Monday, August 11, 2008

Siem Reap, Cambodia 2008

Took a rest from the shit at hand for a holiday ( 6th Aug - 10th Aug ) at the fabled Cambodia with a group of my colleagues...

Must admit that it was very difficult to leave my two monkeys at home ( sob sob ) but I felt that Wifey deserved a few days of relaxation (what with the initial shit of Abu Dhabi and all).

The trip itself was nothing to shout about for adventure seeker like myself but more towards an eye opener of the past and of things defined beautiful.

On the whole the province of Siem Reap is still in a progressive state...roads and drainage systems are under construction, road side lightings are scarce and remote, basic neccessities are more concentrated in the urban areas, etc.

I also found out that most of the people there ( I talked to ) are holding a minimum of two jobs, one in the day and one at night, after which they will go for language classes. I think their obssesion with learning different languages has something to do with the main contributor of their economy....which is TOURISM.

All in all the trip was ok la....nothing to shout about la...I told Wifey that I won't be going back there for at least another 10 years minimum la. Why? maybe its because that I am not such a temple fanatic thats why ( IMHO, the War Museum is a total rip off )

The few temple that I would fully recommend for future travellers are:

1) Angkor Wat ( reference here )
2) Angkor Thom ( reference here )
3) Bayon Temple ( reference here )
4) Tomb Raider Temple ( aka Ta Prohm Temple )

The rest of the temple sites are so-so only ( my personal opinion ok? )....

To tell you the truth, for me, the above temples and Tonle Sap aka Great Lake are the only things thats deemed an eye opener on my trip ( thank God Wifey agreed with me...kekeekekeke ).

Damage for the trip was approx USD 600 inclusive of air tickets, tours, entrance fees, food and board.

Total pics taken was about 800 shots ( pics uploaded in my Flickr page......there goes my shutter count )

Value for money rating at 5 ( scale of 1 to 10 )

Anyway, its 2 every1 his/her OWN................

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