Thursday, April 17, 2008

Those Were The Days My Friend

A good friend of mine and my God Sister sent this to me via email....tot of sharing with you guys.....

It's Back To The Future....zooooomph!!

One lousy day in the middle of the economic crisis, PM Mahathir was feeling extremely frustrated and cracking his nuts wondering how a neighboring country can be doing better than Malaysia.

One of his aides said, "I heard that the leaders consult Feng Shui masters to ensure prosperity for the country".

Dr Mahathir thought if that was the case, Malaysia Bomoh also can do it maaa, and off he went to seek the top bomoh's advice.

After reviewing the case, the bomoh told Dr M that there were 2 things that he must do :

Bomoh : Step 1. You must blame the crisis on SOROS
for everything.
Dr M : But why ?

Bomoh: Because SOROS stands for 'Speculate On
Ringgit Or Stocks'.
You must blame him, and look at ways to control the
ringgit and stock market.

Bomoh : Step 2 - You must get rid of ANWAR.
Dr M: What! why him ?

Bomoh: Because ANWAR stands for 'A Nation Without
Any Ringgit'.
Dr M: But how ? This is most difficult to do, he is
popular with the people.

Bomoh : Aiyoh, you bodoh lah! Look at your name,
MAHATHIR = Make Anwar Homosexual And Then Highlight It

WWWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA...........2 every1 his/her OWN.......


genius said...

isa is aim on you now. haha....

Jamie said...

bro genius....shit man! I am writing this post and reply from the ISA Camp..