Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ice Skating @ Pyramid's

30th August 2008 was a date my two sons got their first ice skating experience. We were there to celebrate Syn Wen's birthday, who is my sons Auntie but they are about the same age...waaakakakaka..

As the occasion was actually tailored for little runts, most of the brood from my wife's side were there with their kids.

After about half an hour of total chaos with entrance lar, shoes lar, food lar and what nots, the skating instructor started the briefing. He had no choice but to start with the basics because most of the participants were 1st timers. the briefing lasted for about 15 minutes before they were all herded into the ice rink.

From there on Games were held before the participants were set free....

Everyone was falling like flies, getting up and falling over again....must admit that the situation warrants some nervousness among the parents but the feeling was soon lost by the antics of the kids ( use your imagination dear readers..kekeke )

All in all everyone had a wonderful albeit a tiring time...

Kudos to Syn Wen's parents for coming up with such a good heartiest thanks.

Isaac has already asked me when can he go skating promise to him was when I am free and on the condition that I don't go in with him cos I don't want Pyramid's skating rink to be closed for a 2 year repair work should I fall down..waaaakakakakakakakakaka

2 every1 his/her OWN...................

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Budget 2009

Was browsing thru the Star Online to look at whats what in the newly tabled so called for the Rakyat Budget...

hais...dun want to talk about it too much lar....scared kena ISA...maybe kena dragged to court for screwing someone's arse or nostril or something lar.

Below are a few things in the Budget 2009 that caught my eye:

National Energy Plan
Exemption of import duty and sales tax on solar photovoltaic system equipment, import duty and sales tax on intermediate goods such as High Efficiency Motors and insulation materials; sales tax on locally manufactured solar heating system equipment; sales tax on locally manufactured energy efficient consumers goods such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, lightings, fans and televisions; and 100% import duty and 50% excise duty on new hybrid CBU cars, with engine capacity below 2,000 cc, be given to franchise importers. This exemption is given for a period of two years to prepare for the local assembly of such cars. ( local assembled hybrids? sure or not? If a few motoring GIANTS from the Land Of The Rising Sun came and CKD, how sure that PROTONG will not be protected again? )

Improving Public Transportation
The existing LRT system in the Klang Valley will be extended by 30km, that is 15km respectively, for Kelana Jaya and Ampang lines. Upon completion in 2011, the extensions are expected to benefit 2.6 million residents in the Subang Jaya-USJ and Kinrara-Puchong areas, compared with 1.9 million currently. ( just hope that the contract will not be awarded to a half baked company like the "one bridge always got crack wan leh" )

Enhancing Health Services
Excise duty specific on cigarettes increased by three sen from 15 sen per stick to 18 sen per stick. With this, the duty for a 20-stick pack of cigarettes is now increased by 60 sen. ( this one I no give a flying fuck because I smoke DUTY FREE cigs...I have available stock until year 2011 )

Additional highlights of Budget 2009 please click this link "BUDGET 2009"

2 every1 his/her OWN..........haaaaaaaaaiiiiisssssssssss

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Miri & Kota Kinabalu

Went to Miri ( Aug ) and KK ( 26th Aug ) on business. Got home poofed max due to the hectic and tight schedule....I am feeling a bit sick"ish" a bout of flu or something coming on...sniff sniff

Was not helped by the fact that I sat beside a giggly and fidgety couple on my flight back. They were making a lot of unnecessary noise laughing and giggling for no apparent reason....given my condition, I was contemplating very hard if a super tight slap will help ease the torture of most passengers on board. I ended up deciding to change my seat but luck was not on my side as it was a full flight back to KL. I think one of the main reason for the full flight was the UMS convo a few days before...stragglers were slowly making their way back home after a week of partying themselves silly..

Ended up crawling back to my dreaded seat beside the two morons...arrrrgg! No choice but to endure the torture for another one half hours. Lucky for me, The Person Up there must have felt my frustrations because the plane we were on hit some super air pocket that turned the morons green...WAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. I got my bit back by asking them why were they so quite all of a sudden....muuuuhahahahaha. I even told them that the air pockets that we hit was nothing compared to ones that threw people up to the ceiling and sprawling on the oh my, the look on their faces...WAAAAKAKAKAKAKA...serves the two arseholes right.

Neways, below are some pics that I snapped during my said trip...nothing to shout about because time was soooooo blardie shot..

Hope to go visit the two cities again soon..

