Monday, September 04, 2006

Just got back from a super getaway with my company. Kudos to the organizer(s) for putting together such a nice package.

The place which we went to is very famous worldwide for its beaches, historical landmarks, beautiful people, splendid shopping, bombs, etc. Did I "accidentally" wrote the word "BOMBS"? Sad to say that the beautiful place that we went to was riddled with terrorist attacks. I was wondering to myself....what kinda message were they trying to get across? was it about religion? or was it for some of their forgotten colleagues? I presumed that it can't be for the money because the influx of tourist to the particular place in question is quite spectacular in number. No doubt, bombing and killing "foreigners" will attract a lot of media attention BUT will the end result be achieved? I am very sad to say that the epitome " 2 every1 his/her OWN" really apllies here.

I was walking around and came across a few sloganed T-Shirts with the words " FUCK TERRORIST" and MAAAAN was I tempted to buy 1 for myself but did not have the balls to be a mobile advertising billboard for the fear of really losing my balls. Even when roaming the streets at night, I could see that some places were a hive of activity BUT one will get a sense of earieness when walking pass those so called drinking holes/happening places as we were quite taken aback seing that they were only packed with tourist...where the hell did the locals go? Did they get an early warning of another bomb attack? or all of them happened to go home at the same time for their own bombing in the toilet prior to us walking pass? Really gave me the creeps.

Hey, why go kill a booming economy by bombing? is the influx of tourist such a bad influence? even prostitution rakes in foreign currency right? I know that I will get fried for this statement but here goes nothing.........most of us will be surprised that prostitution can be considered one of the main contributor to certain economies ( if their takings can be revealed without any taxation ...hehehehe ) but hey, 2 every1 his/her OWN.

Anyway, at least I know that me and my fellow colleagues have contributed indirectly to their livelyhood by spending a lot of our hard earned cash buying items we consider(ed) "SUPER BARGAINS" and of which 80% knowingly will end up in the use later heap.

It was great spending quality time with my colleagues, it was great knowing who will turn into "the Devil" after a few mugs of beers, it was great knowing the other side of everyone, it was great letting loose and acting the goose, etc. I hope that it was as great for all of you as it was for me. Looking forward to future getaways........a team building program would be good....what say all of you guys and gals in question?



cutebanana said...

yeah i truly agree that Bali is a great place. it is relatively cheap compared to other holiday destinations. problem is that i don't think the f*c*ing b*oo*y terrorists will stop at 2 bombing attemps. thats is the sad part, the people there like any other place also want to make a livelihood like the rest of us.

ThreadBare said...

yo bro, where your new posts, it's been a long time.....

Anonymous said...

threadbare-sorry for the silence, i am actually on oversea assigment and don't really have the time for any new post. will be back soon though ( in a couple of days i hope ).fr: Jamie