Sunday, August 12, 2007

Concert 2007

Today was quite a special day for me because at last I get to attend my younger son’s ( Ivan ) concert at Tadika Caritas.

I missed my elder son’s concert because I was posted to Sudan at that time…, was I down in the dumps then. Even the efforts of my workers could not bring a smile to my face because it really felt as though as I have let him down big time! Wifey told me over the satellite phone that Isaac was asking why I pulled a no show on him…aaarrg! the pain, the pain. Luckily Isaac has since forgiven me for not showing up at his concert ( it wasn’t easy to get him to forgive me ).

The day started at 4.30pm for Ivan simply because that’s the time wifey started to bathe him. Suddenly there were sounds of screaming and I immediately rushed out to see what the commotion was about.

Sheeeeeesh! It was wifey applying make up for Ivan…..our friend was screaming and laughing his head off, so was his Isaac. My remark of him looking like achicken backside did not help the situation at all. The “HAHAHA and HEHEHEHE” continued until we were in the car.

Arrive at Ivan’s kindergarden at 5.30pm because that’s the time stipulated to parents to bring their kids. There was chaos everywhere I turned and looked….kids were running here and there, everywhere you turned, there were little ones…some laughing, some crying. The teachers were having hell of a time controlling the situation because it seems that this year’s concert is a joint one between morning session and afternoon. My mum ( she is a teacher in the kindergarden ) was busy preparing her class for the long night ahead.

Like clockwork, the concert started sharp at 7.00pm. Got me a concert schedule from one of the volunteers and my first reaction was to slap myself in the head because there were like about 30 acts in all…..and Ivan dance was slotted 3rd from last.

On the whole, it was a nice concert…there were lively dances and acts and singing. I saw a few cute kids who really stood out from the rest because of their natural ability to dance. There was this little girl dancing to the tune of “Dancing Queen”…she was twisting and jiving and smiling all at the same time….she was that cute.

Then came Ivan’s turn…our friend walk on stage with his group and started to wave to the crowd!!! To my surprise the crowd clapped and cheered him…hahahahaha. I was thinking to myself “this is one natural bugger”. Ivan ended by blowing kisses to the crowd and took his place waiting for the cue to start. Chicken Little’s theme song was played and they started to do the chicken little dance….boy, was I laughing like mad! Managed to get some pictures before I switch to video mode because I plan to show him what we were looking and seeing. The dance ended to applause from the crowd and as if on cue, all of them took a bow….it was very nice choreographing by his class teacher ( I told her that afterwards ).

The night ended soon afterwards and I was caught by the Principal ( Mrs. Singh ) to help dismantle the stage. Couldn’t say no because:
1) She was my mum’s boss.
2) She was my teacher when I attended the kindergarden…yes, it was that long.

Mrs. Singh told my wifey to help herself to the dinner that was prepared for the teachers and helpers while I was put through the grinder. Boy, I must say that Mrs. Singh is still the same slave driver she was before! Jokes aside, she is a nice woman and I respect her a lot.

Reached home at about 10.00 p.m and immediately help bathe the kids. They were in dreamland by the time I finished my bath. Talked and laughed with wifey about the night’s events before she called it a day.

Me? Post in blog la…apa lagi? Need to knock off asap because tomorrow is Sunday School day for Ivan and Isaac and I am the official driver….

2 every1 his/her OWN……………….


Judy said...

You have lovely boys. The concert as I see it now is so, so much advance from when I was in Kinder. This concert looks lively, colourful and the children knew exactly what they were doing. When we were in Kinder, I think we were a bit of a 'dungu'.

Mrs Singh still there? Eh, how old are you huh? :P

Jamie said...

thanks Judy. The kinder has it as a bi-yearly thingy alternating with sports.

I was here since the beginning of time...36 years ago...hehehehe. Come to think of it "dungu" is correct...