Sunday, August 12, 2007

Here We Go Again

Here we go again!! The footy season has started at last…wooohooooo!!!

English Premier League and the German Bundesliga have both completed their first round of matches with some startling results posted ( Spanish Primera La Liga will start in a month ).

Luckily for me, wifey is quite understanding towards my obsession with the game ( on and off the field )….a game which she terms as “funny” because it entails twenty two grown men running around a field, chasing each other while trying their best to poke a ball into a net…hehehehe.

Her understanding and appreciation of the game changed when she followed me to one of my weekly futsal ( indoor footy ) games. She was quite taken aback by the speed, skill and teamwork required to “poke” a goal out of nothing ( skill and teamwork I have, speed? Old liao loh ) not to mention the sweat that was dripping from the players after a game.

Come footy season, I will normally be parked in front of my “lappy” ( Saturdays and Sundays after completing my chores ), happily scrutinizing the live results. I am a healthy footy punter you see…healthy here means I bet small ( RM50-100 ) and bang BIG if only I am winning. Wifey knows about this and she is ok as long as I am in control…..

I have seen too many punters getting in trouble by betting out of their means and I DO NOT any plan to follow their footsteps, be it present or future. By saying that, I have to give my online bookie a ring to reduce my allowable betting limit, the bugger gave me a credit limit of RM100k to play with….shit! I personally think that an amount of RM10k should be more than enough for me to indulge and maintain a healthy pastime as I normally don’t collect my winnings until the end of the season or vice versa. So far the football gods have been kind to me and I hope that it remains that way simply because I am of the believe that no one will win if they gamble continuously.

With the saying of “THOU SHALL NOT WONDER FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, FOR THEY TOLL FOR THEE” ringing in my head…..I raise my imaginary glass to the new 2007 footy season….may everyone win/beat the pants off the Bookies and may all the wifeys in the world be of super duper understanding of this “funny” phenomenon….

Hmmmm, should 4D be counted as a “funny” game, I wonder?

2 every1 his/her OWN…………………


marsha said...

you know football season is in again when all the men rush home after work. they sit in front of tele without moving an inch for HOURS. or the pubs are filled with screaming crowds. or the mamaks are screaming with young teens tossing teh oh ais around.

confuse lah. what's so fun about it? world cup also i very luke warm only, you know.

football men so steam = shopping women so high

Jamie said...

Mamaks..YES!!! Pubs...YES!!

men = footy...YES!!
women = shopping...errr..quite damaging on ones wallet woh but I guess that a small price to pay in order to get "steam"..wooohoooo

KA® said...
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KA® said...

bro .. other than punting, you can also play Fantasy League Football as well....
if you're interested, join and pit your skills against mine at My League Name = MILF.

happy punting!

Jamie said...

KA: thanks, will surely join your online league...see u there and thanks for the invite

KA® said...

forgot something ... to join my league you have to key in the password as well

League: MILF
Password: maniac8

My team is called Red Army

Jamie said...

KA: created my team liao...the name is minime. awaiting the approval to join MILF...muahahaha