2 every1 his/her OWN..............

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Najis" seems

Aloooooooooo...alooo...what do we have 'ere? a dumb ass whose not satisfied with the general population because they are not satisfied with the "so called" decrease in fuel price?

True ar? can this report be true? read for yourself then at The Star


One good site that explains regarding the amount of fuel the population is using every fucking month against the "so called" rebates ( read here ) **I posted as "blade" here**

They can finger fuck themselves to hell as far as I am concerned...bunch of useless moronic, idiotic, waste of tax payers money sonsofbitches...FUCK YOU!!!!

2 every1 his/her OWN...................

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Lowepro Fastpack 350 Fastpack 350 at last went bust after a gruelling trip to Siem Reap with a few good buddies of mine..

Luckily for me, Lowepro has a lifetime warranty pegged on its products or there goes my RM400++ down the drain. With the warranty in mind, I sent my Fastpack back to the supplier Shong Lee Photo at 1 Utama post haste for the claim and they told me that I have to wait a minimum of 45 days as the bag will have to be sent back to Lowepro ( US ) for a one to one exchange program.

The problem area was at the zipper area...freaking thing just popped out for no apparent reason. On closer inspection, I found out that it was due to a manufacturing defect....the seams were not sewn together properly causing the zip runners to be dislodged...KNN.

After a lot and a lot and a lot of deliberation ( and calculation ), I went and got me another Fastpack 350 because of the upcoming trips that I had lined up in front of me. No way in hell was I going to lug my gear around in a Lowepro 190 AW


the other alternative was not taking my cam with me...arrrrggg!! ( to me, this is not an option )


Out went RM400++ from my wallet ( again ) and in came another Fastpack. I was darn lucky that Wifey understood or my ears will be ringing for 2 weeks...kekekekeeke ( thanks Wifey ).

Neway, I intend to sell the other Fastpack when it comes back from Lowepro US....maybe can push it off ( with a bit of discount ) to my cousin, Bernie or Toh...or at eBay, which is my last resort because its quite a blardie hassle with postage, insurance and what nots...

Till then, its 2 every1 his/her OWN....................

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Pork Seller

There is a pork seller in my housing area whose name is Bodowee....

Initially he seemed a good and kind soul but things changed after his daughter got married to a by the name of Gay Jay.

Poor Bodowee was like a puppet on a string...his pork stall was poorly managed, business suffered and the stooopid sonofabitch lost his popularity among his clients.

One of the sohai things that he did was to raise the price of pork by 70 cents to RM2.70 per kg ( fuck JE he said )...he explain that he had to do it because of the rising cost of sharpening his pork cleaver. Lots of fellow marketers were not amused by this blatant increase in price but they did not say anything because Bodowee was quite a powerful person it seems. Stories were circulating on how a complainant was "framed" for something he didn't do.....nothing was heard or seen of the person after the incident. The poor guy aka sohai was framed for putting a pig's head up his arse...imagine that!!!

Neways, Bodowee listened to the advise of Gay Jay to reduce the price of pork...Gay Jay said to do this on a momentary basis in order to reduce the dissent of marketers. The price was then reduced by 15 cents to RM2.55 but people were talking among themselves...they were asking how the fuck a 15 cent decrease will help? They asked if Bodowee thinks that the people in general were "Bodoh/Sohais"....the damage has been one trust Bodowee anymore...his stall has been boycotted...and they are just waiting for him to fuck off or die.

Such a sad story huh? so fucking sad....

Btw, any resemblance to persons dead or alive is purely unintentional...the author sincerely thinks that no motherfucking bastard will associate him/herself with such a stooopid name like Bodowee and Gay Jay..thats why he chose these names.


2 every1 his/her OWN...................

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Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 ATX 116 PRO DX

Been itching to get the Tokina 11-16mm ultra wide angle lense for quite some time now....arrrg! The beauty cost just around the region of RM2k +/-.......

