Sunday, August 26, 2007

Time After Time

After all the grumblings and uncountable scoldings that was unleash onto me for not taking them anywhere this school holiday, I finally found some time today ( Saturday ) to bring my family to 1 Utama ( I have my bloody company to thank so much…THANK YOU, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH ).

We left the house at 10.15 am and reached the dang place by 10.30 am and was caught dead smack in the chaos caused by vehicles trying to enter 1 Utama’s carpark. There were arseholes that were trying to cut the queue, morons who don’t know how to drive, bumbling buggers struggling with their shift sticks and the typical Sunday freaking drivers. All in all I managed to bloody crawl into the car park about 30 minutes later.

Thank God because I was bursting inside to scream obscenities not so much at the bumbling idiots but mostly at the queue jumpers for their assistance in elevating the chaos ( they were lucky not to kena kaukau for my kids were in the car ). Upon entering the car park, I drove straight to my favourite parking area and found me a sweet and safe spot for my baby.

The crowd was building up by the time I got in to the concourse area. There were some mini exhibitions held around the complex that were specially setup for the holidays. People were jostling and pushing to see what was on offer ( OFFER? Offer my arse! ), babies were crying, promoters shouting at the top of their voice, DIGIMAN was trying to cope with the amount of people trying to take photos with him ( and to fondle his arse as well )…in short, total pandemonium…..woooohoooo!!!

Made a beeline to Kidzsport at the old wing, registered my kids ( RM23 buckos each ) and let them loose. Wifey, my mum and me went jalan-jalan for some look see. Came back after 2 hours to pick the kids up and took them for lunch at TGIF. Ordered the special set meal they had on offer ( 1 entrée, 1 main course and 1 dessert for RM 39.90 ) and was happy to see that the kids wolfed down the lot ( total RM155 )..kekekekke

Ended up at the ground floor pet shop cause my youngest kid was making hell of a fuss for a pet. Bought him two Syrian Hamsters ( RM18 bucks each with 50% discount on the 2nd hammy ) and a hamster “house” that cost me RM120 buckos ( with it came some hammy food and bedding ). During the whole time my eldest kid was engaged in catching some fish ( 3 minutes for RM 3 buckos ). The staffs told me that he could take home whatever fish he caught. He ended up netting about 100 plus fish in 9 minutes…shit!!!

Luckily my kids wanted to go home immediately after satisfying their wants. Reached home about 30 minutes later, set up the hammy house and poured the fishes in 2 fish bowls and 2 aquariums. Kids were poofed out and were dreamland not before long.

All in all my damage for the day was:

RM 1 – parking
RM 46 – Kidsport
RM 155 – lunch
RM 147 – Hamsters and hammy “house”
RM 9 – fish
Total damage = RM 358.00

Uncountable – time, frustration and happiness

Verdict = should find/make time to do this more with my family…worth every single blooming cent to see the happiness that was on their face.

2 every1 his/her OWN…………..


genius said...

what a nice family day.

Jamie said...

thank you genius....when we wanna go "char kuat"? hehehehe

marsha said...

eventhough I stay so close to 1 Utama I avoid it at all costs during weekends until my kids starts sreeching! every bloody person in Malaysia is in 1 Utama. and no matter how many parkings spaces and levels they make also never enough!

kidzports is a bloody rip-off these days. last time, i remember it was so cheap. and my kids bosan the place chor. the new wing one, starship galatica and play n learn is better now.

TGIF meal so expensive wan? what u eat there lah? usually, miss the RM100 by a few cents.

but yeah, it's actually very worth it to see the look on their faces.

actually, took the kids to Taman Tun park FREE OF CHARGE and they had a ball. it's the effort and time that counts, you know. take them somewhere and have some fun instead of rotting infront of the TV and heating up the gameboy.

Jamie said...

cuz, I actually started out by taking them to Starship Galactica but they grew bosan of the place liao...thats why the change. You are right...RM 23 buckos is a total rip off!! but what to do? a place to play safely nowadays are totally non existant as compared to our time. KNN, I even have to pay to play futsal and football. So much for trying to quell the lepaking culture by the BolehLand G...wish that they would go F&*K themselves.