Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Miri & Kota Kinabalu

Went to Miri ( Aug ) and KK ( 26th Aug ) on business. Got home poofed max due to the hectic and tight schedule....I am feeling a bit sick"ish" a bout of flu or something coming on...sniff sniff

Was not helped by the fact that I sat beside a giggly and fidgety couple on my flight back. They were making a lot of unnecessary noise laughing and giggling for no apparent reason....given my condition, I was contemplating very hard if a super tight slap will help ease the torture of most passengers on board. I ended up deciding to change my seat but luck was not on my side as it was a full flight back to KL. I think one of the main reason for the full flight was the UMS convo a few days before...stragglers were slowly making their way back home after a week of partying themselves silly..

Ended up crawling back to my dreaded seat beside the two morons...arrrrgg! No choice but to endure the torture for another one half hours. Lucky for me, The Person Up there must have felt my frustrations because the plane we were on hit some super air pocket that turned the morons green...WAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. I got my bit back by asking them why were they so quite all of a sudden....muuuuhahahahaha. I even told them that the air pockets that we hit was nothing compared to ones that threw people up to the ceiling and sprawling on the oh my, the look on their faces...WAAAAKAKAKAKAKA...serves the two arseholes right.

Neways, below are some pics that I snapped during my said trip...nothing to shout about because time was soooooo blardie shot..

Hope to go visit the two cities again soon..

2 every1 his/her OWN..............

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