Friday, December 14, 2007

Goodbye 007, Hello 008

Dunno if 2008 will be a good yead for myself or not but 2007 is not that great….in fact I am really looking forward to put this year past me ( maybe my fung shui master is not that big a bullshitter after all…hmmmmmm )

What with the shit price hike for toll, petrol and every damn thing that has relation to the two things OR is trying to relate themselves in order to justify their increase as well.

Work load has also been shitty….been hearing comments from people that “this” particular project is losing money and is going to cause the “no bonus” syndrome for 2007. Kaninabeh and fuck them la….if they are so fucking good then come and take care if the said project instead of being super stoooopid “arm chair” critic la….

The declining health of my Grandma also contributed to my shitty year…..till now I am afraid to visit her…I am afraid that she will “move on” once I made my visit…how ar? To leave her suffering is damn cruel but on the other hand I do not want her to “move on” arrrrrrg!!!! Deep down I know the inevitable is near but I just can’t bring myself to face the fact….

Amidst everything,

BolehLand sent an Astronut to space……FUUUUUCK!!!! One a fucking Datuk and another a fucking Gay. One got slashed and another got raped…hahahahha

Road Blocks were being setup everywhere to stop people from going into the Capital….paranoid bunch of S.O.Bs

SMS and emails flying everywhere telling everyone to gather for demonstrations…..for what I don’t know and don’t care. I personally think that everything can be settled via the elections….no need to employ any strong arm tactics…no need for cloak and dagger stuffs…the vote of the people will again determine our future…so come what may right?

2 every1 his/her OWN……………….

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wassup Doc??

Been a while since my last posting so much so that the rust has started to set in…kekekeke.

A lot has happened during the so called “absence”….

My Grandmother fell sick and was admitted……
Thank God that her condition has since improved. My relatives told me that she is more aware to happenings around her, is eating more and her speech is not as slurred as before…Thanks Be To The Lord. Most of the clan has gone back to see her except me ( work commitments )…boy, deep down I feel as bad as hell. Anyway, I will be making it a point to drop by her place come Christmas weekend…stay a day or two to cheer up the old lady…hopefully nothing happens by then…keeping fingers crossed.

The project that I am working on is in delay mode due to uncontrollable events…..
How I wish that my company didn’t secure this stupid project….bloody hell!!!
Here we are, all in Result mode but we cannot get anything done because a bastard on the client’s side is working in Process mode…kaninabeh!!! Result orientated and Process orientated do not go well together maaaa. What to do? Us donkeys will have to suffer and complete the project no matter what right? Lucky for us that a bastard on our side left the company or we will be in deeper shit…..Praise Be To The Lord….

Kept hearing rumours that the price of Petrol and Toll will be increased……..
What are the motherfuckers doing? Increase again? don’t they know that they are just promoting inflation…..
The reason given bythem is that the “G” cannot afford to subsidize our Petrol anymore sue to the worldwide increase of the said commodity…fuck them la…where has all the money gone? No freaking surprise seeing that a common toilet seat cost 25k in their accountability report. How much does a condom cost then? 30k? I hope they just roll over and die…

Kept getting caught in super road blocks by the BolehLand Police….road blocks to fish out demonstrators of illegal gatherings…………
Bunch of paranoid bastards!! What is their fear if their administration is so fucking good? Scared of a bunch of people demo”ing”? My stand on this is the same….just roll over, die and rot in hell for all I care..

2 every1 his/her OWN…………

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