Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So Hot! So Hot!

KNN…its getting hotter and hotter nowadays with temp averaging in the 36-37 Degree bracket….signs of global warming? I remember not long ago that the average temp in BolehLand was in the 31-32 bracket only.

Its no wonder that the durians have lost its unique taste, not to mention the petai as well.

Will the living organisms on Mother Earth adapt and adjust to the ever changing climate?

I remember last year when I was in Sudan the rainy season only lasted 1 month but this year it lasted two whole months with floods everywhere….bugger! The average temp during my 2 1/2 month stay there was about 52 degrees but this year it was in the 55 degree bracket…na beh, no joke I tell you…wa kah lu kong ar, lim pek nearly died of over cooking!!!!

With changes there will no doubt be adaptations right? be it from Mother Nature or Humankind.

I think the first thing that we should change apart from increasing public awareness on the consequences of Global Warming is the way we dress. I received the below picture via email which undoubtedly stress the importance to cub G.W. albeit in a jokingly way

I personally feel that the future for our coming generations will be a very bleak one because developments are at present taking precedence over conservation of greenery.

No forest to go camping papa
No playground to play papa
No river to catch fish papa
What is an ocean papa?
What sound does the sea make papa?


Knowing that it will not happen in this or the next generation might be considered as a consolation by many but what about the next and next and next? Inward, I am truly glad that I will not be around to answer those questions or see the consequences…BUT that is no excuse for one not to start “conservating” now huh?

I acknowledge the irony of my blog title as compared to this post but I hope that for this instance it won’t be 2 every1 his/her OWN…………….


Judy said...

Hahaha, I too have this email. No lei, I still wear the 1950 style and 1970 style, pending on my mood! Hahaha.....hello? hello? You pengsan liow ah?

Jamie said...

1950s and 1970s? you should try the 2006 style ma...very breezy wan woooh.

FYI, due to the Global Warming thingy, I have stopped wearing any undies liao...kekekekeke

Judy said... disgusting, revolting... **roflol**............

How to walk?

marsha said...

I didn't know i was left behind in the 80's until i saw the picture. really lah, the weather is really unbearable these days wor. how?

ThreadBare said...

the hotter the better right ? at least for our businesses...

Jamie said...

judy: not that disgusting undies only maaa

marsha: install a good air conditioning system loh. 80's ar? I tot you were the kind not to wear any undies?

threadbare: yup...good for our business AND better for our bosses right?