Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Advise Needed

Sometimes people feel like a real fucking fool......what should one do or how should one react when he/she is damn demoralized because the Company wants to GROW ( which is a good thing ) BUT they restrict the GROWTH of their employees. I mean, who doesn't want to be fucking rich but at least let the people who make you rich improve on the quality of their lifes as well la.....CCB!!! The very fucking least that a growing company can do is to let the employees have the dignity of recognition and work satisfaction maaaaaaaaaaa..

For the sake of this post, we name this demoralized guy..... MR. SOHAI ( in English its Mr. Stupid Cunt )

The CCB company that Sohai has worked in for countless donkey years basically don't give him any recognition at all.

They know the Sohai can work independently and can accomplish set tasks but the Company always takes him for granted. Allowances that the Sohai gets are the same as newly joined Engineers ( the Sohai is not an Engineer ). This Soahi even stood in for a colleague who left and got paid a measly RM200 per month!!! fucking hell RM200 per month for 1 year....cahucheebai. He saved the company Rm4000 per month x 12 months minimum if they hired another Sohai and they rewarded him with RM200 a month.

In short, the workload expected of this stoooopid Sohai is of a Manager la, Project Leader la, Planner la, ass washer la, cunt licker la, pukimak fucker la, etc BUT when it comes to benefits, allowances and remuneration this SOHAI is just a normal stoooopid motherfucking EXECUTIVE LEVEL asshole.....FUCKING HELL!!!!!!

Petty things are made pettier ( Claims for laundry and such...) because of the crap chaucheebai Person To Person Basis, Department To Department Basis, Project To Project Basis principle that they have short is this: If they like your face then you are entitled for unmentionable perks, incentives and claims....otherwise...U ARE A SOHAI. This Sohai dares anyone who is in the same Company as him/her to challenge this statement and prove him/her wrong.....FUCK!!!!

This Sohai knows that he has been taken for a SOHAI ride but he didn't give a flying fuck....he just wanted the job to proceed without any problems BUT did the company recognise his sacrifice? did they say " Good job Sohai, Well Done"....the Sohai will be fucked if they did.

The Sohai can hold his own very well albeit not technically but ok laaaaa....can cari makan la. Kaninabeh, admittingly this Sohai doesn't have any watchamacalit Engineering Degree but he has something equivalent...a Business Degree....CCB, at least this Sohai can write and speak better english than some so called Management crony.

Admittingly, the only thing that is keeping this mother of all Sohai from finding another job is he loves the company of colleagues that he has now...they are all like brothers and sisters to him.

So, the question is:

1) Should the Sohai continue to endure the fucking shit


2) Fuck off


3) Act Deadwood ( a lot of deadwoods in this Sohai's company enjoying easy life ) and just contribute the amount the motherfuckers pay him

The Sohai asked me to tell the would be commenters that he appreciates any forms of comment and thanks your kind souls in advance.

This post is not a threat because no one is indispensable but every human being has his/her own limits right? I was just wondering how will they feel if in future their own flesh and blood are treated like human waste...hmmmmmm.

2 every1 his/her OWN...........


apple said...

If i were you,I would have left long ago. No point contributing if no one appreciate. At the end of the day, they just treat you as dumb ass.

Jamie said...

apple: thank you for your comments. fyi, the thought has been in the Sohai's head for quite some time now...

maybe its time, maybe its time

genius said...

it back to the question, you love a girl but her family member dont like you, what you should do?

i has been thinking these question long time ago and i think i got my answer, maybe it's not correct but i think i will stay cos i like the girl.

Titan said...

Apple: sometimes it is hard to do so.

Jamie: Yalor ... hard to do so.

Ding: hard to do so... ok If you like the girl, the main point is the girl like you or not? if yes, then OK! Just ignore her family. if no, very hard to do so.

Jamie said...

titan: its actually hard and not that hard la, depends how a person looks at it ( like Ding )

genius: for me, I DON'T like the girl BUT I like having sex with her.....u understand what I am trying to say?

cyk said...

i dun feel the girl love me or even like me. In turn, she orders me to do 1001 donkey works and shit cleaning here and there.

... and i can't imagine having sex with her at all.
Shuok sendiri only wor..

look like a one sided affair for me.

Jamie said...

cyk: what you say is true when I come to think of it....

how to have sex with someone that does not love or like you...aiyoooo...very difficult oso la...u are right la.

maybe I just make the bitch pregnant and fuck off...will start screwing her kaukau from now fact, I have to make 3 bitches pregnant.

ss said...

I know the pain.
Year 2007 was a busy year for me.
Seriously, I don have a life for Year 2007, working my ass off everyday for the sake of finishing up the job.

In the end, what does it brings me? I don feel proud at all. None at all. I feel like a Dumb Ass especially after last year annual dinner. I will hold myself back in everything I do from now on.

This is exactly what I feel now.

Admittingly, the only thing that is keeping this mother of all Sohai from finding another job is he loves the company of colleagues that he has now...they are all like brothers and sisters to him.

Titan said...

ss is who? new colleage?
ss is ng?
ss is peter tan?
ss is super sohai?
ss is Yee?
ss is Lee?
ss is new girl colleage ...woo...

ding, you can think about it!

Jamie said...

ss: thanks for understanding bro...that means a lot to me

titan: ss is part of the brothers and sisters that I was talking about....all of them might be super sohais but they are good sohais at heart.

pickup driver said...

tot u lorry driver?

Jamie said...

pickup driver: the Sohai is a Lorry Driver, Forklift Driver, Crane Driver, Grabage Truck Driver, Shit Truck Driver, Pig Shit Driver, Boss's Driver, Prostitute Driver, Condom Delivery Driver, etc...what else you wanna know?

Anonymous said...

haha, i'm screw driver

genius said...

one way love is just so painful. what to do?

find another girl la.

Jamie said...

genius: I will guarantee find another girl after I make these bitches pregnant...muuahahahahaha

Marsha M said...

all those are sohai's colleagues, right? :-)

from the family member's point of view, here;s what I think?

SOHAI should start a plan. SOHAI should have a one or two year plan of collecting contact, saving money, meating out a business deal and then after that SOHAI should type a nice letter and say BYE BYE BYE.

One can only endure being a SOHAI for so long. You endured longer than me liao. I...only four. You...TEN!!?? Hats off, man.

You'll be happier being a non-SOHAI without the big cheque than SOHAI with the perks (if any, let my qualify myself).

Jamie said...

Cuz: the BYE BYE letter type long ago oledi...keep having to change the date nia.

The perks nothing to shout about la ( trust me ). A sohai job comes with sohai perks. Maybe its time to kidnap the top honcho's son...not for money but to bitchslap the motherfucker silly and release

slapper said...

after u got the son, don't forget to call me. I want to slap him a few slaps too....
should we give him some tattoos??

Jamie said...

slapper: please be on 24 hours standby from now on.....the call will come soon...very soon.

Tattoing is a good idea...where should we tattoo the bugger? on the ass or forehead?