Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where Art Thou Thy Romeo?

Was listening to my favourite radio channel while driving to work today which was playing the usual genre of songs, a bit of chit chat between the deejays and what nots….what really caught my attention was the debate topic that was put up for listeners to call in with their views….it was titled “Affairs, should we or should we not let it happen”.

Within minutes, the station was bombarded with calls from listeners offering their views and advise on the said topic. As usual, there were comments that made sense, some nonsensical, some silly and some down right stooooopid which resulted in me turning off the radio after the first wave of comments.

Funny that this subject has been brought up because it reflects of a similar “happening” at my place of work ( site ).

The subject matters ( not me mind you ) are:

A person with a reputable back ground ( son of a somebody ), married and holding a respected and important position in this particular project


A well known “gatal”, still single former Miss From-God-Knows-Where-Hell-Hole, “itchy”ban bitch who is dragging his name in the mud type…kekekeke.

I must admit that it is very pitiful to see someone who has a lot going for him throwing everything into the toilet just because of some bitch, who has slept with more people than all our toes and fingers put together.

Sad to say that the “loving” couple has been a great source of jokes at my site for quite sometime now. Many a times my colleagues have stumbled across them doing “something” when barging into their office uninvited or after office hours….guess that’s the price one has to pay for entering without knocking first huh?

I admit that feelings will develop if one is constantly in contact with another frequently but this should be where our self control kick in right?

Personally I am against having affairs or one-night-stands or whatchamacalit thingy because the consequences are just not worth it. My advise to those sex craved/hungry buggers is not to get married if they don’t know how to keep their dicks in the pants OR to frequent a prostitute and get a case of clap and let their dicks drop off….

Anyway, it is easy for me to say all this because I have ALWAYS avoided getting myself into uncompromising situations….thus far….ending with the hope that I will ALWAYS avoid such situations…kekekekeke.

Whats your stand on "Affairs"?

2 every1 his/her OWN…………..

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