Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Love Jeannie

I have always been attracted to “Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp” story since young. Till today I sometimes wonder what if I were to be like Aladdin and happenned to stumble across a magical lamp with a Genie that can grant me 10 wishes ( I know he only got 3 lah but I greedy a bit maaa ).

I have, in anticipation of the happy day, prepared a wishlist to the tune of something like this:

1) Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Mankind

2) That my Parents, Family, Relatives and those who know me stay forever healthy, prosperous and live a long and fruitful life

3) Wifey and myself be forever happy and contented

4) My kids will forever excel in whatever they do, be it in school or at work

5) My Parents and Brothers are contented and excel at whatever endeavor they partake in

6) Everyone in this world be treated as equals…no rich or poor, black or white segregation

7) Have dinner with Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock for me. Dinner with Keanu Reeves and “The Hong Kong” actor ( dunno what’s his name ) for Wifey.

8) carry a wallet/purse that will forever be full of money whenever I open it ( then again it might not be of any use because of wishlist no.6 but what the hell )

9) I can buy over my company and sack you-know-who

10) Change BolehLand into NeverLand ( cannot elaborate too much on this or sure kena banned like someone I know on Wordpress..kekekeke )

So much for my wishlist huh? How does your wishlist look like?

2 every1 his/her OWN………………


kat said...

Of course money is always good... even if #6 materialises. Only difference is then everyone can afford to buy anything they want from anywhere!!

Can I join wifey's dinner with Keanu and (hopefully) Tony Leung Chiu Wai??

My wish is for everyone take responsibility for their own actions and live and let live. Then the world will take care of itself..

Jamie said...

kat: you are more than welcomed to join the din-din with Keanu and Tony when the time comes...kekekeke

I like your wish...dear genie, can I have it as wish no.11? thanks in advance....

cyk said...

jamie, why u r so greedy, want so many wishes.

for me, i want 3 wishes only , as in the original aladin story.
First wish is ....,
second wish is....,
and my last wish is to have another 3 wishes.

the genie will keep his promise, right?

Jamie said...

wah lan eh cyk...last wish is another 3 wishes and you call me greedy meh? BUT I will give you the 3 wishes if I am the problemo bro...just as long as you wish me what I wish you that you know I wished you to wish

Judy said...

Wah, number one sounds like Miss Universe's speech.

All I agree but 7, 9 and 10 I don't need lah. :) I also better not say too much hor? :P

Jamie said...

Judy: How in the world did you know that the speech made by Miss Universe was taught by me? fuuuyoooh...wa tabik sama lu kau kau..hehe

Ya, better not say too much or you'll end up using blogspot or sumthin like that...I think I will kena ban very,very soon.