Friday, September 07, 2007

To Be or Not To Be?

Let me start by saying that this post is just about my ramblings about a certain work situation that really got on my nerves today. I expect no comments but at the same time forwarded with my advance thanks to those who took their precious time to read this load of rubbish.

I always make it a point to greet all my colleagues with laughter and banter irrespective of what their positions are. Happily walked into the office after more than a month of no show........finished my so called formalities, collected what I was there for and was preparing to leave when I was caught for an informal discussion.

It was during this time that my nerves got frayed by some nonsensical questions and comments made by another colleague.

TNM…what answers can one give to questions as illustrated below:

A: Why does the company pay him so much?

Me: I seriously don’t know ( how the hell was I to know why the company pay so and so how much and why…mahai! Its like asking me why is the Moon round and not square OR why does he shit thru his arse and not his mouth….KNN!! )

A: Why do we pay him for car rental and still have to pay his salary?

ME: I was just instructed to pay so and so the particular amount. Don’t know what are the exact details….sorry ( FAHAI!!!! How the fuck should I know? I am only the stupid fucking messenger that brings money to pay the poor bastard la. Do you think its bloody funny to carry 20-30kUSD on you and travel half way around the freaking world only to end up in some god forsaken land where there is a civil war that has been going on for 25 fucking years?...TIU!! )

A: I think we are going to stop

ME: Ok. I will instruct our contract worker not to go back there again. ( better be sure and make up your mind. The decision is from you or the management? )

A: Wait, wait, wait..I will confirm with the bosses first.

ME: Ummmm…ok. Let me know when the decision is made ( Tiunyaseng!!! WTF!!! )

Censored most of it because consist mostly of bullshit.

I cannot explain how pissed off me and another colleague felt…..KNN, we said that it was not recommended to sell off the car because we might continue the project but they were insisting that we sell the damn thing. Now they are making hell of a noise because we are paying a certain amount every month for rental of a "thingy"…….makafahai!!!!!

We were initially promised an incentive if we finish the project but I can safely say that we will get nothing but lorry loads of crap now.

TNM, why can’t people just admit they made a mistake instead of trying to "tai chi"? The person in question is using the high cost incurred instead of admitting he made a wrong move by instructing us to sell the fucking thing. Tiunyaseng, no one can be a blue eyed boy forever la……"sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga"…how much space is there under the fucking carpet for one to sweep rubbish?


Just grow up la….but first please understand that growing up and growing older are two different things…understand that first before trying to play God.

"We don’t stop playing just because we grow old, We grow old because we stopped playing"

For the record, I seldom get pissed off with this guy ( come to think off it I never got pissed with him ) but I nearly blew my fuse today...FUCK!!

2 every1 his/her OWN......................


Judy said...

Never mind lah. It's only once he 'p' you off so just give him the benefit of the doubt that his brains went for holiday liow lor.

Cool down, ok.....go have a beer. Get on wife number 3 and go feel the wind! :)

Jamie said...

Judy: thanks for the advise. Have already "climbed" on 3rd wife and now 1st wife getting jealous at me for not climbing....errrr.

His bloody brains went for holiday is ok....scared the blooming thing go on holiday forever! I just can't stand people who think they own the freaking company when in fact they don't even own a brain.

kat said...

Dude! Sent you an email to your jaring account!

You carry so much cash with you when you fly-ah?? Safe or not?? But then again, one look at you, who dare mess with you-hor?! :D

Jamie said...

thanks kat, I replied your email liao.

No choice to carry cash because the God forsaken country called Sudan is internationally sactioned. Cerdit cards and travelers cheques are worthless over there.

To tell you the truth, I would give up the money in a flash if I were to be caught with it. My company can go to life is more important than taking care of their interest...kekekekeke