Friday, August 29, 2008

Budget 2009

Was browsing thru the Star Online to look at whats what in the newly tabled so called for the Rakyat Budget...

hais...dun want to talk about it too much lar....scared kena ISA...maybe kena dragged to court for screwing someone's arse or nostril or something lar.

Below are a few things in the Budget 2009 that caught my eye:

National Energy Plan
Exemption of import duty and sales tax on solar photovoltaic system equipment, import duty and sales tax on intermediate goods such as High Efficiency Motors and insulation materials; sales tax on locally manufactured solar heating system equipment; sales tax on locally manufactured energy efficient consumers goods such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, lightings, fans and televisions; and 100% import duty and 50% excise duty on new hybrid CBU cars, with engine capacity below 2,000 cc, be given to franchise importers. This exemption is given for a period of two years to prepare for the local assembly of such cars. ( local assembled hybrids? sure or not? If a few motoring GIANTS from the Land Of The Rising Sun came and CKD, how sure that PROTONG will not be protected again? )

Improving Public Transportation
The existing LRT system in the Klang Valley will be extended by 30km, that is 15km respectively, for Kelana Jaya and Ampang lines. Upon completion in 2011, the extensions are expected to benefit 2.6 million residents in the Subang Jaya-USJ and Kinrara-Puchong areas, compared with 1.9 million currently. ( just hope that the contract will not be awarded to a half baked company like the "one bridge always got crack wan leh" )

Enhancing Health Services
Excise duty specific on cigarettes increased by three sen from 15 sen per stick to 18 sen per stick. With this, the duty for a 20-stick pack of cigarettes is now increased by 60 sen. ( this one I no give a flying fuck because I smoke DUTY FREE cigs...I have available stock until year 2011 )

Additional highlights of Budget 2009 please click this link "BUDGET 2009"

2 every1 his/her OWN..........haaaaaaaaaiiiiisssssssssss


genius said...

no fuck care with the sohai budget. keep the fucking money to sent another monkey to the fucking moon la.

Jamie said...

thats a mighty good idea bro..


maybe they could buy another few "invisible" submarines


buy a dozen diamond hammers that cost RM10 million each to use for whacking their own balls