Monday, September 17, 2007

Maximum Overdrive

Finally found me some spare time to park my butt and blog…..pheeeew!

Its been a long and tiring week for me and my colleagues….

What with starting up the Chilled Water System, handling complaints from our client ( more nowadays…could it be the after effect from fasting? ) and what nots.

Here I am, looking forward to my upcoming holiday with my family in Langkawi this Friday ( 21st September ) and BOOOOOOOOOM!! A bombshell was dropped straight into my arse…

One of my colleagues resigned ( a job in Bahrian ) and I was assigned to TAKE OVER his duties…..notice that special emphasis has been made to the word “take over”

TAKE OVER meaning I have to do his duties with the present workload that I have…KNN…I doubt if they will increase my pay for this particular load of shit huh?

Somebody close to the Management told me to take up this “challenge” without asking anything extra because the company’s policy is work first and talk later…

So how? Should I just swallow everything that is thrown to me OR should I voice my concerns?

My workload is near max as it is…who do they think I am? Super “freaking” man ar?

Would sincerely appreciate any suggestions that you might have dear readers…thanks in advance.

2 every1 his/her OWN…………………….


kat said...

That's quite a conundrum you have there. Take over means you have to be stationed in Bahrain? And this is indefinite? Or until they find someone else? If you can see an end to this misery and maybe a nice fat bonus at the end of the year for your troubles, then I guess you can be a man about it (:P) and suck it all in..

kat said...

So when you coming over har? :D

Judy said...

You are still going for your holidays at Langkawi right?

I have learnt to just take on the extra load and do a good job and then go and talk to management if no sign of payrise after a month.

Once they see how well you work, the ball is on your court. They won't want to let you go and that means they will have to replace you. By giving you a payrise it is a win, win situation.

If you resist this extra work load, you are black listed, so it will be a lose lose situation.

Jamie said...

kat:very sorry for being vague. what I meant to say was that my colleague has resigned for a job in Bahrain and I am now assigned to take over his duties here. Bonus? We usually dont place too much hope on bonus in my company..hope you get my drift.

judy: what you say is true. turned down, get blacklisted, take it on, MIGHT get payrise but then they can always turn around and say that its what I am getting paid for ( I am not new to their bag of tricks liao ). Anyway, I will take on the etra responsibility and see what happens in due course..wish me luck

kat and judy: thanks for your advise...appreciate it a lot!!!!

kat said...

Well, you don't want to rock the boat unless you have another boat waiting somewhere else!

Just found out from my friend that golf academy costs abt USD50,000 per annum. (Whew! Costs more than a regular uni education...)

Jamie said...

kat: USD50,000 per year? wah lan eh!!! think I better not rock the boat until a cruise liner come along. At this moment I can only afford to send him there for 2 years....sheesh!!!

Thanks for the info friend.

marsha said...

I say voice your concerns without rocking the boat. But knowing you, Cuz....that's quite hard to do! :-) it depends, actually. It shouldn't hurt to just 'let them know' and request for help'. That would be something that someone I really respect in the 'corporate world' would do.

as if we don't have enough stress as it is. voice it out...but don't raise your voice....that's all. if not, they think you challen them, how?

Jamie said...

alooo dear cuz...i think that you must get to know me all over again liao..hehehe.

I have since learnt how to take and rasionalise without blowing my top...its part of a process that I went thru which is called "growing older and growing wiser"...must say that I passed with flying colours or I won't be stuck in this stinking hell hole of a company for 10 freaking years...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thank you for giving your comment..really appreciate it but I think I will just take on the extra duty first and talk to them AFTER I get the results cause I see no point in meeting my management without any hard evidence or proof that I can do it...

ThreadBare said...

happy holidaying in Langkawi, i heard it got beautiful beacheas, soft sandy beaches, ahhhhhh.....wish i can take the time off and go to Langkawi too, kekeke

Jamie said...

threadbare: thanks bro...will surely enjoy myself before facing the extra shit given to me by my stooooopid company.