Sunday, September 09, 2007

2nd Wifey VS. 3rd Wifey

Took Wifey on my 3rd wifey to work last Friday for a comparison when one uses bike instead of a car. Below are my findings thus far:

Details are based on daily commune journey of about 130 km ( Damansara Damai to Shah Alam to Putrajaya then back to Shah Alam and finally Damansara Damai )

- Took me 15 minutes to reach wifey’s office in Shah Alam on a bike as opposed to 35 minutes by car
- Petrol for bike about RM6 per day as opposed to RM16 for car
- Zero toll for bike as opposed to approx RM13 when using a car
- Was quite hot on a bike during traffic light change and heavy traffic as opposed to the cooling conditions when one is in a car
- Reached home in 30 minutes flat on the bike as opposed to 1 hour 20 minutes using my car ( Putrajaya – Shah Alam – Damansara Damai )

Forecasted monthly cost when using a bike:
26 days x RM6 per day = RM 156.00
Monthly maintenance for bike( its actually every 5000 km but just put it in for argument sake) = RM 150.00
Total cost incurred =
RM 306.00 per month


Forecasted monthly cost when using a car:
26 days x RM16 per day = RM 416.00
26 days x RM 13 per day for toll = RM 338.00
Monthly maintenance for car ( average figure for 10,000 km divide 2 ) = RM 120.00
Total cost incurred = RM 874.00 per month

Difference ( Car – Bike ) = RM 568.00 per month which translates to savings of RM 6,816.00 per year which is enough to pay for my car’s road tax + insurance and I can still take my family for a nice holiday with the leftover amount.

I must admit that the dangers might be tripled when using a two wheeler as compared to when one is driving a four wheeled vehicle but I sincerely feel that the TIME saved ( not money ) by far out weight the cons of straddling a bike. It has made choosing between a car and bike all the simpler for me because I really cherish the extra time that is readily made available for me to spend time with my family when a bike is used.

Anyhow, its 2 every1 his/her OWN….Ooooh! I forgot to mention that one can get wet to the undies whenever it pours ( lucky that I don’t wear any )….kekekekeke.

I will however still insist to Wifey that she drives to work in comfort instead of following me on the bike. It’s some sort of insurance thingy that I always factor in my everyday life. Better to separate the eggs than to carry all in one basket….that way, one will not loose all the eggs if the basket happens to terbalik….get my drift?

2 every1 his/her OWN……………


wan.adrie said...

still think your hm wont approve.. wakakakaaka

Jamie said...

my HM won't approve? I bought the blooming thing liao la bro....

Judy said...

Mmm, let's give this another go. First comment didn't go through. Perhaps it was too crude.

Anyway, better don't repeat otherwise reject again.

I must say, you do take care of your wifey very well. Good on you!

Jamie said...

what to do Judy? wifey ma...she is the one who trusted me and gave me 2 beautiful kids maaaaa...kekeke