Monday, September 03, 2007

Do That To Me One More Time

Day in, day out we might be faced with the predicament of doing things the correct way. What does it mean by doing things “the correct way”? How does one define “a/the correct way”?

I have experience many forms of “correct ways” through my years of working which I will be more than happy to list down. Please bear in mind that all have their own pros and cons………..and to each their own:

The Book Worm Way
This way entails a person to refer to every single damn detail from a contract or an official form of written agreement or something to that effect AND execute the said job as per guideline.
Pros :
1) The job will 95% be as accordance to required specifications
2) The person in charge will have a clear and defined system of work
3) Job status report will be 90% accurate
1) Not practical for jobs with short lead time as a lot of detailing is involved
2) Worker moral will surely decline due to extra high possibilities of rework
3) One sure fire way to get ones car a free “sun roof”
4) One sure fire way to end up in hospital because of the incurred cost over run due to item 2.

As and Where and How Way
This style requires the person(s) to change OR modify to suit whatever they see fit in order to complete the job as per stated in whatever form of written agreement that binds.
1) One can get the work done on schedule and as per specifications
2) Can work on jobs that require a short lead time
3) Easier to control overall costs
4) Win – win situation might/will be created between client and main contractor
5) Blue Eye boy of the Management

1) One might get in shit for changing the construction or supply specification at the end
2) Job reporting can be quite a chore
3) One might get in deeper shit if one is working with people of “The Book Worm Way”

Bulldozer OR Anything Goes Way
Requires the person to bulldoze their way through the job irrespective of how many non conformance issues that may arise from doing so.
1) Job will most likely be completed ahead of schedule
2) Profits might/will remain OR increase
3) Superman in the eyes of the Management
4) Everyone loves a reckless sonofagun
5) No need for frequent meetings as progress of job can be charted visually
6) One sure fire way to make everyone love you ( except the client )

1) The client will not like you for not being systematic
2) The client will hate your lack for details
3) Increase the chances of rework
4) Job reporting is busted to hell
5) Schedule is shot to pieces ( you will complete ahead anyway )

Personally I feel that the “As and Where and How Way” suits me just fine till this day but currently I/we are facing a lot of unnecessary problems just because some self centred arsehole on the client’s side is stiff like a shit stick and is of “The Book Worm Way”.

Based on the above illustrations, which is your ( preferred ) way?

2 every1 his/her OWN………….


Judy said...

As and When and How Way definitely.

Too many red tapes these days with too little work done.

Jamie said...

Amen to that Judy