Saturday, January 20, 2007


Sometimes I wonder WHY some people like the act as they do....????

Elaboration of WHY & WHAT THE FUCK is as below:

Example 1
Company A has been awarded a huge job...everyone in the company is happy and is parctically over the moon...albeit the tough period ahead. Then the Goon enters and starts to direct everyone to do this, do that, do this, do that....doesn't the S.O.B. knows that he is throwing a spanner into the works instead of helping!!! WHY THE FUCK????? WHHHHY? The best joke of all is that he doesn't even fucking know what the fuck he is supposed to do at all. Tell me the truth dear you guys attend a meeting acting like Mr. know-it-all and end up saying "I DON'T KNOW" to the client's face? HAHAHAHAHA...the Goon in question did that...the best part was this....the client came and ask the people working for company A WHY THE FUCK did the Goon attend the meeting in the first place? HOW THE FUCK was the people working for Company A supposed to know WHY THE FUCK the Goon came, fucked up everything and left? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Anwyays...there are lots more to come from this Goon....thats my personal guarantee...oooppsss...did I mention personal...shit! now everyone knows I attended that meeting as well....WHY THE FUCK did I go and do that? hmmmm I wonder....

Example 2
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK is the Goon trying to accomplish by broadcasting internal matters to the general public? Doesn't he understands that he is dragging everyones face in the dirt as well....including himself? It's ok for himself cause he is a worthless shit anyway but why drag the whole company?

Does the Goon think that he can gain extra respect by doing so.....? I don't think so. I am contemplating whether or not to tell those involved WHAT THE FUCK exactly came out from the Goon's mouth.

Tell and everything will be busted and will sure be going to hell.....

Don't tell and I pity those involved...WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!

I know someday, the Goon is going to self destruct...self destruct in the sense that all of his shit will come out in the open. I personally got set up by this Goon a few years back and from there on I have been trying my FUCKING BEST to avoid him at all cost and paying additional premium for ASS INSURANCE.

Do you guys believe in repercussions? from God or otherwise. I DO....I believe repercussions exist and will happen....maybe not to the originator directly but maybe to his/her later generation ( kids maybe ). To those who know what/who I am babbling about should know that this Goon and his partner has mouths worse then a chicken's backside and dirtier than a whore's cunt.....its very sad to say that the repercussion did not befall them but to other innocent party ( notice the singularity of the word "party" ).

Anyway, FATE IS WHAT WE MAKE and let nature take it's course.

2 every1 his/her own....I rest my case...the case of the MOTHERFUCKING GOON who likes to fuck up everything and then leave...WHY THE FUCK doesn't he just disappear and WHAT THE FUCK will it take for him to disappear.


cutebanana said...

WoW ! Not even Nostradamus could foretell all that...

Jamie said...

cutie my man....there is no way in hell that Nostradamus could foretell WHY & WHAT THE FUCK the Hunchback of Notredame is up to.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...


Somethings balance sux!!!