Thursday, August 09, 2007

1 + 1 = ??

I sometimes wonder what “They” ( cannot mention or citizenship kena revoke ) is trying to accomplish with the education system here…bunch of bumbling clods!

During my time there was SRP, SPM, STPM ( I forgot what the Standard Five was named ), now there’s PKSR, UPSR, etc….

The present system has BM maintained as a compulsory passing subject but Maths and Science’s syllabus has been changed to Eng….bugger! I would have scored like hell if they changed it during my time. For your info, all of the schools now are employing something they call “Kelas Permulihan” BUT it only applies for Standard One students.

The said class is supposedly used to assist students weak in BM to improve on their command of the BM language. The way “they” segregate students is to have them take a test and isolate the “weak” ones. The “weak” ones will then be taught super simple BM…eg. A for Api, B for Bola. How do “they” expect the students to improve with such elementary teachings? Are “they” not supposed to teach them more than what the normal syllabus require? What kind of moronic idiots are we dealing with here?

Don’t “they” know that it is very demoralizing for a child to be segregated between “good” and “no good”? Wonder how will “they” feel if we segregate and call them stupid bastards ( they are that stupid anyway ).

The students will then have to sit for a Government Exam after a few months!! Is a few months enough for the students to make the required transition from Kindergarden? How fair is that for the students in question?

Why have BM as the medium for segregation? Why not use two of the most commonly spoken language ( BM and Eng ) here in BolehLand as the parameter for selection? The best joke is that most children nowadays can speak better Eng than the bunch of morons we call teachers. I heard that they are trying to change back the teaching medium for Maths and Science to BMWHAT THE HVUCK is wrong with these people?

As for me, I feel that the root cause of the change has nothing to do with the syllabus but its with the freaking problematic primary school teachers ( note the word primary )….maybe they should go for “KELAS PERMULIHAN” taught by the supposedly “weak” students in order to improve their Eng.

It is very sad to see that the teaching syllabus has “de”progressed to such a sorry state. What can one do? Nothing!!! Except to do the teachers’ job of educating our own children at home…..bunch of bloody gaji buta buggers!

How I wish that I could meet the stupid moron(s) who set and approved this guideline for segregation…it would really make my day to bitchslap them senseless ( too much to ask huh? ).

The below stated explanation for the acronyms used above is for safeguarding my citizenship:

BM = Big Mother / Big Mama / Bull Mastiff / Blue Magpie
Eng = England
Morons = morons
Bitchslap = bitchslap
Primary School Teachers = They who know everything except anything
Gaji Buta = Getting paid while shitting
Stupid = el stooopido
BolehLand = A place where it rains money and everything is made of gold.
Idiots = individuals who know every damn thing
Clods = close relations of cod fish
Bumbling = a movement with ballet like grace
Bastards = Of nobel blood / Blue Blood
What The Hvuck = an expression used when one is happy and on cloud nine
“They” = God like creatures

So there…….

2 every1 his/her OWN……………


Judy said...

1 + 1 = 2.

Jamie, you angry ah? I know where you coming from but aiyoh, it's like that lah, otherwise mah migrate lor, what to do.

I think at this moment, Jamie no need to smoke ciggy also got smoke come out already.

Jamie said...

Judy: I am actually quite pissed buyt thats the way things are done here in BolehLand and no one can change anything.

Migrate? not at present but in the future, a strong maybe....

marsha said...

dont get me started about teachers and the Malaysian education systems. sucks to high heaven and makes no blurdy sense. been having sleepless nights about son's performance in school...but mine in Chines school. Lagi chia-lat!

Jamie said...

dear cuz,
National Schools are not any better than Chinese Schools...the only difference is the teaching and learning medium. Chinese School teachers are a tad better than those donkeys in National Schools.

Your case might a bit more difficult cause you are England ed and Josh is studying something that is alien to you...and me for that matter.

Let's blog about the difference between Chinese School Teachers vs. National School...ok?