Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grease Is The Word

“Dance as you Walk” and “Walk as you Dance”….

The above strut thingy was made popular by non other than John Travolta, who coincidently is my all time fav “actor bugger”.

I especially liked his role as Danny Zuko in “Grease” with Olivia Newton John ( Sandy ).

I would also like to shout out loud that GREASE is in the list of my super duper fav show…

I remember the days of VCR…I would watch and watch the show again and again until the bloody video tape konk! I could practically memorise all the lines of Danny, Sandy, The Pink Ladies and T-Birds including singing their songs in my funny and out of tune voice.

My parents would go bonkers over my affliction and addiction with Grease as would they laugh off their rockers at my antics when I mimicked the actors and actresses complete with detailed sound effects.

I completely fell in love with the songs which were sung, some which are listed below:
Grease ( reprised )
Sandy ( John Travolta )
Blue Moon ( Sha Na Na )
Hound Dog ( Sha Na Na )
Beauty School Drop Out ( Frankie Avalon )
Tears On My Pillow ( Olivia Newton John )
Greased Lightning
We Go Together
There Are Worst Things I Could Do
Sandy ( Drive In )
You’re The One That I Want

Apart from the songs, there were also some scenes in the movie that will forever be etched in my memory:

The first is when Danny ( T-Birds ) raced “Poker Face” ( The Scorpions ) for Pinks ( ownership of the Pink Ladies ) at Thunder Alley. The run up to the race where the T-Birds were trying their best to build Greased Lightning was superb….hahahaha. Putsie was asking the T-Birds exactly from which car they stole the bumper from and immediately got the shouted answer of “From Your Mother’s” made me laugh till tears ran down my face ( I was about 7-8 years old then ).

The other great scene was at the end where the song “We Go Together” was sung by all the graduates at Rydale High. The dance choreography that followed was top notch!!!
I especially liked the moment where Danny surprised the T-Birds by turning up fully decked in “jock” style. He told them that he was going straight in order to get Sandy when suddenly there were wolf whistles and cat calls all around. Danny turned to see Sandy in a super sexy black outfit which completely outlined her “cun” body. It was there that the song “You’re The One That I Want” was sung…

How I wish they would produce some shows like this nowadays….by saying that, the closest that I have seen thus far is “High School Musical” which by the way is one hell of a production….kudos to the producers and bugger who had the brains to think of such a storyline.

Till today, I have an original VCD and DVD of GREASE in my collection, I even saved a copy in my external hard drive just in case something happens to any one of my treasures…hehehehe.

Long Live Grease and sentimental fools like me………..

2 every1 his/her OWN…………


marsha said...

I was JJJJUUUUSSSSTTTT gonna say High School Musical when you did! Yeah, admittedly, High School Musical came quite close. Very nice choreography and songs. Particularly liked the dance scene with the basketball thing. Coolness!

Grease is a classic, bro. When I was still performing a couple of months ago, people still sway and sing to 'You're the one that I want'. Cannot deny it....ten years down the road, people might still be dancing to that song.'s damn classic leh.

marsha said...

oh, another one that i like (i am into musicals, you see) is Footloose although they didn't have a more solid dance and song thinghy but still a classic with their 'footloose' song.

another is also flashdance....what a feeling!

hee hee....

eh, you got me on what i am passionate about, ok? dont blame me for double-posting. intentional wan.

Judy said...

Did you also use to grease your hair?? Wahahah..

Eh, I also like Grease but the song I like most is "Hopelessly Devoted to you". How come the song is not on your favourite list? :P

Jamie said...

cuz, I like Footloose the movie and the song ( Kenny Loggins ) but I don't particularly like to watch Kevin Bacon acting...he's like a bacon. Jennifer Beals in Flasdance was not bad....Irene Cara made it big with the song here.

Judy, aiyooo....I accidentally forgot "Hopelessly Devoted To You" and also "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee". Didn't actually used grease on my hair at that time...used loads of gel and hair spray thats why now I botak liao..

wan.adrie said...

dude, you are old! hehehee
i could only recall greaSE2
and itupun just the part the guy rode the bike of the cliff and the bit when the guy swallowed the ciggie.. i thought it was awesome!