Monday, August 04, 2008

Bandung, Indonesia 2008

Went to Bandung with a group of my "braders" in July for some R&R.

The place is famous for its shopping galore ( lotsa Factory outlets )...damn cheap I tell yooooouuuuuu.

Food wise ok la and hotels are a tad on the expensive side BUT comfortable. Below pic is taken immediately after Khairi's bath ( notice the shine? )

Managed to get the ourselves totally winded by climbing their famous Volcano called "Tangkuban Perahu" ( overturned sampan in English ). Winded because of saying "NO THANKS" to the hundreds of trinket sellers that swamp you the moment you get outta your car and also the sheer descend to the crater mouth ( still active ). The sight was well worth the sweat that we put in....very, very breath taking!!!

2 days was spent travelling around to various Factory Outlets looking for things to spend our money on. Hugo Boss, LV, Gucci, armani Exchange, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas, ashworth, Descent, u name it and they have it. At first I was quite sceptical on the authenticity of the brands but upon closer inspection I found out that they are all originals albeit for some manufacturing flaw ( B Grades ). Managed to buy myself some 30 pcs of T-shirts ( my size is difficult to find ) and a Levi's 501 buttonfly jeans for about USD30...waaahahahaha

Total damage RM1500

My brothers also managed to get a few mobile number of air stewardess in the VIP lounge where we were relaxing and goofing off prior to our departure...isn't that right Khairi?

*this guy still owe me a backpacking bag*

Will definitely bring my family here for a holiday sometime in the near doubts about that.

2 every1 his/her OWN........................


Titan said...

so good ar... go to R & R.
Er... why cant see mr sohai ding?

so sexy la... you should catergory ur blog content naked photos...


Jamie said...

titan: Mr. Ding did not follow me on this trip...cos he was too busy getting promoted..kekekeke

Neways, will be going to Angkor Wat with another group of brothers on the 6th of August. Pics to follow.

Marsha M said...

eh, today's your birthday isn't it???

Jamie said... is my birthday...37 freaking years old liao..kekekeke

Will be celebrating with my parents for bringing me into this world.

Titan said...

wooo wooo.... so good ar... got company tryp.

Happy birthday 37 !!!

Jamie said...

thanks going to Angkor Wat with Ding "Dong Bell"

Jamie said...

thanks going to Angkor Wat with Ding "Dong Bell"

Titan said...

so good!

kat said...

Harro harro! Hepi belated burfday!!

So when you coming here again?? Sorry didn't have time to catch up with you. Timing was a bit bad then. Must call me when you do, ok?

So your Mr Sohai from previous post made decision aredy ah?

I have decided to get a tattoo. I know what it symbolises and I have decided on the location of it. But I have not found the right picture yet. Where to look for some decent graphics ah?

Jamie said...

thank you kat...

Nope, the Mr. Sohai has not made his decision on what to do yet because of the turmoil in his country....BUT...he is also getting gaki buta for sitting on his arse and acting like a deadwood..kekekeke


GREAT news...welcome to the tattoo club! what sorta design are you looking at? tribal or pics? you can normally view the designs by googling "tattoo designs" but you cant download them. FYI, most of the good tattoo shops have thousands of designs for you to browse thru before you decide to do it or not. My suggestion is that you drop by one and look at their designs so that they can give you a estimated price for it. Chingmai and Hadyai has super good tattoo shops which use high quality non fading ink. Can check out shops in KL if you