Friday, August 24, 2007

Back To The Future

Have there been instances when you feel the need to go "Back To The Future"?

What will you do IF given a chance to rewind time?

As for me, I will:

1)take with me all the draw results for Magnum 4D, Sports Toto and Pan Malaysian Pool and bang kaukau. Will then bank in the winnings to my Dad’s, Mum’s and family’s account so that they won’t have to work a single day of their life

2)buy the correct shares at the correct time for reasons as in item 1

3)continue my football playing career

4)get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

5)get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

6)get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

7)get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

8)continue teaching taekwondo

9)inform the world about the consequences of World War ( they won’t believe me but no harm trying )

10)be the person to negotiate Independence

11)try to save my uncle’s life

12)take more pictures with my grandpa for remembrance

13)get a Honda CBR 900RR instead of a Kawasaki 636

14)arrange a grand”er” marriage proposal

15) have a grand”er” wedding

16) procure worldwide beachfront land at dirt cheap prices and build me some waterfront retreats

17) dig up buried treasure immediately after it was buried

18) warn the Titanic of the fatal iceberg

19) inform Chernobyl of the impending disaster

20) warn Wacko Jacko that he is going to be a freak

21) shake hands with Elvis Presley

22) start telling my parents that ‘I love them’ earlier in life

23) prepare the answers to all my exams beforehand

24) get into a different line of work ( this is a MUST!!! )

25) tell my friend not to borrow from Big Ears

26) inform the victims of all known serial killers that they are going to be killed

27) tell Altuntaya not to come to BolehLand

28) lots and lots more.

What would you do?

2 every1 his/her OWN…………


ThreadBare said...

Nice post !

(1) i would not leave KJ, should have stayed there forever.

(2) should not have studied Engineering (really regret the after effects of this decision even now, especially now)

(3) Bought a camera phone sooner

(4) should not have bought City iDsi, should have bought a cheaper car like Seg or Saga or Wira...

(5) should have shaken hands with FT before leaving...hehehe

(6) warn Canny Ong, Noritta, Altanuya, and others.....

(7) bang Lotto and KTM khau khau

(8) bang Genting casino khau khau

(9) bang Macau, Las Vegas casino khau khau

(10) take all winnings and build myself an island somewhere in the artic where there's snow all year round

(11) become a millionaire from all KTM winnings and get myself a model babelicious babe and bang her khau khau

(12) inform Nicole Richie that she's gonna be drunk,and then bang her khau khau...

Jamie said...

threadbare: firstly thank you and secondly I cannot agree with you on your Item 1 (forever? sure or noooot? I also wanna chow liao..u take my place want ar?)

Thirdly..I like the way you bang everything khau khau...HAHAHAHAHAHA

Jamie said...

forgot to mention that you can shake my hand instead of FT...TJ also can maaaaa right?

Judy said...

Study harder and take care of my body/health which has been neglected.

Not spoil my son with whatever he wants since he was born.

Save more spend less.

Jamie said...

Judy: yup, I would also like to add the "not to spoil my son with whatever they want" on my wish list.

marsha said...

1. Never should have stopped singing from the start

2. migrate to another country

3. shouldn't have started smoking. go to college and slap myself silly for lighting the first stick

4. shouldn't have abandoned my real life non-mom friends at the point of being a new mother.

5. should have left the legal banking line sooner

6. go back and rip all my credit cards into shreds to prevent overspending and years of painful repayment thereafter

7. saved more spend less

8. travelled to many countries that I wanna go to now

9. written and completed a book

10. record an album

Jamie said...

cuz...I TOTALLY agree with you on the stop smoking and credit card thingy...aaaarrrrggg!!!!

Jamie said...

but then again I need my credit cards for my travels woh. Travellers cheques are not that convenient la.