Thursday, September 20, 2007

Holiday - Work = ???

THERE!!! It’s OFFICIAL…I am the new Planner cum Document Controller cum Commissioning helper guy ala “Jack Of All Trades and Master Of None” guy…

KNN…now would be a good time to freak out huh?

Pissing in my pants cause I am scared that I will not be able to cope with the extra workload generated by a project of such magnitude ( RM38 million )…

I have kept my mouth shut to the top honchos with the hope that come year end the reward will be justified….but I am not placing too much hope on that cause I has been in the company for far too freaking long to know how they operate.

Thanks a heap Kat, Judy, Marsha and Toh for your advise…..will belanja you guys kau kau if……let’s see when the time comes.

For now, I am shutting off my brain to work matters and shifting my focus to tomorrow where I will be flying off to Langkawi for a holiday with my family ( Friday till Sunday….will be offline during that period ).

Screw the work cause the shit will forever be present…no point worrying about that now.

My plan for Langkawi is:

- to hire a van and drive round the island
- take my kids island hopping where the activities will include swimming and feeding eagles
- visit the famous Langkawi Aquarium
- go for a ride in the cable car

I hope that I can get some great pics for my blog on this trip.

Till then

2 every1 his/her OWN…………….


kat said...

Don't worry too much. If your company doesn't think you can do it, you think they will ask you to do, meh? They have more to lose if you screw up, right?? LOL

Ya, enjoy yourself and I wanna see the eagles too! :D
Oh, and I actually quite enjoyed the Aquarium. Since I don't scuba dive, that is the next best thing for me!

Jamie said...

ya hoh kat, why didn't I think of that!! maybe its time that I "accidentally" screw up..muahahaha

keeping fingers crossed that the weather will take a turn for the good cause my sources in Langkawi says that its raining everyday on the island.

pssst...let u in on a secret kat, this is my first time there...kekeke

ThreadBare said...

what to do right ? some other guy went looking for greener pastures and he definitely got it, now you're the one who're burdened with shit loads of work, i just hope they pay you well enough for that, if someone offer me 17K i will also leave...but then again......

marsha said...

F**K work! Enjoy yourself kow-kow!!!!

Judy said...


I am sure with your top performance, there will be a reward at the end of the day.

Keep your cool baby! You can do it!

Jamie said...

threadbare: what to do you said.."kena kau kau" liao..hehehe

marsha: yeah...."F" the work!!!!

judy: thanks for your support my friend.

wan.adrie said...

jamie boleh..jamie jamie jamie!!

Jamie said...

wanny boy: thanks for your "jamie boleh" slogan thngy bro. I hope you meant it as a compliment and not a "cha".

boleh or tak boleh is left to be seen bro but I will of course try my very best given the workload I have in my arse right now. Your good partnet "the bapok" isn't doing that much to contribute towards the common cause at all ma.

Anyway, thanks again bro and I hope that you get to go to greener pastures after this shit project.