So what is stopping me you ask? Wifey loh...its not that she is against my hobby or anything loh...please believe me when I say that my Wifey is 110% supportive...I predict her negative reaction will be basically due to the fact that I've just spent about RM1.5k on a 24-70mm f2.8 lense a few weeks back..ooops..


not to mention the RM450 that I spent on a Lowepro Fastpack 350 ( another one ) because my old Fastpack 350 got sent back to USA for warranty claim ( one to one exchange ) and won't be back for another 45 days. Dunno, what will I do with an additional Fastpack, maybe I will try to push it to my cousin, Bernie ( how bro? u want it or not? cheap cheap, can installment, 0 interest )


buying another lense now will surely cause me some deafness in both can take my word to the bank on this...kekekeke

Neways, below are some picture of the beauty that I am talking about ( or you can click the link above ):

Click here for SAMPLE OF PICTURES captured with the 11-16mm....aiiiyooooooooo so beautiful I tell youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ( Wifey, hope u r listening to my deplorable suspiration..hehehehe )

Haihs...its 2 every1 his/her OWN.............

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Monday, August 18, 2008

A Malaysian Werewolf In Bandung

Managed to shoot a picture of a Werewolf during my recent trip to Bandung, Indonesia....

Must put in record that it was quite a freaking challenge to take his pic....blardie hell

By chance, found out that the Werewolf can converse while in transformation...and guess what? I found out that he is from Malaysia, works in Subang Jaya and stays in Sri Damansara....who is this guy? 3 guesses ...kekekekekeke

2 every1 his/her OWN...............

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Project A & Project B

Sometimes I really feel for the other "Sohais" in my company...really feel for them

We have 2 projects going on at the moment....Project A and Project B

Project A
1)I wash my hands with this project because there is one Indian motherfucker who is literally from India there who thinks he is GOD. I bet my freaking "black" chinese arse that this project will end up losing money and be in super delay mode because of his mismanagement....fucking proud and stooopid KNNCCB bastardized sonofabitch...waaakakakakaka...I hope he gets his indian arse burnt to hell and back.

2) Also because that an individual called "M" who is a fucking motor mouth....hahahahaha..dunno why this sohai dunno how to keep his freaking trap shut. His character is also of the same like the Indian God. Always taking credit for things that people do...another KNNCCB fucker. The last I heard, this bugger is trying to wrangle his way out of this project by finding another poor soul to take his place...All The Best to the sonofabitch...wish I could give him a bit of nice bitchslappin' to send him on his way....

3) And about the sohai called "W"...I rest my case with this gangly arsehole...God Save The Queen!!!

Now about Project B
This is one project where I will bust my balls to ensure that the monetary part will be smooth and without any hitches. There's basically nothing more that can be said that can't be proven in due course.....till then....I gotta go watch my favourite TV show "House" now.....bloody Hugh Laurie is freaking hilarious as Dr. House...WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Oh before I forget...I promise to cut and swallow my dick if Project A completes on time AND end up making profit....and you can take my word to the bank.

2 every1 his/her OWN........................

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aipo AP-38EX Dry Cabinet

Finally went out and got me a dry cabinet for my photography equipment. Wanted to get the Digicabi brand but sold out at the few places that I went to. Eventually settled for the Aipo as I did not want to wait for the Digicabi stocks to arrive.

The 38L capacity is just ok for storing my equipment ( maybe some space left for 1 or 2 lenses...kekeke ).

It has a hygrometer for humidity control but I dunno how accurate it is...what the heck la, if it works then ok loh...better than spending unnecessary buckos to clean my lenses after a fungal attack right?

**the above images are courtesy of**

Damage: RM380 ( Aipo ), RM25 ( Clinic bill from deafness caused by Wifey..kekeke )

2 every1 his/her OWN................

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Monday, August 11, 2008

High Dynamic Range aka HDR Photos

Tried my hand at some post processing work ( thanks for the help Sam ) partly because its something new to me and partly because of the ribbing I got from my cousin, Bernie, in regards to my reluctance in accepting the new phenom...kekekekekeke

Below are 2 pictures ( taken at Tonle Sap ) which I sorta did some post processing using Photomatix Pro 3.0....appreciate any forms of critism or comments...

Photo 1

Photo 2

Thanks for viewing......2 every1 his/her OWN

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Siem Reap, Cambodia 2008

Took a rest from the shit at hand for a holiday ( 6th Aug - 10th Aug ) at the fabled Cambodia with a group of my colleagues...

Must admit that it was very difficult to leave my two monkeys at home ( sob sob ) but I felt that Wifey deserved a few days of relaxation (what with the initial shit of Abu Dhabi and all).

The trip itself was nothing to shout about for adventure seeker like myself but more towards an eye opener of the past and of things defined beautiful.

On the whole the province of Siem Reap is still in a progressive state...roads and drainage systems are under construction, road side lightings are scarce and remote, basic neccessities are more concentrated in the urban areas, etc.

