Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There’s a thing in my pocket, its not one thing but many,
It has no voice but can speak a thousand words,
If you feed it, it will grow,
…..that’s some of the catchy lines from Nokia’s N95 advert..

Another one of my favourite advert is Wah Lai Toi’s "The Magnificent Shiny Disc Hero"..
"Aloo Auntie, thai chor mei?" ( auntie, oledi seen this show ar? )
"thai chor laaar" ( seen already laaaar )
"Yau mow? Cing wah chut, yit lat lat woh…auntie, 9 chai lei keh…nine you know, nine..lei chi tou meh hai nine mow?" ( True or nooot? New show woh, hot from the oven woh....its a DVD 9 auntie, u know what is a DVD 9? )
"THAI CHOR LAAAAR!!!" ( Seen already laaaar…blardy hell!! )

The above two adverts are at present my fav….for your info, there is a few versions of “The Magnificent Shiny Disc Hero” and I will always try to keep a lookout for them whenever I am watching telly….the guy chosen for the Hero role is great! Really looks the part of a Jinjang Joe DVD seller…HAHHAHAAHA..my hats off to Wah Lai Toi..

Now comes the one that I dislike the most…its from Intel..

Starts by showing a Chinese girl with a afro hairdo dancing some weird looking steps to the tunes of one of the most irritating music I have ever heard….DUMBO!
The freakin ad then ends with the catch phrase of “Intel Core Two Duo, Multiply your Life” ( multiply my arse is more like it!! )…aarrrrrggg! Wonder which moron in this universe approved the advert? Can it be Bill? Has Bill finally gone bonkers?

But come August, my eyes will always be wide open to catch any new adverts on telly which will generally be geared towards our Independence Day. I somehow find the adverts ( by Petronas, TNB, to name a few ) to be very meaningful and carefully thought out….kudos to the advert house behind the production.

Till then and don’t tell me that you have "THAI CHOR LAAAAR!!!"

2 every1 his/her OWN………………..


kat said...

TMSDH? Thai chor laaaar..!!! LOL
I like that guy too. And I like the part where the guy eating noodles spits out onto his face!! That guy is hilarious too!!

Another ad I liked was the Digi ad where different ppl say 'hello' in various ways. I especially liked one unker who very hiao-ly say 'hell..loh'!!! LOL

Left some mooncake links for you at my blog. :)

Judy said...

Meh tai, meh tai....ngor mit yeh te meh tai (haven't seen, haven't seen, I everything thing also haven't seen).

Are you an advert addict or what?

Jamie said...

kat: yup, come to think of it, Digi ads also quite cun and funny. thanks for the mooncake link as well.

Jamie said...

judy: hehehe..I know you haven't got the chance to see adverts here in BolehLand but they musta have some that you like over there.

hey, better to be an advert addict than a pervert...hahahaha