Monday, August 06, 2007

Radiation Anyone?

Was watching the Discovery Channel yesterday…a 2 hour program simply titled “Hiroshima”

We, the viewers were taken on a step by step account of the devastation caused by the bomb. What really moved me was seeing the horror and pain etched on Enola Gay’s crew ( the plane which delivered the package ) after witnessing the detonation….

"We couldn’t see the exact damage because clouds of dust and debris was everywhere"
"The flash itself was just for a brief moment…how could it cause such devastation?"
" 45 seconds, all it took was 45 seconds for the bomb to reach Ground Zero"

The scene of destruction in Hiroshima which was taken by amateur cameramen immediately after the detonation left me speechless. Especially moving was the accounts of two Japanese bank clerks….they were shielded from the blast by the earthquake proof structure of the bank that they were in. Bruised, battered and injured by flying shrapnel, they emerged after the blast to see bodies everywhere…naked burning bodies on top of one another. It seems that the rush hour in Hiroshima contributed to the heavy death toll. The exact figure could not even be estimated….such was the devastation of the bomb.

I remember reading somewhere that the Enola Gay’s pilot went loony after the destruction with the knowledge that he was partly to blame ( this was not mentioned nor confirmed during the show ).

The questions that keep popping up in my mind are:
1) Is it necessary to deliver such devastation?
2) Are the results well worth it?
3) The decision to deliver…human or inhuman?

It is a known fact that WW2 was tearing up the world....resources and finances were being stretched thin...BUT does it give any nation the power to play GOD? Still cannot blooming comprehend the factor behind the decision as of this post.

The passed event got my rusty brain clanking, thinking about what would be the consequences if they chose to "let go" during present times?

Firepower of major countries are at max with the technology and know how available today. Let’s face it, Mother Earth will not survived another World War. Let’s hope that the powers that be exercise patience, tolerance and common sense before they decide to play GOD again…..

How well prepared are we to survive another nuclear fallout? Just take the Chernobyl episode as an example…
- Deformed babies
- Infertility
- Cancer
- Etc
Someone, somewhere is always right….let’s hope and pray hard that they are wrong this time around.

2 every1 his/her OWN…………


Judy said...

There will always be wars due to power crazy and greedy government.

Will there be another 'WW3'? I doubt. I think it was a hard lesson for the world. Cruel and unnecessary.

Jamie said...

You are totally right by saying "Power crazy and greedy goverment" look at Operation Desert Storm.....

Now the greedy buggers are in control of the Oil fields...

Georger BUll SHit said...

Mushroom is amazing. Those bugger like to see mushroom, no matter big or small.

Jamie said...

George : u are right...they love seing mushroom...especially the tiny ones between their legs...HAHAHHAHA