Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am sohai....why a sohai? because I trust people that I should not have....thats why I am sohai

I am sohai....why a sohai? because I kena the "Project To Project" Basis con job. It is good in a way because now I do things also "Project To Project" Basis.

I am sohai....why a sohai? because people are getting rich while I am still a sohai out of a lot of sohais who are making the motherfuckers rich

I am sohai....why a sohai? because people are still trying to convince me that a certain place is heaven and paradise and the money paid is so fucking goooooooooood...but...funny why they dun want to go but want other people to go.

I am sohai....why a sohai? because I covered an additional person's job in Pee One Project just to get an extra RM200 per month. Saved RM4000 for people in wages and I get RM200 per month and thank you for thanking me and appreciating the effort that this sohai put in.

I am sohai....why a sohai? because I still dunno how to spend the additional RM200 per month that I earned so easily

I am sohai....why a sohai? because I still try my best to say nice things about people ( you guys know who I mean right? ) to fellow sohais when there is nothing nice to say at all.....for this I AM A REAL SOHAI.

I am sohai....why a sohai? because I still kena con job by the biggest liar in my company...the guy is from Japan.

I am sohai....why a sohai? because I made the sohai decision to join a wonderful establishment one beautiful day when I can still get my dick to stand...now cannot liao woooo

I am sohai....why a sohai? because I am sohai and I know that there are a lot of sohais out there that are feeling very sohai as this sohai who makes motherfuckers rich along with other very nice sohais who also knows that they are sohais taken for a sohai ride.

2 every1 his/her OWN................


Titan said...

main ass again????

Jamie said...

yalah...kena play ass kaukau liao....this year's deepavali will be held in my asshole

primary school teacher said...

Y ur uncles are so unreliable?

U take ur son's moral text book and teach them moral la. all of them behave like no moral, man.

alternatively, outsource the teaching moral to the pastor lor, all of then christian ma. staunch christian some more!! go to church never learn to become good man meh?

Jamie said...

dear teacher,

First and foremost...they are NOT my fucking Uncles...if they were, I would have given them a good motherfucking bitchslapping and wallop a long time ago as I am not the kind to hold back for too long.

Secondly, I have no comment on what people learn on Sunday at Churches. At the same time, I was also wondering what the fuck Christianity is all about. If it teaches human beings to treat others like dirt then I would rather go to hell.

Thanks for understanding how a Sohai feels like bro...

Marsha M said...

wow, all that angst, cuz!! never mind lah....consider it karma lor....have enuf money liao, cabut.

Jamie said...

dear cuz, nobody will EVER have enuff money...NEVER!!

Its more towards job satisfaction and recognition that this post relates to.

I doubt that it will happen soon ( leaving ) becos of the economic shit that this country is going thru at the moment


then again it might...it just might