Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Permanent + Temporary = Selfishness???

Sometimes things are just so simple in nature that most of us tend to trip up on it....

Take for example, a simple understanding of a certain situation of PRIORITY....its a simple and COMMON word that needs no fucking explaination right?

PRIORITY as defined in the most simplest of simplest dictionary terms it as:

PRECEDENCE : status established in the order of IMPORTANCE or URGENCY

FUCKING SIMPLE right? any hidden meanings? any ambigious shit here? NOTHING right?

BUT why the fuck some people who are supposed to be working as a team CANNOT COMPREHEND THE WORD? somebody please take a gun and shoot me lar...makafahai!!!!!!

Another simple word, PERMANENT as define in the simplest of simplest dictionary means:

Continuing OR Enduring without marked change in status OR condition OR PLACE...fucking simple right?

By the definition of PERMANENT we can therfore define that TEMPORARY is an exact OPPOSITE to I fucking right or wrong? So fucking simple right?

If its that simple then why the fuck are there STILL questions on PRIORITY, PERMANENT and TEMPORARY? WHY THE FLYING FUCK!!!!!!!

Below are SOME SIMPLE sentences constructed using the 3 fucking SIMPLE words:

"Our main PRIORITY is to complete ALL tasks at hand within the given/stipulated timeframe. Therefore it is imperative that PERMANENT staffs takes PRIORITY/PRECEDENCE over TEMPORARY staffs who are there to only assist when the fucking need arise. It can be concluded that PERMANENT staffs, who are always our frontliners take PRECEDENCE over the rest who are TEMPORARY in status. THERE"fucking"FORE", it is for the COMMON GOOD OF ALL that TEMPORARY staffs whose fucking visit are about to END, MAKE ACCOMODATIONS for NEW and TEMPORARY STAFFS who are assigned to assist in meeting the COMMON GOAL/OBJECTIVES."

BTW, do I have to elaborate on the words GOALS and OBJECTIVES? I sure fucking hope not because I am seriously not in the fucking mood to play word games after the selfish and irresponsible acts by certain individuals that might/will jeopardize the performance of the whole fucking team.

Having fun and relaxing is ok IF time permits


Work is work and when work is compromised for self indulgence, that is where I draw the help me God


there is no fucking compromise that can be made when everything is so fucking delayed.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for this long winded post...I feel the need to release some pent up frustration. I know that everyone is trying their best to get things done BUT we need more than "the best" from now on. It is with my sincerest hope that we act like adults and have more responsibility towards the achievement of our COMMON GOAL...

2 every1 his/her OWN..........................


Marsha M said...

thanks for reminding me of the reason why I am not in the fooking corporate world.

genius said...

calm down bro.

our target, finish the project.
i got no fuck care what the fuck people will say on me. i will finish this project and that it,

Jamie said...

marsha: actually we are same same but different a bit only

Genius: Amen to that bro, Amen to that...

Soon to be ex-kj said...

IMHO, just do your work and complaint less. What u are doing now might be exactly what make certain people in the management have second thoughts about you.

If you have proven your worth, then you will gain bargaining power to do negotiate what you want.

You should consider yourself lucky having given the opportunity. Why give up your leverage by making a scene at the begining at the project where your contribution is still not seen significant? or you are doing this so you will be asked to not to be involved anymore?

Just my 2 cents, no offence intended.

Jamie said...

sonn to be ex kj: firstly, no offence taken.

secondly, this post refers to an isolated incident in a farfar away land that has no bearings whatsoever to BolehLand.

thirdly, I am not making a scene publicly becos there is no cause to as all is calm in BolehLand

fourth, it has reached astage where I dun give a flying fuck what people think about me anymore becos the feeling is very much mutual

fifth, I never consider myself lucky. Lucky bastards are the ones born with a golden spoon in their mouth OR they got rich by getting stooopid morons to work their guts out for them. Those I dun have, so whatever I have is obtained thru my own will and has nothing to do with luck at all.

sixth, I never asked to be included in anywhere therefore I feel no need to be thankful to anyone except God Almighty that have given me health and looked after my family all this while

seventh, I feel no need to prove my worth to anyone or any establishment anymore becos I myself know what I am capable off. I think 10 odd years is already a long time to prove oneself. Moreover, proving oneself is only to God and family..the rest can go &*^%&(

eight, significant or not significant or not be asked to do it anymore is for anyone to think becos as mentioned...this post is related to things happening far far far away which has no bearings to things in BolehLand UNLESS certain quarters are so sensitive that they think everything is about them?

My post are my 2 cents as well...din't know they could cos a tsunami in Subang Jaya BUT if so then so be it

Jamie said...

And before I forget,

Certain post in my blog reflects what I am thinking and NOT my actions. They might have been amibigously linked to specific matters but as producers say " It has no resemblance to the living or dead"

Think what you want or what it might invoke of you because its 2 every1 his/her OWN.

btw, this post explains about the selfish streak that exist in everyone...irrespective of admission or denial.

Comments of anykind is much welcomed but it might not reflect the proper issue that certain posts is/are addressing.

Thanks anyway..and again no offence taken

ex-kj said...

Firstly there wont be any tsunami anywhere.

What is posted is in good faith. Perhaps it may be not be well perceived but honestly the purpose is with good intentions.

Again, what I'm trying to say is just keep low profile and do what you are good at. Prove your critics once and for all you are not just a 'loud speaker'

Luck, fortunate, blessing, etc or however you might want to put it is God's give to you. How you use it is your give to God or you family.

Jamie said...

ex-kj: rest assured that yr comments are all taken in good faith.

Being outspoken is what I am and I am afriad that there will be no changing that even if it is to prove whomever that is my critic wrong...I am what I am and thats that..

With that said, I will of course carry out what is expected of me with due dilligence. To me, I have only myself to answer if I fail, what the rest think is secondary.

I will however kiv your suggestion on keeping a low profile because to me its as good as 2every his/her OWN...

We are all created to have our own thoughts, feelings, mannerisms and actions. What one person might think as correct might not be acceptable to others and vice versa. For me, in order to enjoy life to the fullest, come what be, I am what I am. If for that I get crucified then so be it.