Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who done IT?

One day during dinner, my youngest son ( Ivan ) asked my wife the most mind blowing was something like this..

Ivan: Mummmy, can I get a Tattoo like Dad's? A big colourful one...

Wifey: Why would you want a tattoo dear?

Ivan: because Dad has one on each of his arms and I want one too...can I? can I?

Wifey: looks to me and puts on her " you see!!" face.

So, one fine day while in Penang, when we were out walking at one of the Malls...I sorta like came across one of those stalls offering temporary tattoo ( last about 2 weeks ) and I told wifey about it. We agreed to let Ivan get a tattoo done on his hand or buttocks or wherever he feels like it.

Ivan initially freaked out and refused to get the tattoo done but he eventually agreed on the condition that he gets to choose the tattoo design.

Our friend ended up with a dragon cum tribal based design that he liked, he even told the lady to do it in two colours for him ( black and green )....the whole thing lasted about 10 minutes and costed me RM32 including the additional colours.

All in all it was one hell of a good piece of work...I must say that it looks better than mine. Ivan was so damn proud of his tattoo that he told his mother that he wanted to get one that would not come off!!! Oh my God!! I took the chance to explain to him that a tattoo is a very,very personal thing and that it will not do him any good getting one now but we ( wifey and I ) will not object to him getting one when he has the right to vote...2 every1 his/her OWN right?

I dread the day Ivan start to ask me about " The Birds and The Bees"...sheeesh!! First thing I will tell him to do is to use a RUBBER no matter what..kekekekeke

For the records, his tattoed dragon head is fading and Ivan is now bugging me that take him for a new tattoo....any of you know of good temp tattoo kiosk around in PJ area please let me know ok? Thanks in advance...

Before I forget, I told wifey that in the event of a plane crash or some frightful accident where all the bodies might be mangled or burnt beyond recognition, she can always recognized me by my tattoos because its custom made and "customly" made for this purpose ( considering the frequency of me travelling in the course of my work )....thats the prime reason why I got myself tattooed..hehehe

2 every1 his/her OWN...................


kat said...

Looks like fun! I oso want!! When you find that temp tattoo kiosk, let me know, ya? I'd like to get one of those designs for the ankle..

Your wife surname chan ah? She looks like someone I know.

Jamie said...

kat: will sure let you know if I find a good temp tattoo shop and nope, wifey's surname is not Chan but Yong...her married name is Tan...anywhere near kat?

Marsha M said...

you mean they've not asked you about the birds and the bees???? How come? mine asked me in detail should see the way I reacted when they did. and asked to see nether regions and stuff! Lawrd....I promise you it will make you red in the face. But brave it you must, young soldier!

Jamie said...

cus: of course they asked me and my wife where they came from....and we tried tp explain it in so called "layman" terms to them...nothing fancy or detailed.

first they were in me then got transfered to them mum where they lived inside her for 9 months before coming out...most of that was ok with them except the transferring part....they we got stuck as well....KNN!!