Monday, August 06, 2007

Fix It Again Tony ( F.I.A.T. )

Booked a holiday package with Air Asia in March for Langkawi. Had to call them for reconfirmation on the package due to the long lead time involved. I ended up calling 3 different numbers before getting the correct one because of super tai chi tactics...

I thought to myself...pheeew...finally got the correct one. Sad to say that my joy was short lived.....can you imagine that the freaking line was engaged for more that half an hour before I got my call thru…bugger!

They even went so far as to insulted my intelligence by telling me that the lines were engaged due to over whelming response towards their promotion…FULAT! What over whelming response? To where? Shenzen? Pity the guy on the other end, his ears must be damn hot after listening to the crap which I unleashed on him…hehehehehe

Come on la Air Asia….cheap fares might be appealing to the general crowd BUT lousy after sales service will put people off as well…..reinvest some of the profit intelligently la Mr. Tony Fernandez. You are too bloody rich to be a stooopid lousy bum la bro.

Can you imagine the way(s) that Air Asia comes up with making moolah? The latest con job that they have in their repertoire is called "Express Boarding"

"Express Boarding" simply means paying RM20 per person for the privilege to board 5 minutes earlier so that one can chose seats to their liking, i.e. extra leg room, first in-first out ( for kiasu ), etc. The Express Boarders will take precedence over the elderly and disabled OR people traveling with kids….MA FULAT! For me, nothing is as important as the elderly and kids la. Wonder how old is Mr. Tony Fernandez’s parents? Nothing beats the business acumen of a moolah making moron huh?

Keep up the shitty support la Air Asia, so we can see what might OR can happen to organizations that treat their customers like dirt after concluding a sale. Maybe some bitch slappin’ for the morons at AA is the order for the day here….woooohoooooo.

By the way, are we looking at another Proton here? Fleece and con so that right and left pocket can eat?

Fleecing the public on flights by selling shitty snacks at super exorbitant price is already bad enough…sure hope they don’t bloody skimp on the aircraft maintenance as well.

"Pay Peanuts Get Monkeys" applies here huh……bloody hell..

I sincerely doubt if another GoHoliday package will be on the cards for me. Will be willing to reconsider if the buggers at AA improve on their after sales support/service but for the time being its…ptuuuui!!!

2 every1 his/her OWN……………


Fernando Anthony said...

Now Everyone Can Call

Fern said...

Now Everyone Can Complain!

Judy said...

You get for what you pay. Agree?

Mmmmm, on 2nd thoughts, I get paid peanuts, does that make me a monkey? :)

Jamie said...

Hey Jude..u mean to say u GET PAID? I get paid nothing at all woh....kekeke

Jamie said...

Now everyone can fly to Shenzen and have the time of their lives...provided the bloody AA flight leaves and arrives on time!

your cousin marsha said...

yo, cuz, it;s ok lah, when we buy AA, we dont even expect customer service in the first place lor.... it's OK lah.... :-)