Friday, November 16, 2007

Congrats Pamela

Recently received word from my God Sister that she is getting registered with her BF this coming January in Penang which prompted me to immediately inform my parents, brothers and some cousins of mine of the good news.

Everyone is bound to get hitched sometime in their life right? ( counting a few odd ones out ). What set me thinking after the shellshock was…..I AM BLOODY GETTING OLD!!!!

My God Sister is getting hitched dude!!!! The same God Sister that I used to look after when she was a baby, the same one who had her diapers changed numerous times by me….arrrrrgggg!!!!!! She is getting hitched ( good for her ) and I am getting blooming old ( not that good for me ).

It’s a long and tedious story between my family and Pam’s ( my G.S )…there won’t be enough e-space for me to write about what her dad ( my fav uncle ) has done for me and my family. Let it be said that there is no way in hell that I can return what has been accorded to us by Pam’s dad ( he has since passed away ). Would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Pam’s mum ( Auntie Pat ) for not being able to help out as much as I would have wanted to.

Thanks Auntie Pat for being there when I wanted someone to talk to, for being there when times were tough for me and my family, for being a super single parent to Pam and Timmy, for lending me some capital for my Car Accessory shop and for everything that cannot be said….Thanks.

I sorta suspect that this was coming on when I saw her BF’s new pad on my recent trip to Penang. Mentioned this to my mum and she was in total agreement as well. Neways, its good knowing that Pam has found someone who loves her and is willing to spend his life with her. Johnnie ( my G.S.’s BF ) is a nice, easy going and likeable guy. I wish them all the best and I better start saving up to make my promise to Pam count.

Uncle Poon, you can rest assured that you have taught you kids well when you were around….thanks for being my Uncle and teaching me to do good by others. Will visit you on my next trip back ok?

Lastly, Congratulations on getting hitched Pamela and Johnnie…see you guys when I see you…till then take care ok?

2 every1 his/her OWN………….


Judy said...

This post is rather different from most of your previous ones.

You know how to show respect when respect is due. You are one person who is full of gratitude.

I believe your god sister and her family appreciate you very much too.

Congratulations to Pam and Johnnie.

genius said...

you remind me i'm getting older :(
if you go thailand, buy me some love potion so i can apply to my girl. please wish me good luck :(((((

Jamie said...

judy: thanks for the comments

genius: no need go to Thai bro....can get some from the local bomoh...u wan or not? cutie knows the place...

marsha said...

it's about time, man! how long they been going ten years or not?? but yeah, when you called me, feel really happy! finally! i know uncle ah-poon's death had an effect on you, Jamie. And it's good that you still remember him to this day and remember the greatness and kindness in him when he was alive.

aiyo, now you make me all emo in the middle of the day! *sniff sniff*

Jamie said...

soli looh cuz....make yrself free on Dec 1,2 or 3rd...Pam and Johnnie coming down....we kena and make them mabuk kaukau ok?