Monday, August 27, 2007

Where Are All The Idiots?

This post is dedicated to the accident victims of negligence involving tour buses and enforcement bodies.

I couldn’t help but put in a few words regarding the recent spate of accidents involving heavy vehicles…..tour buses in particular.

I sometimes wonder what the hell is going on with the regulatory bodies that are involved in overseeing the inspection of roadworthiness and issuance of permits to operators.

How many lives must be lost before they buck up and get their blooming act together?

Many a times while driving, I had the misfortune of meeting tour buses that are driven in extreme and dangerous manner. There was also an instance where the tyre of the bus that I was following blew out resulting in debris being strewn all over the road. Just imagine what will happen if a motorcyclist were to hit some of the said debris? Guarantee you that the bugger will be sent flying to God knows where….what then…another casualty addition to the statistics list?

Its always like this, shit happens, media covers, hype goes into overdrive….and only then will the enforcement arseholes come out in droves with their stupid road blocks la, this la, that la.

What happened to the stupid “Black Box” thingy that were supposed to be installed in all of the tour buses? It was supposedly to be used for tracking over speeding offenders. How? Why was the thing swept under the carpet?

Please do something right for once in your worthless lives la. We are not asking for the sky right? We just require that you guys do what you are paid to do….nothing more nor nothing less.

Why subject the general public to some shit inspection thingy when we want to buy or sell our cars, when the time and money can be used in a more productive way?

As far as I am concerned, random checks are just a useless excuse that is used to slack off. Why random checks? Why can’t they make the checks a must? A life is a life no matter what…..when will regulations be standardized and enforced properly?

Here we see the adverts on Safe Driving Tips being aired daily on the telly however as ironic as it seems, one will notice that the frequency of tour bus accidents (fatal/non fatal) are covered more by the media every freaking day!!! How is this so? I don’t really question the effectiveness of the adverts but I am in turn questioning the effectiveness of our so called enforcement buggers.

Maybe the wait for proper enforcement of regulations will end when someone dear and close to these bastards is involved in acci…….Please don’t get me wrong, I am not asking that someone be hurt. As I have said earlier, a life is a life, no matter what or who. If the need requires that something to happen before they open their freaking eyes and start doing their job then so be it. I implore that you (the vistors to my blog), take a moment to imagine the pain and suffering that the victims family has to go through just because some arsehole is lazy or on the take before lamblasting my above comments.

May The Innocent Victims Rest In Peace and May The Good Lord Watch Over Their Souls.

2 every1 his/her OWN……………..


Judy said...

Jamie, sadly, such is life. Sometimes, it's companies trying to cut costs or basically people just can't be bothered if they are not the one in the passenger seat as long as they make $$.

Road worthiness should be the onus of the owners of the vehicles. Over here, without the road worthiness, you can't register your car. I don't know if it is the system there. In this way, rw is automatically done if the owners want their vehicles on the road.

Still angry ah? Then better don't go to my blog, nanti lagi more angry! :P

Jamie said...

I am not angry Judy but downright frustrated with the lacklusture attitude of the regulatory bodies over here in BolehLand.

- on the take
- lazy
- fav to cronies, etc

Sadly, nothing can be further said about those buggers that have already being said. We can only sit back, watch and hope.