Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lowepro Fastpack 350 Fastpack 350 at last went bust after a gruelling trip to Siem Reap with a few good buddies of mine..

Luckily for me, Lowepro has a lifetime warranty pegged on its products or there goes my RM400++ down the drain. With the warranty in mind, I sent my Fastpack back to the supplier Shong Lee Photo at 1 Utama post haste for the claim and they told me that I have to wait a minimum of 45 days as the bag will have to be sent back to Lowepro ( US ) for a one to one exchange program.

The problem area was at the zipper area...freaking thing just popped out for no apparent reason. On closer inspection, I found out that it was due to a manufacturing defect....the seams were not sewn together properly causing the zip runners to be dislodged...KNN.

After a lot and a lot and a lot of deliberation ( and calculation ), I went and got me another Fastpack 350 because of the upcoming trips that I had lined up in front of me. No way in hell was I going to lug my gear around in a Lowepro 190 AW


the other alternative was not taking my cam with me...arrrrggg!! ( to me, this is not an option )


Out went RM400++ from my wallet ( again ) and in came another Fastpack. I was darn lucky that Wifey understood or my ears will be ringing for 2 weeks...kekekekeeke ( thanks Wifey ).

Neway, I intend to sell the other Fastpack when it comes back from Lowepro US....maybe can push it off ( with a bit of discount ) to my cousin, Bernie or Toh...or at eBay, which is my last resort because its quite a blardie hassle with postage, insurance and what nots...

Till then, its 2 every1 his/her OWN....................


Terence Toh said...

would love to get this bag. but the price of Rm 400.00 is a little bit high for me, my most expensive bag that i bought so far is RM 73.00. another problem is that i don't own a slr or dslr for that matter. so buying this bag now is a little bit pointless. unless if i go out and buy a dslr just to fit into this bag. however, if the price goes to RM 250.00 i buy it.

Jamie said...

will consider your offer of Rm250 problemo..


the price of the bag will be RM250 + RM3000 after u get the DSLR..ngek ngek ngek

Bernie said...

Wah, suddenly my name is mentioned here kakaka. I already have a backpack and a slingbag bro. Neways, the 350 is a bit too big. Actually looking for a smaller bag when I don't wanna lug around all my lenses and flash.

A bit surprised about the long time it takes for the bag to be exchanged. And even more surprised because the zipper gave way? You forced it is it? ;-)

Jamie said...

Didn't forced it at all...freaking zipper runners just popped out for no apparent reason. On closer inspection, saw that it was a manufacturing defect. The sewing was not properly done on the zipper part....KNN.

Lucky Lowepro has the guarantee policy..pheeew

looking for a smaller bag? have a look at the Lowepro 190 AW model..I have one and its just nice if you just want to bring your cam with you without feeling cumbersome.

Btw, I also posted some Miri pics in my Flickr and Facebook ( all NON HDR )

eddy said...

bro... sold your lowpro liow? :p

Jamie said...

didn't get to sell it cos I oledi made the decision to use it...kekekekee

Eddy said...

wahhh.... using both lowpro??? hhaahaa

Jamie said...

actually was not planning to use it until my the "other" Lowepro got a beautiful signature potrait drawn on it ( refer to my Chiangmai post ).

Didn't want to spoil the nice paint job, so "had" to use the new one loh.

Btw, I am going to have a look at Katabags if have the time. U want me to get u any particular model? I can pass to Wai Kuan before I go to Bahrain. Go surf Katabags site and have a look see OR I can get u a Lowepro Fastpack 350 if u want. Just let me know bro.