Saturday, August 04, 2007

Extra Curricular Activities

Had a conversation with one of my colleague the other day...on “flings/extra marital relationship”….

Dunno how the subject cropped up…hehehehe

Told the colleague that I have seen countless married friends/colleagues ( sorry, I can’t blog if it’s the present or past ) jumping into these type of thingy…..some of them come out ok, some got it trouble and some are still enjoying the fling.

Layman’s definition of fling:
An extra curricular activity without the knowledge of ones hubby or wifey…or something along that particular line

It is a known fact that feelings will start to develop when one meets quite regularly…hey, its human nature ma. The next thing that pops to mind is to bow down to the feeling is question or not.

Flings normally happen because of a few reasons and a few relayed to me from the participants are as of below:
- Sian with the one at home
- Looking to go “Back To The Future” and catch up on lost time
- Keep ones marriage intact ( like this oso can ar? )
- He/She gives me the one thing that is missing in my life
- She is so hot/horny and so full of zest
- He is so hot/horny and so full of zest
- Hubby is a deadwood
- Wifey is a deadwood
- Marriage is an arrange one, so need to experienced what I didn’t

The bloody list is endless……endless I tell you…some are downright funny and some can be downright stooopid…kekekeke

It is difficult to predict if I will ever “walk this way” but I sincerely hope not…the consequences are too much for one to bear, not forgetting the innocent lives that might be screwed up because of ones selfishness.

Anyway its 2 every1 his/her OWN....... and I am not telling the gender of my colleague which I had the conversation with ( btw, I am not gay, so go figure )………………


your cousin marsha said...

all i wanna say is....walk away before you walk this way. it's very hard to tell what a person will do in the future. you can promise everything now but it all boils down to the feelings AT THAT POINT IN TIME.

Therefore, I pass all my 'resistance' power to you (via HK period series method: palms on your back wan leh) and hope that you'll have the strength to resist.

Jamie said...

marsha: I have no plans to "walk this way" but as you said..this is now and we might not know what will happen later down the road. For now its NO!

and I'd rather you pass me the power with your palms on my chest instead of back...hehehehehe