Saturday, October 07, 2006

BLOGS!!!! the in thing nowadays. A place where one can voice out what is on their mind, share information, knowledge and the list is infinite.

People sometimes ask me if I am not afraid getting "caught" for what I write in my answer is WTF ( generally translated as WHAT THE FUCK )!

What f*#king proof that they have that its written by me? So what if they can trace it back to my IP address or my mac address for that matter? Could there be any possibility that someone used my comp while I was away and posted my handsome picture on the blog? Maybe a pervert likes to keep my pics on his/her comp and started a blog using my name right? The possibility is endless, thats why I always say "WTF".

One good thing came out of this is that I have learnt to respect someone who actually acknowledged his flaws on the net and apologised for it....not many homosapiens can do that...for that I salute the person in question.

My sincere advise to all of you out there who has interest to start a blog is....PLEASE DO! No one has the right to deny you your rights. Don't be too afraid of repercussions ( there might be )...hey, this might be just the only avenue for you to express yourself as well as keeping sane.

Recently there has been rumours that the Goverment is trying to advice bloggers what to write and what not to write in their answer is a BIG "WTF"! Even communist countries don't practise that! Can freedom of speech on the net be curbed? I do not think so...a surefire way to curb it is to BAN internet altogether, BAN the freaking media as well, start distributing propaganda leaflets and might as well start World War 3 while they are at it.

Up theirs and anyone else's if they think that it is in their power to stop people's God given right.....2every1 his/her own....period!!!!

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