Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vrooom Vrrrrooooom

Woke up today feeling a tad under the weather….dunno why…

Maybe its because of the Project Coordination Meeting every Wednesday…

Maybe its because my arse is getting itchy….starting to miss riding bikes. Planning to have a talk with wifey to get me another bike but I seriously doubt if she would let me.

One thing about me is I am a bit of a speed freak…

People who don’t know me find it very difficult to be a passenger of mine…kekekeke. My record up Genting Highlands was 45 minutes flat where I smoked the notorious taxi drivers during the process. Hey, I don’t deny that I drive fast but I drive safe as well.

Wifey was initially complaining like hell but has since gotten used to it because she knows that I incorporate a lot of defensive driving tactics in my driving style…..and I DO NOT drive fast whenever my kids are in the car.

I used to waste a lot of money on car and engine modifications when I was young but not now. Nowadays I prefer the smooth and comfortable ride that my Chevvy junk provides….no more bolt ons, no more lowering, no nothing…standard is the word of the day here…heck, even my audio set is the original one.

Back to bikes…

How I miss going on convoy with friends…missed the caressing feelings of air on my face….missed the screaming sound of the Yoshimura exhausts.

The list of bikes which I previously owned are as such:
1) Honda C70 ( given to me by my late Uncle )
2) Suzuki Panther
3) Kawasaki ZXR 750 ( H model )
4) Suzuki SRAD 1100
5) Honda Shadow 600
6) Naza Blade 260 ( this one was a stoooopid buy )

Boy, did I have fun on my babies…..

As mentioned, I seriously doubt that wifey will let me buy another superbike….not since I accidentally smoked her "kau kau" on the highway…hehehehehe.

The incident happened one day while wifey was on her way to work. She was happily driving on the fast lane but well within the speed limit of 110 km/h when I suddenly overtook her and was gone from her line of sight within a few seconds. I think I was doing easily about 220 km/h at that time. Reached my project site in no time and saw a few missed calls from wifey on my mobile….called her back and my ears never felt the same since then…hehehehe.

Maybe will start my plan rolling by slowly bringing up the subject on superbikes with wifey and play by ear from there…..wish me luck!!

2 every1 his/her OWN…………..


marsha said...

i am on your wife's side! no superbikes! my sons will have to live their lives without knowing how to ride a superbike. too bad for them!!!! will do! no way

Jamie said...

wah lau eh! and you call yourself my cousin...side my wifey ar? tak apa, tak apa.....

dave said...

the zxr is a great bike. I have the same bike and was impressed how much kawasaki motor bike insurance was. for the power I would think you would have to pay more.