Monday, September 03, 2007

Penang, August 2007

Just came back from a trip back to my hometown ( Penang ) with my family ( the reason behind me being M.I.A. ( Missing In Action ) these few days ). It was an enjoyable trip despite the traffic chaos along the North-South Expressway.

Planned the trip with a few fixed agenda in mind :
1) visit my Grandma
2) visit my Grandma’s sister who recently had a stroke
3) visit my God Sister and her family
4) rest and relax

Started the journey by shooting up straight to Sungai Petani where my Grandma now lives with my auntie. Made good time as we reached there about 7 a.m. Took my family for breaky first because it was too early to wake up Grandma. Finished breaky about 8a.m. and popped in to see the old lady.

We were very happy to see Grandma as she was to see us. I had to tell her my name before she could recognize me because her eyesight is getting worse. Was quite sad to see that she lost quite a bit of weight since my last visit. I owe the old lady a lot…too much to put in words. Had to try to hold back my tears like mad but wifey saw through me at once and tried to cheer up the somber mood by chatting on top of her voice like a freight train to Grandma…kekekekeke…thank you wifey.

Left Sungai Petani at about 12 noon for Penang. Checked in at Paradise Sandy Beach Resort and proceeded to take the kids for a swim ( swimming pool and sea ). My kids were bugging me like mad to take them on a wave runner ( jet ski ) that was on rental at a nearby water sports centre. Wifey was ok with it but my mum was a quite apprehensive about the whole thing. Guess she knows that her son is a speed freak huh?

Walked up to the Water Sports Centre and to my surprise I found out that it was run by my friend…wooohooooo!! Normal rental for a wave runner is RM60 for 15 minutes but I paid RM 60 for 45 minutes…that’s what friends are for right..hehehehe

My brother took the first run out with my elder son and I switched places with him about 20 minutes later with my younger son in tow. Made off with the words of “don’t go too fast” ringing in my ear but it was soon lost in the sounds that was made by the wave runner hopping across the waves…pop, pop, pop, pop.

The run with my younger son took 10 minutes before I went back and dropped him off. Isaac ( eldest son ) came up and told me that he wanted me to take him for a ride BUT a faster one as compared to his brother. I said ok, told him to hold on and max depressed the accelerator. The 700 cc engine gave a growl and we were shooting off in no time. I made a few hairpin turns that had Isaac screaming out in glee before pointing the jet ski out into the open sea. I purposely stopped the ski halfway out to show my son the quietness and beauty of the ocean but he was quite unnerved by the quite setting and requested that we go back. Gunned the engine, turned, sped back and was on dry land in no time.

The 2nd day was spend shopping and visiting my mum’s auntie ( grandma’s sister ). She hugged my mum and howled like mad when she saw us....bugger the scene really brought tears to my eyes. This grand auntie is one of my favourites as I used to spend a lot of time with them when I was young. It was very sad to see her in such a state ( stroke left her paralyzed on the right side and slurred speech ) but we managed to do a lot of catch up before the time to go came. We left with the promise to visit her whenever we are in Penang…and that’s a promise that I won’t break.

Next stop was Johnny’s ( my God Sister’s bf ) new apartment. He just finished shifting the day before and we thought it was nice to crash his place while it was still in a mess…hahahaha. I didn’t have the chance to ask Pam ( god sister ) but I think that she will be staying with him in their new pad….GOOD FOR THEM…ABOUT TIME THEY SETTLE DOWN…kekekeke.

We left Pam and Johnny’s place about 4 p.m. and headed back to the hotel. My kids were like…throw off clothes, swim shorts on and into the pool in record time but I took the chance for a 30 minute konk because I foresee another round of jet ski activity coming up. True enough they were bugging to go on the ski again but there an extra catch this time…Isaac said he wanted to go parasailing after jet skiing...I was like, si liao…what to do ar? I am damn scared of heights worrr. Managed to solve the problem by “conning” an instructor to take Isaac up for his maiden parasailing flight.

To tell the truth, I am sure that those on the ground felt more tension as compared to my son ( especially my mum ). Isaac was jabbering non stop after landing and immediately requested to go again…luckily there was not enough light left to facilitate his wants…pheeew.

Left Penang on 12.30noon on Sunday and reached KL about 6.30 p.m. a tired and poofed out lot. Konked early and dreamt of our next holiday trip to Langkawi on 20th September….aaaaahhhhh.

2 every1 his/her OWN………..


marsha said... fun! I think I must do that also lah. But I dont have the guts to go as fast as you on....on...whatever it was that you and your kids rode on.

Jamie said...

just tutup your eyes and press the damn accelerator and GO!!!!