Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Just finished the shit project that got me shitless the whole part of last year...pheew!

Thank GOD I had the chance to work with a super bunch of people......people who do not shrink from their responsibilities, people who don't play taichi and such...thank you, thank you.

Just cam eback from Surabaya with 2 of my special agenda...just hanging out, goofing off and having some splendid shopping done....not to mention coming back to the hotel pissed drunk in the wee hours everyday...EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not being able to blog hop as much as I want to because my STOOOOPID hard disk crashed on me.....KNN, 100 gig of data gone....finito...non recoverable...hangus...hancus...get my drift?

Lucky, for Ding and Nick, they got me back in operational mode in no time flat...thanks guys...owe you one kaukau lunch.

Till then, as when....2 every1 his/her OWN..............


kat said...

Aiyo.. hard disk crash ah? Photos got save or not??

BTW, do you know what a new Estima is going for now ah?

Jamie said...

lucky I backed up some data 3 months back...but its not up to date...shit!

kat, are you referring to the newest line of Estimas? if yes, then they will be in the region of RM240 - RM290k depending on variant and series ( they come in 9 seaters and 7 seaters ). Maybe you could log on to for reference to your dreamcar(s).

kat said...

Got 9 seater? Here it's only 7 (with captain seat on the 2nd row) or 8 seater (60:40 separate).

For the brand new 2008 3.5 litre V6 full specs, it's going for only 138K dhs.. O.O

You say here buy car syiok or not??!! :D

Jamie said...

bloody hell kat...I WANT!!!! shiiiiiit!!!!!

but that the way the BolehLand buggers fleeced the rakyat with the stooopid AP system. Lucky for us, the bitch in charge has lost her post...WAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!