest thanks go out to them and God Bless.

Within a blink, I was in my teens………

There was this particular uncle who would appear whenever it was the school holiday period to offer me a daily paid job as a plumber’s apprentice ( RM35 p/day ). I would always take him up on his offer despite objections from my parents. Mixing concrete, carrying concrete, hacking and joining pipes will always leave me flat by days’ end but I enjoyed the job and the company of my fellow workers.

Sometimes I wonder if the early experiences in life moulded me into who I am today. At least I can hold my head up high and say that I am proud to know that there are friends aka brothers out there that are willing to sacrifice a lot for me ( and me for them ). By saying that, I also know that there are people who can’t stand the sight of me BUT I am who I am…I can’t and won’t change for such a minority group…they can go to hell and back for all I care.

The most important things in my life today are my family……

I can still be a super hothead sometimes but I tend to pull the handbrake when I think my wife and kids. Come to think of it, having a family of my own has calmed me down a lot.

Neways, Jamie will always be Jamie….so go figure

2 every1 his/her OWN………………

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Underwater Garden Of Eden

A few months has passed since I replaced my aquarium. Quite pleased to see healthy fishes and plant life in the new setup. I sorta like promised my bro cutie that I will post an update on my new aquarium once everything has settled down.....

Front view ( Illuminated by 4 tubes of ESU MAX fluorescent tubes to produce artificial daylight to aid plant grow )

Stag horn fern

My favourite – The Marimo, a little round ball of moss that can grow to about 60 cm in its natural habitat

My 2 litre C02 system ( linked to a bubble counter ), timed to activate at 8 am and deactivate at 8 pm everyday. This system is used to assist in photosynthesis activities

Some of the occupants ( rainbow runners, runny nose, tetras, emperors, etc )

A Tetra barnd filtration system coupled to a C02 mixer at the outlet

I like to call these my little underwater Christmas trees

You may also notice specks of algae in some of the above pictures…that’s the result of switching on the lights for too long and putting in too much of fertilizers. Many more pics but will take up too much space...hope you guys enjoyed the viewing ( I kept my promise bro cutie ).

2 every1 his/her OWN.........................

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Paintball OR Painball

Paintball……a mixture of two words…PAIN and BALL…but please believe me when I say that the "T" in paintball is only there to mask the pain..oouch!

Paintball is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with paintballs (spherical gelatin capsules containing primarily of polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and vegetable dye) shot from a compressed gas powered gun/rifle normally termed as a "marker".

The game can be played indoor or outdoor but it is generally played at the later area here in BolehLand. Paintball was originally created in the 1950s for marking trees and also COWS…yes, cows ( feel any stupid"er"? ) but has since evolved into an international sport.

As in many sports, paintball is a game that emphasizes on “safety first” rule. Mandatory safety equipment are a must and all participants must undergo a safety briefing session and a signed injury waiver prior to play ( irrespective seasoned or non seasoned campaigner ).

Standard calibration for paintball markers will be in the region of around 280 feet per second OR 85.4 m/s OR 307 km/h OR 191 mph utilizing CO2 or compressed air as a medium of propellant....therefore a typical direct hit will result in leaving a splendid mark for about two weeks...its like a bluish outer circle with an inner black circle...ooouuch again nabeh! Can you imagine the pain if one has to take a hit between the legs? aiyooooyooyoo....aamaaaaa....

Paintball courses are aplenty in BolehLand...dunno why...why ar? Sadists or just love BDSM?

A game of Paintball will set one back about RM200 plus buckos as illustrated by the list below:
Marker Rental = RM35 to RM50 ( depending where you play )
Chest pad = RM15
Coverall = RM10
Paintball = about RM0.30 per pellet ( 100 pellets no rasa me )

So Painball anyone? I am always game for a game..kekekeke

2 every1 his/her OWN.......

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