Monday, August 13, 2007


Before anything, let me say that the below post is about a imaginary country called OkayLand…why OkayLand one might ask? Simply because every damn freaking thing also okay. Let it be said that the residents there are quite happy in general ( some maybe acting, some maybe no choice ) except for some very, very, very, very minor issues….so the story starts…

Once upon a time in OkayLand, there was this sudden and super rush for Aspirins which caused the price of the product to go limit up three times in a day ( higher than the volatile stock market woooh ). At the end, a tablet costs more than a gram of gold….such was the demand…FUUUUYOOOOH! The ones that were not smitten by the onset of headache were asking around….WHY AR? WHY LIKE THIS AR? In the end, they happen to stumble across some documents that were left lying around after the owner’s head blew up from acute headache. Below is the excerpt that was extracted and emailed a godzillion times around the world:

**** Start of document ****

What can we write? What can we blog about? What is freedom of speech?

Lately this has been a super big issue to the blogging community, to the "G" men, to the ones that know nuts, to the ones that think they know nuts, to the ones that are trying to show they exist, etc….On going threats of revoking ones "C" are still flying around like superflys….but what sort of proof are they based on?

Proof that the blog/domain is registered in a person’s name?
Waalooooooo, can someone have used a person’s name to register a certain domain or whatever that is out there? If so then how?

Based on the IP address?
Waalooo again! anybody home? IP address? So what if the IP is traced back to someone? Got video recording that he/she is the culprit ar? Got ar? Got ar? Can some Tom, Dick or Harry be using your laptop OR desktop when you were not around? Can ar? Can or not? Can ar? Finger prints? CSI meh…check where? AFIS ( Automated Fingerprint Identification System ) ar?

Based on mac address?
How many million times must it be said that mac address can be changed? Go buy a "Computer For Idiots" book and learn loh. Can even change it to your vital statistics maaaa….niamah!

What then? What? Where? How? Why?

What principle are there arresting people on?

"Aiyooo….want to write also so difficult…got splitting headache everyday…aspirin price going up…no money to eat but need money to buy aspirin…how? how?" the blown headed author wrote.

Why there so like this one ar? Write cannot, publish cannot, sing also cannot ( after people misunderstand lyrics veli susah wooooh ).


**** End of document ****

And they all live, happily freaking after because nothing can be done and nothing can be said. They are at present living with this principle in mind "SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL and SPEAK NO EVIL" for fear of EVIL…muahahahahaha

I dunno who is the writer, I just post only maaaaaa…..

2 every1 his/her OWN….....


marsha said...

all i can say is.....sigh.....sigh......i just kena kicked in the butt liao. dun wan to say anything liao. after gotta move again. sigh....i hate OKAYland sometimes. I wanna move to HWAITINGland (S.Korea)Maybe ACTINGland (HK) also ok. Shit, if got no where else KIASUland is also better than OKAYland.

Jamie said...

come to think of it, I sometimes think that KiasuLand made the right move by isolating itself ( niamah, did I really say that?)

OkayLand will always be OkayLand la, no matter what! nothing and nobody can change it if it doesn't want to change...just let it rot la.