Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lives And Times

Recently read an unhappy post regarding a suicide by someone close to my cousin...again please accept my sincerest condolences and May The God Lord Look After His Blessed Soul.

This post is not to elaborate about the person who committed suicide but to address the statement that was made in the said post, which is:

"Men are more prone to suffering from depression" or something along that line.

I for one, do not agree that men are more prone to depression because:

1) I know a lot of women who suffer from depression
2) I know a lot of men who suffer from depression

I know that it is not fair to rebutt statements without any hard evidence but I am still of the stand that the sufferers are equal in men as in women….so there.

For me, a good avenue of releasing one’s pent up anger or frustration is a must to avoid any onset of depression….that’s why I sometimes "F" like mad in my blog. People who don’t know me or do not understand me will most probably think that I am always losing my cool or blowing my top for no reason whatsoever but I can assure you that its not for "no reason" at all, on the contrary, its for my good. Aptly put, it’s a way for me to maintain my calm and focus on everyday life. Let’s face it, most of the problems faced by humans nowadays are 80% work or business related ( I might be wrong but I seriously doubt it ).

I also understand that not many can relate to writing as an avenue to voice out one’s discontent AND not many people I know are in favour of blogging…hey they might be right in their own way huh…..2 every1 his/her OWN.

Talk to someone dear…call friends anonymous…go drinking with friends…go for a massage…frequent a prostitute if you must BUT FIND AN AVENUE TO LET LOOSE or you might end up going bonkers or worse.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not encouraging nor implying that it is right to frequent prostitutes or go on a drinking binge to escape from ones problems…..but if you must then you must…here again its 2 every1 his/her OWN.

Me, I talk to wifey cause:
1) she is my wife
2) she is my best friend
3) she understands me like no one else does
4) we have ESP ( not scientifically proven )
5) I love her and I cannot bear to see her or my kids living without me

By saying that, I would also like to add that for now I do not have any bloody plans to commit suicide even if I am broke, treated like a dog and down on my knees begging for food.

Anyway, if I die,

I will die with the knowledge that I have done my best for my family, my best being a husband and a parent.

My best, as a son to my Parents.

To my Brothers, my best as a brother.

To my friends, I hope that they believe that I have done my best being a friend and a brother.

2 every1 his/her OWN………


Marsha M said...

my friend lived alone, had to put up a pretense front coz PILOT mah. Everybody thinks pilot so damn cool. Had a girlfriend he didn't quite LLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE. Bro in NY. REALLY GOOD FRIENDS he didn't always talk about probs with...most of the time, they small talk or just borak only. His parents are all the way in Alor Star and he's the kind o f Heaven-sent son a mother adores. He prob didn't want to worry his parents and thought he could deal with it.

Maybe it's conincidence that all the 3 of my friends who committed suicide via this method are men in the samea age-group.

since you borak so much, you got 0% chance of doing the same thing lor.

but alvin was a pretty much PRIVATE person who didn't want to trouble or bother the people around him or anything like that. He would rather bottle things up and handle it himself. Hes a GENIUS as far as intelligence is concerned....but....I accept what you are saying in this post.

Jamie said...

dear cuz, hope you are hanging in there and thanks for letting me know more about Alvin.

Now I know why my SIA Pilot friend likes to bug us to play golf SOOOOOO MUUUUUUCH whenever he is around.

ThreadBare said...

i've got a shit job (as compared to a pilot), lived alone, got no gf (never even once had a gf to be more precise), i think my mother adores me, i should be the one....

Jamie said...

KNN've got us maaa. As for GF, we take you to Hadyai and get one niiiiice one for you. So when u wanna go?

Fuck you if you think you gonna kill yourself...freaking coward!!