Thursday, September 06, 2007

My 3rd Wife

Finally managed to convinced wifey to let me buy a Superbike…..woooohoooooo!!!!! Look out biking world.....Jamie’s back!!

Was so damn excited that I started to put out feelers by contacting my old kakis to inform them of my intention to buy a bike. Fuuuyoooh!!! news sure travel fast because I was bombarded with calls a few hours later from people offering to sell me their bikes.

I had to take down their numbers, models, cubic capacity and selling price to narrow down my search to make sure that its within my means and wants.

With a max budget of RM45k I started my hunt…

Test Bike 1
Honda CBR 900 RR, Year 1999-2000, price RM42,800, mileage 30,000++
Pros: Handles like a dream, fuel consumption ok, Yoshimura exhaust set
Cons: Worn out sprocket and chain set, worn our tyres and brakes. Requires about RM2,000 to replace.

Test Bike 2
Kawasaki ZX7R, Year 1995, Price RM25,000, mileage 92,000++
Pros : New tyres and sprocket set, all original parts, engine ok
Cons: I do not like the Air Ram feature on this bike which causes the power band to suddenly spike resulting in control difficulty. Power bald patch at 3500 rpm.

Test Bike 3
Suzuki Bandit 1200, Year 1997, Price RM36,200, mileage 48,000++
Pros: Good mid range torque and power band, Micron exhaust system, good handling
Cons: Fuel guzzler, parts are difficult to obtain, balding tyres, worn sprocket set.

Test Bike 4
Suzuki RF600, Year 1995, Price RM 25,000, mileage 41,000++
Pros: Smooth engine, new tyres, new sprocket set, original paint, aftermarket exhaust system.
Cons: 12-13 year bike, only limited units in Malaysia ( less than 30 units )

After testing four of the above bikes, I finally settled for the Suzuki RF600 unit because:

1) I like the handling at low and high speed. Good low speed handling is essential when one is caught in traffic ( very easy to flick it left and right despite of the 220 kgs dry weight ). No need to elaborate on high speed handling right? One wrong move at high speed and you are mince meat liao ( I tested the RF from Puchong to Putrajaya and back. Managed to throttle her to 230 km/h before running out of road )

2) Engine was surprisingly smooth for a 1995 bike. It shows that it was very well maintained throughout its 12 year lifespan.

3) Parts for the bike are readily available despite having less than 30 units here.

4) Fuel consumption is about RM5 for every 100 km

5) Good powerband for a 600 cc bike. The gradual power curve enables ease of acceleration and deceleration

Got the bike for a steal ( cannot say the transaction amount for fear of spoiling the market..sorry ) from my friend because he needed some urgent moolah to put a down on a RM200k++ house in Bandar Sungai Long ( lucky for me…kekekeke ).

Therefore, I hereby pronounce that the RF600 ( registration ending with 9468 ) is now my official 3rd wife after my wifey and my Chevrolet Junk.

Please accept my advance apologies if in future I accidentally smoke any of you guys/gals on the highway…muahahahaha ( EAT YOUR HEART OUT EDWARD!!!! )

2 every1 his/her OWN……………….


Judy said...

I was expecting to see a Harley Davidson! :P

Wow, striking red (lady in red) as your 3rd wife.

You don't look like a 'bikey' to me. Wahaha.....

Ok, ok, last of all, Mrs Jamie is so generous with you. What's her reward?

Jamie said...

Judy: actually this is MY reward because Mrs. Jamie gets to keep all my pay every month..kekekeke

Jaime said...

Suzuki Bandit, japanese quality and stability with a great design. I had the GSF1200N and it always impressed me how much the bike insurance was. for the power I would have thought you would need to pay more as you do with car insurance.