I also found out that most of the people there ( I talked to ) are holding a minimum of two jobs, one in the day and one at night, after which they will go for language classes. I think their obssesion with learning different languages has something to do with the main contributor of their economy....which is TOURISM.

All in all the trip was ok la....nothing to shout about la...I told Wifey that I won't be going back there for at least another 10 years minimum la. Why? maybe its because that I am not such a temple fanatic thats why ( IMHO, the War Museum is a total rip off )

The few temple that I would fully recommend for future travellers are:

1) Angkor Wat ( reference here )
2) Angkor Thom ( reference here )
3) Bayon Temple ( reference here )
4) Tomb Raider Temple ( aka Ta Prohm Temple )

The rest of the temple sites are so-so only ( my personal opinion ok? )....

To tell you the truth, for me, the above temples and Tonle Sap aka Great Lake are the only things thats deemed an eye opener on my trip ( thank God Wifey agreed with me...kekeekekeke ).

Damage for the trip was approx USD 600 inclusive of air tickets, tours, entrance fees, food and board.

Total pics taken was about 800 shots ( pics uploaded in my Flickr page......there goes my shutter count )

Value for money rating at 5 ( scale of 1 to 10 )

Anyway, its 2 every1 his/her OWN................

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Bandung, Indonesia 2008

Went to Bandung with a group of my "braders" in July for some R&R.

The place is famous for its shopping galore ( lotsa Factory outlets )...damn cheap I tell yooooouuuuuu.

Food wise ok la and hotels are a tad on the expensive side BUT comfortable. Below pic is taken immediately after Khairi's bath ( notice the shine? )

Managed to get the ourselves totally winded by climbing their famous Volcano called "Tangkuban Perahu" ( overturned sampan in English ). Winded because of saying "NO THANKS" to the hundreds of trinket sellers that swamp you the moment you get outta your car and also the sheer descend to the crater mouth ( still active ). The sight was well worth the sweat that we put in....very, very breath taking!!!

2 days was spent travelling around to various Factory Outlets looking for things to spend our money on. Hugo Boss, LV, Gucci, armani Exchange, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas, ashworth, Descent, u name it and they have it. At first I was quite sceptical on the authenticity of the brands but upon closer inspection I found out that they are all originals albeit for some manufacturing flaw ( B Grades ). Managed to buy myself some 30 pcs of T-shirts ( my size is difficult to find ) and a Levi's 501 buttonfly jeans for about USD30...waaahahahaha

Total damage RM1500

My brothers also managed to get a few mobile number of air stewardess in the VIP lounge where we were relaxing and goofing off prior to our departure...isn't that right Khairi?

*this guy still owe me a backpacking bag*

Will definitely bring my family here for a holiday sometime in the near doubts about that.

2 every1 his/her OWN........................

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Whose the MAN?

There once was an Indian who had only one testicle, and whose given name was 'Onestone'. He hated that name and asked everyone not to call him Onestone.

After years and years of torment, Onestone finally cracked and said, 'If anyone calls me Onestone again I will kill them!' The word got around and nobody called him that any more.

Then one day a young woman named Blue Bird forgot and said, 'Good morning, Onestone.'

He jumped up, grabbed her and took her deep into the forest where he made love to her all day and all night. He made love to her all the next day, until Blue Bird died from exhaustion.

The word got around that Onestone meant what he promised he would do. Years went by and no one dared call him by his given name until a woman named Yellow Bird returned to the village after being away.

Yellow Bird, who was Blue Bird's cousin, was overjoyed when she saw Onestone.She hugged him and said, 'Good to see you, Onestone.'

Onestone grabbed her, took her deep into the forest, then he made love to her all day, made love to her all night, made love to her all the next day, made love to her all the next night, but Yellow Bird wouldn't die!

What is the moral of this story???...

You CANNOT kill TWO birds with ONE stone!!!

2 every1 his/her OWN....................

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Learn To Play The Game

Hahahahahaha...some bastardized chop ayambrand sohai commented on my friend's blog as to why a certain blog was deleted and labelled the move as cowardice...waaaahahahahaa. Seriously didn't know that the blog was so well loved.....sigh


Sad to say that in every organization there are bound to be "snakes" and weeding them out is near impossible in most instances.

Thanks to the deleted blog, the "snake" weeding exercise was successfully accomplished.

That is all that can be said...... "GAME OVER"

2 every1 his/her OWN...................

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