Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How ar? Where ar? Can ar?

Been talking with a few of my colleagues about a trip that we are proposing to take but the question on everyone mind is…WHERE TO GO?

We cannot go to places where there is no “halal” food
We cannot go to places where things are too expensive
We cannot go to places where there is no shopping
We cannot go to places where site seeing is the only agenda
We cannot go to places where there is racial discrimination
We cannot go to places where we will be treated like terrorist
We cannot go to places where the price exceed RM2500 per pax

With the above restrictions, we can only aim for places in Asia or South East Asia only. Transatlantic tours are out of the question liao….sheeeesh! AIIIIYOOOOOOO....manyak susah woooh!!!!

So the question of WHERE CAN WE GO remains………

JAPAN – I have been there and its just too bloody expensive but the chicks are damn nice!

AUSTRALIA – Bloody nice country, not much problem with “halal” food. Exchange rate is ok. Shopping aplenty, sightseeing and attractions aplenty. Most of us have been to Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast.

CHINA – Been to Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Haerbin. Exchange rate quite good but “halal” food not easily available. Shopping activities are a plus factor. Sightseeing is mainly on historical sites and artifacts only

KOREA – Been to Jeju, Mount Sorak and Seoul. Exchange rate not that favourable especially when one tries to shop. Attractions are ok only lah. Difficulty in locating “halal” food. “Soju” daaaamn cheap and always in high mode most of the time…hehehehehe

INDONESIA – Been to Bali, Jakarta and Medan ( does Tanjung Balai Karimun count? ). Exchange rate ok. Price of shopping goods quite favourable. Attractions aplenty. “Halal” food no problem.

THAILAND – Been to Pattaya, Phuket, Chiangmai, Bangkok, Hadyai and Patyau. Shopping haven for most, exchange rate still considered ok. “Halal” food easily available. Attraction value ( apart from the sexy shows and whatever that got to do with sex ) ok only lah.

VIETNAM - Nice place. Exchange rate ok but they prefer USD. Shopping haven. Chu Chi Tunnels tour a MUST. Attractions so and so.

MYANMAR - Have never been there. Any comments on this country?

PHILLIPINES – Have never been there. How is the place? Ok ar?

HONG KONG– Never been there and don’t particularly fancy the place.

For me, anywhere is ok as long as I don’t have to pay a single cent for the dang Sports Club trip because I am planning to take my family as well....4 for the price of 3 ok loh..hehehehehe

My immediate headache is Christmas 2007. Talked to wifey and came to the conclusion of spending Christmas somewhere where there is lotsa, I have to start cracking my noggin' from today onwards...kekeke

Neways, a trip to Pulau Lang Tengah ( next May ) is already on the cards for me and my family…..WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

2 every1 his/her OWN…………..


Judy said...

Wah, how many travelling holidays do you have a year? Jealous wor! :)

For holiday with guaranteed snow for Christmas would be Lapland. Your kids will also get to see Santa Claus and his helpers. Great one!

Jamie said...

HI there Judy, good to see that you've recovered.

Travelling holidays in a year? no lah..the above is where I have been so far..not in a year. The best joke is most of the places are for work and not pleasure..kekeke

Sorry to say that you lost me completely...where is LapLand?

marsha said...

ok lah, the whole world knows that I wanna go samsung-land. your comment on it definitely right for me liao. hee hee hee....

anyways, HK is ok for the kids lah. shopping a lot exchange rate not so good lah. FOOD VERY EXPENSIVE!!!! but the kids will love disneyland and ocean park GUARANTEED! till today my kids not stopped talking about disneyland and buzz lightyear yet.

marsha said...

oh, a word of warning about HK from your personality and outspoken nature, you better learn how to bite your tongue from now. the people there damn kind. but it's like that lor...their nature and culture is like that.

Jamie said...

cuz, I know my kids will enjoy Ocean Park and Disneyland but I am looking for other alternatives cause a lot of my friends say that HK's Disneyland is damn kau small as compared to the one in US.

One of the reasons I don't fancy HK is because of the people...kaninabeh, lotsa friends told me that they are a freaking snobbish lot. No wonder China let them rule the freaking country by themselves. Eveb People in China have damn good manners when it comes to foreigners and tourist ( trust me on this cuz ). So, for the time being, HK is not on my list...