Friday, September 28, 2007

Langkawi Island, September 2007

Arrived Langkawi Airport at 1.20 pm and was promptly greeted by shouts from the local tout offering discount for tour packages and car rentals.

Approached a bearer whose holding a place card with my name on it….exchanged formalities, collected our baggage and made a beeline to a Nissan Serena ( 7 seater ) which I rented for the duration of my stay.

My kids were shouting in glee at the prospect of exploring the island on a vehicle which was new to them. Drove to the direction of our hotel ( Awana Porto Malai ) with HAA HAAs and HEE HEEs in the back ground.

Managed to check in to our rooms ( I booked 2 rooms ) and ushered the kids to change their baju for a day in Kuah Town.

There is nothing special to write about the hive centre of Langkawi except that its like your normal seaside town which was once a busy port. Visited the Eagle Statue where the Island Of Langkawi got its name from…took a few snapshots and headed of for some shopping activities.

Took about 30 minutes for me to locate the shops selling dried seafood, Wifey and my mum promptly parked themselves in the shop and left me with my kids….sheeesh!

They were pestering my like hell to take them to a more “exiting” place within 5 minutes. I did what they wanted just to decrease the pressure on my eardrums which ended up with me buying 2 Hotwheels car for each of them.

Had dinner at Kuah town before proceeding to the famous Langkawi Underwater World. I must admit that the fishes on show was much better than what is in the KL Aquaria. I use the word “WAS” because all the fishes in the Underwater World was poisoned ( 600 fishes died ) two days after I got back to KL. Finished the Aquarium tour in about 2 hours and immediately headed back to Awana Porto Malai for some much needed shut eye. Have to wake up early the next day because of the Island hopping activity that I have arranged.

Breakfast at the Resort was quite simple ( refer to below picture ) and nothing to write home about....buuuurp!!!

Guide picked us up at 9.30 and we were shooting off to the Island Of The Pregnant Maiden in no time. Took one hell of a hike up the slopes of the Pregnant Maiden before reaching a fresh water lake in the middle of the island. Legend has it that the lake was formed from the tears of the maiden in question. Spent about 45 minutes here before proceeding to another island sanctuary where were we treated to a sight for the eyes to behold…..feeding the eagles.

There were hundreds of them flying around in the sky within minutes of our arrival. The boatman then started to throw pieces of chicken meat into the sea which propmpted the eagles to dive bomb and pick up the meat using their talons…..pheeew!

My kids were oooohing and aaahing away and I nearly followed them before realizing that my mouth was in the open position. This is one activity that I would fully recommend to future visitors and readers of my blog….worth every single cent that I paid.

Last stop was Pulau Beras Basah ( Island Of Wet Rice ) for swimming activity. We spent one and a half hour there before heading back to Langkawi Island for some more swimming activity in the resort swimming pool.

Kids were pooped out by 3.00pm was was sleeping like babies before I woke them up at 5.30 pm for dinner at Kuah Town. Mum and Wifey did some last minute shopping after dinner because I plan to spend tomorrow lazing about at the resort before our intended flight home.

All in all it was a splendid trip for the family….wifey and mum enjoyed themselves going shopping and bargain hunting….kids enjoyed themselves with swimming and torturing me….I enjoyed myself watching them enjoying themselves. Would like to end this post by saying that Langkawi Island is a place that I hope to revisit in the near future.

2 every1 his/her OWN………….


genius said...

i wish to go there someday

Jamie said...

bro, we arrange some where kaukau after kaotim this shit project...ok ar? very sian of this shit stress liao. cutie wanna come ar?

kat said...

Ya man, dude! What happened to the fishies after you left har?? You scared them with your tattoos, issit?? :D

Cool pixes of the eagles. I'm sure it's even more awesome being directly there! They won't attack humans, unlike monkeys right??

Is the hotel nice for kids? My expectations are very low.. as long as the pool is fun the the kids, I am a happy camper! And the solar boats look like great fun!

I heard that the bread store co-owned by our former pm and some japs is really nice. Is it near your hotel?

Jamie said...

HAHAHAHA..good one kat!! to tell u the truth..the fishes were already scraed silly by the look of my face..kekekeke

yeah...for got to mention that the monkeys there like to ambush humans..wifey was screaming her head off at one of the stops because one of the monkeys lunged at her water and the kids were engulfed in guffaws for like 10 minutes which didn't really go down that well with wifey. Nope, the boatman told me that the eagles will not attack humans despite the awesome performance that they put up.

I heard bout that breadshop as well but did not take the time to scout for it....I am not particularly a bread man..hehehe

I would recommend the said resort to any future visitors....110% thumbs up!!!!

wan.adrie said...

haaa cepat arrange....:)

cyk said...

U pee-ed into the aquarium.. again?

Btw, can i join the trip? I never been there la. Genius, we work too hard become katak bawah tempurung already.

Jamie, is there any Celica for rent? Preferably yellow one. Genius' dream is to drive the Celica top-less..

genius said...

cyk, you know me the most. fuck, i cant hide anything from you already.

Jamie said...

cyk, genius, wanny boy, cutie: you guys are all most welcomed to cum.

Yellow Celica "topless"? genius can drive naked there ma...why go topless?..HAHAHAHAHAHA. I wouldn't advise swimming in the nude though....little nibbles might just be too enjoyable for genius's sake....waaaahaaahahahahaha

wan.adrie said...

oh yes i would like to cum...wakakakakaka

Judy said...

Nice photos. Amazing colours. But aiyoh, don't lah touch python. Once someone touches a snake, I won't touch that person for a few months. Bad phobia!

When we were in Langkawi, after 2 days, we were bored sick and checked out of the hotel to go straight to Penang!

Jamie said...

Judy: nebermind loh...u can touch me after few months...kekekeeke

You are right my friend...2 days is just nice...more than that will be torture but I plan to go back there for the Cable Car thingy which I missed during my 2 days there.

Anonymous said...

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