Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aipo AP-38EX Dry Cabinet

Finally went out and got me a dry cabinet for my photography equipment. Wanted to get the Digicabi brand but sold out at the few places that I went to. Eventually settled for the Aipo as I did not want to wait for the Digicabi stocks to arrive.

The 38L capacity is just ok for storing my equipment ( maybe some space left for 1 or 2 lenses...kekeke ).

It has a hygrometer for humidity control but I dunno how accurate it is...what the heck la, if it works then ok loh...better than spending unnecessary buckos to clean my lenses after a fungal attack right?

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Damage: RM380 ( Aipo ), RM25 ( Clinic bill from deafness caused by Wifey..kekeke )

2 every1 his/her OWN................


Bernie said...

Finally eh? ;-)

I knew that once you got that lens a dry cabinet would soon to follow kekeke.

You have the same Aipo 38L as me btw. Did you check the door to see if it's properly sealed? Mine had a rather nasty leak because the rubber was misshaped. Now it's OK though after a lot of pushing and pressing.

Jamie said...

blooody hell la...spend lotsa moolah liao wooooo...out goes the old DIY aquarium c/w petroleum gel sealant thingy..kekeke

Yup, did check the seals because I remembered you gave me the heads up when I was at your place..

What's next I wonder...mmm...maybe a super wide angle lens?

Marsha M said...

you mean, camera must have its own cabinets wan?? wow! that's new to me, man!!!! :-)

Jamie said...

marsha: its just a way for freaks to waste money and others to get rich...kekekekekeke