Friday, August 10, 2007

The Migration Path

A reply posted by Judy got me thinking wheels spinning about a subject called “migration”….

What does one have to do in order to plan for migration?
What are the consequences before and after?
Will there be any negative forced feedback on my kids?
Will wifey be able to handle it? What are the processes involved, will the processes be one off thingy or will it be constantly variable?
Which country is best for my family?

I have if fact spoken to wifey on this matter quite a number of times but her response was lukewarm…..not positive not negative..

The course of my work has taken me to many countries. I am glad to say that my experience with diverse cultures has given me some inkling as to which type of living conditions to aim for.

Apart from the red tape, the ideal country should :
- not have any race discrimination
- treat all their citizens equally
- have enough opportunity for one to eke out a living
- have four seasons
- have a good education system

Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying that BolehLand is no good, its just that if I can provide a better life for my family then I see no reason for the move. Hey, I don’t mind driving a cab if it’s the only means to support my family so what the heck?

I told wifey that my dream is to enroll my kids in an International Golf Institution where they can have alternatives of learning the art of golfing and have a good education at the same time.

By saying that, I don’t mean to say that my kids are pro material but if they can make it then so be it…at least there are alternatives looking what the professional golfers in Europe and US are getting in terms of sponsorships, royalties and prize money. Take that and compare that with what the athletes are getting here in BolehLand…ptuuui, we don’t even have a practical and stable platform to groom young and aspiring athletes. It was one of the major factor which prompt my to retire from playing football for our National Team ( stopped at under 21 bracket )….no bloody future…aaahhh feels so good to let it out after keeping it in for so many years.

Have already started to take my kids to the driving range…hopefully they will get hooked and one day tell their Dad that they want to pursue a career in golf. I don’t mind sending them even if me and wifey can’t afford to go…..I just hope that they can make something out of it. They are always welcomed home after completing their studies if the sport of golf is not to their liking…no problemo. Will send them even if it means I have to slog day and night like a dog….just to give them a chance for a better life.

No plans for migrating now but in the future if I can afford it or by forced situation…who knows? All I can say that it is definitely on the cards……

2 every1 his/her OWN……………..


kat said...

One of my girlfriends just got married to an American pro-golfer and settled down in Florida. Is there anything you'd like to find out?

Jamie said...

yup...would really like to know the criteria for enrollment and the cost ( if possible )..pls email me at

Thanks a heap and Godspeed to you my friend. Will see you in Dubai whenever I am there...take care!

marsha said...

actually, a lot of us think about migrating to another country. like you said, there's no future in Bolehland (sad that merdeka is coming and all that) and we all want to have equal footing in the country but cannot. aiya, don't know lah. maybe one day, I will really consider going away for good. in fact, even Karen thinking of the same thing.

Jamie said...

ya, its that sad to see the situation here nowadays. Equal footing? no way in hell thats gonna happen unless a miracle happens during the upcoming G.E. but then again what about the super sour grapes sour losers....??

Judy said...

Jamie, my sister-in-law was like your wife, (luke warm, can't decide whether she migration is for her) but now that her kids are uni age, and another one going to do A levels soon, for the last 3 years, all she thought about was migrating to Aust (where all my family is).
Only two days ago I was on the phone and she is touching on the topic again. The problem now is her children are bigger now and the chances of us sponsoring my brother is slim due to number of children.
When they were younger and only had their first child, it was easy.

Do your homework so that you don't jeopardise your chance.

Children?? Haha, they adapt so easily and quickly. There is not one Malaysian kid who has migrated to Aust or UK I know who does not like/love it there. A totally new life with new education system which they find so easy.

This topic is long....we sat with my best friend talking for hours when my husband and I were in Malaysia as they wanted to migrate.

They are in Melb now and never looked back. Two kids graduated in Melb, one in uni. Best decision they have ever made.

Jamie said...

Judy, thanks for the advice. I was in Melbourne recently and found that the place was actually quite nice....apart from going to the Casino every night and gorgeous (ahem) chicks. My kids would seriously like the place....well back to the old drawing board. Thanks again Judy.

kat said...

Jamie, will get back to you on this a bit later, ok? Frenzied last minute packing and I'm still here surfing the net!! :D

Yup, drop me a line when you go UAE! :)

Jamie said...

no rush and no worries...take your time kat. Have a pleasant flight and safe journey.