Monday, August 18, 2008

Project A & Project B

Sometimes I really feel for the other "Sohais" in my company...really feel for them

We have 2 projects going on at the moment....Project A and Project B

Project A
1)I wash my hands with this project because there is one Indian motherfucker who is literally from India there who thinks he is GOD. I bet my freaking "black" chinese arse that this project will end up losing money and be in super delay mode because of his mismanagement....fucking proud and stooopid KNNCCB bastardized sonofabitch...waaakakakakaka...I hope he gets his indian arse burnt to hell and back.

2) Also because that an individual called "M" who is a fucking motor mouth....hahahahaha..dunno why this sohai dunno how to keep his freaking trap shut. His character is also of the same like the Indian God. Always taking credit for things that people do...another KNNCCB fucker. The last I heard, this bugger is trying to wrangle his way out of this project by finding another poor soul to take his place...All The Best to the sonofabitch...wish I could give him a bit of nice bitchslappin' to send him on his way....

3) And about the sohai called "W"...I rest my case with this gangly arsehole...God Save The Queen!!!

Now about Project B
This is one project where I will bust my balls to ensure that the monetary part will be smooth and without any hitches. There's basically nothing more that can be said that can't be proven in due course.....till then....I gotta go watch my favourite TV show "House" now.....bloody Hugh Laurie is freaking hilarious as Dr. House...WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Oh before I forget...I promise to cut and swallow my dick if Project A completes on time AND end up making profit....and you can take my word to the bank.

2 every1 his/her OWN........................


Titan said...


I met those kind of people before too.

What can we do? fuck them off hahaha

Jamie said...

yup bro..I am sure you have met these type of arseholes before seeing that you are in the project line...I will and have taken your advice to fuck them off far far away...waaaakakakakakakaka

Anonymous said...

ya man, M wants to make more money in Project A and B, hence wants to escape 'this' project soonest.

Who is the poor bugger that got to replace him and miss A&B opportunity?

Jamie said...

anon: your guess is good as mine