Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I have been keeping this inside of me for quite sometime now.....can't hold it any longer...have to let it all out or I am going to explode...aaaarrrrggg!

It all started one fine and sunny day when a light bulb just lit by itself in my head...bling,bling!! I asked wifey " how about a drive up north to see the old lady ( my grandma ) ?".....""thats a good idea"said your mum as well....."ok" said I.

So started the eventful journey up north...happily cruising along with my family...not having a clue at all of the "thunderstorm" ahead. Arrived at my Grandma's after about 5 hours on the road. She was quite happy to see us.

All in all the old lady is generally ok but we can see that she's quite frail from age. We spent a night there before moving over to Penang for a 2 days stay. Put up at Naza Hotel because of some special previleges that I have there....moreover my kids love the place a has become like a 2nd home to them.

As usual, I took them to their favourite spots and shopping on the 2nd day. We stopped over at the Burmese and Siamese temple on the way back to pay our respects to my Grandpa and my beloved uncle. Their ashes were kept in cubicles located in a special building behind the main temple. Upon reaching the place I noticed that the new wing has been opened by the temple committee for "so called" advance booking. Knowing how much the old lady loved my departed uncle, I then proposed to my mum that we try to secure a place nearby for them to be together ( at least it won't be so lonely ). My mum said ok and I proceeded to the temple office to make the relevant inquiries. To my delight there was still places available near my uncle so i took the liberty to single out a suitable cubicle and proceeded to place a booking on it.

The general idea that I had was to have all the nephews and nieces to contribute towards the purchase of this cubicle. I foresee that there will be no problem seeing that most of us were already in the workforce. To be safe I called my northern Auntie and my God Sister for their opinion......imagine my joy when they said that it's a good idea to procure the cubicle for Grandma. We calculated that the cost of sharing would be around RM300-Rm400 per person. With that I proceeded to call each and everyone of my cousins ( those who I have their numbers ) and inform them of my intentions. My proposal was generally accepted and it was agreed that we try to cough up the moolah in 2 months time for the purchase of the cubicle.

ZZZeeeuuiit ...Fast forward 2 months in time......dialled a central zone number.....

"ring,ring....ring,ring" this ( deleted )? Hi, this is Jamie, I am calling you up in regards to the conversation we had 2 months back about Amah's ash storage it convenient for you guys to bank in the money to ( deleted ) account? She is helping us to liase with the temple committee on this matter.

"Hi Jamie, sorry to tell you but my ( forced to delete...fuck! ) is not happy about this arrangement. He says our money will be put to better use if we all contributed to the renewal of the Indonesian maid's license. In fact he is not at all happy that you took matters in your own hands and pressured everyone to pay"

HVUCK ME DEAD!!!!!! let me recap that statement "pressured everyone to pay?","took matters in your own hands?" by pointing a gun up their arse or by threatening to pump Sarin Gas up their arse? Aloooo...what was my MAIN intention? Don't tell me that by purchasing the cubicle we were all asking Grandma to go to heaven immediately right? Alooooooo....what age are we living in? the bloody medieval age or ice age? Luckily quite a number of my cousins agreed that my proposal did no harm and were in fact good in nature. They were afraid to speak out because of some individual who has a fiery temper...hey bro....I have a super temper too. By the way, lame excuses such as contributing to the maid's license just to bail someone's arse out of shit does not apply at this juncture ( i thought the guy was swimming in moolah? )

My mum and auntie were so pissed!!!! I told my them that its problemo...let everything be...astalavista baby. Pssssst...let you guys in on a secret...I hate this guy's guts since I was small.....always bullying us little tikes around...I wish to dear God that he would try bullying me around now ( my brother also would like to extend the same invitation to this guy ).

Anyway, to cut a long story short, a lot of us have since come to terms with the reality at hand. So be it if he thinks he is the "Special One". Let him bear for all the funeral expenses when the time comes. His famous quote is "I WILL NOT GET MY CHILDREN INVOLVED"....hahahahahahahaha! its like laughing gas up my arse! When you are old, lonely and dying beside the road then let me hear you say that bro. Everyone has to respect the elderly, no matter which part of the family hierachy you are in.....PERIOD. To me the rest is just cockamamy whachamacallit pure dogshit! I thought my Grandma also loved them unconditionally when they were little brats? Anyway, according to their ( deleted ), Grandma loved me most when I was small.....hey, talk about jealousy in the family. What could I do then, what could I do now....let the particular individual lick my arse to quell his jealousy?

Well, the damaged has been done and cannot be undone no matter what. I pity my mum and auntie who has to take the brunt of this individual's I wish that he come and bug me instead of much for wishful thinking. Hey, I was even willing to pay on my ( deleted ) behalf if they were not convenient at that particular point in time and paying me back by interest free RM50 monthly installment is fine with me. Sad to say that this offer has since expired with all that has happened as most of us are paupers now. We have no choice but to rely on the ever righteous "SPECIAL ONE" for whatever expense that may come.

2every1 his/her own..........we are all waiting for when the time comes. Don't mean to be mean ( what a statement "don't mean to be mean"...hahahaha )but the time will come for each and everyone of us right? It's just how prepared and level headed are we to face it.

I would be glad to further elaborate but this blog's capacity wouldn't be able to handle it. Cheerios dudes and dudettes! FYI, I will be going up north this coming Friday to see my beloved Grandma....YAHOOOOOOOOO!

Author's note:
Please be advised that any resemblance to the living or dead was done INTENTIONALLY. He also says that most of you has his number, call him if the need arises..... GET READY TO RUUUUUMMMBLE...IT'S ARSE WHIPPIN TIME!!!!!


SK Ding said...

do whatever you (most people) think is correct.

Jamie said...

sk : thanks for your advise bro. will certainly do that.