Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Me a Photog?

Been a while since I seriously immensed myself into photography...t'was so long until I can't remember how long...well to give fellow photogs out there an indication of time, it was from the days of the Canon AE-1....thats how long ago.

I have a few colleagues that are avid and good photographers but sadly like me, they do not have the time to really indulge in their favourite pastime...mostly its because of work commitments and all that jazz.

I sometimes feel sheepish when they ask me question on photography....modern type of questions relating to DSLRs...

"What is CCD", "What is CMOS", "What is Full frame" , "Why the bokeh", etc...

Please do not get me wrong, their questions are good questions....so good that sometimes an old man like me is struggling to provide an answer. Must admit that I am ok to most types of questions but there is one that I make a point to stay away from....its "Which brand of camera is better?". Personally for me, any brand is a good brand....there is no "best of the best" brand out there.

Every camera company is a Legend in their own right with their own pros and admittingly, their own cons as well. A note to future photogs, do your own research before an intended purchase as to eliminate any future niggling doubts...choose well and choose wisely.

Personally, most of the answer can be sourced from the net but its also quite fun to sit in a group and talk cams instead of girls...ah well, maybe talk cams AND girls. For the record, I own a Nikon D80 DSLR and some 3rd party lens...nothing fancy, nothing bad, nothing good.

I like to take photographs of people, potraitures, sceneries, macros ( no time for this one now ), places and such. For me, candid shots are once in a lifetime opportunity for rememberance that requires one to sometime go on the "draw and shoot" technique...no time for manual and whatchamacalit adjustments....just take, bang the cam into auto mode, point and shoot!!! you either get it or you don't..no two ways about it.. AND thats what I like most about these type of photography as opposed to "staged" type.

Maybe I will try delving into different forms of picture taking if time and my brain cells permits...B&Ws, Artistic, etc

Btw, for those that wants to know more or take the plunge into photography, click here for a site that has loads of tips, tricks and advice for new/seasoned photogs. With that said, please be informed that this site has no relavance whatsoever to my personal preference...it is just a site amongst the countless many on the web.

As the title of my site goes, its 2 every1 his/her OWN.....................

Note: I am a lousy photographer and my skill sucks big time

Disclaimer: The views and opinions given in this post are of a personal nature only and in no way constitute the views of believe of the general public.


Marsha M said...

sheeshhh....why stay so safe with this post. waiting to lambast you...then you write about photog. tiu.

nothing to shoot you with this time....since you talking about a different kind of shooting.

next time... LOL.

p.s. why the sudden disclaimer at the bottom?

Jamie said...

aiyooo...still can shoot me ma...I myself saw so many loopholes..kekekeke

The disclaimer is an insurance policy taken out against people who want to shoot me...HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA

Bernie said...

Aiya, trying to be modest again. I see you get hit by the popular question of which brand being the best as well. Hard to answer properly without sounding like a smartass sometimes. I'd love to say that the best camera is the one you have at hand and if the guy doesn't have one, then the best camera is of course the one you can afford. But giving out answers like those can sometimes rub off wrongly haha.

Anyways, photography is really fun (excluding the cost, that one is painful) and worthwhile don't ya think?

Jamie said...

Bernie: what u said is very,very true. I totally agree with you on the "worth it" part and MAXIMUM AGREE with you on the "painful" part as well ( sometimes it hurts until between the legs )!!!

What u said on people getting the wrong perception and sounding like a smart ass is why I try to stay away from questions of the particular nature.

The best advice that I can give is just go for what one can afford/willing to pay for and build oneself from thereon...

"A camera does not make the photographer"